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    I was just looking to see how anyone handled a suicide door mod. Just googled e30 suicide door to see any examples. I agree with the others that the rear door suicide makes a lot more sense aesthetically. But just generally, am interested in unique mods and love seeing what people do with basic boxy shape of the e30.


      Originally posted by luckybk View Post
      Y’all are haters. I love a stock e30 or oem+ or whatever is the style du jour but suicide doors are sick. They’re clearly not German race tech but who cares it’s just custom work that echoed the craze that got so many people into The fast and the furious which probably got a huge portion of a generation into cars / making your car your own unique project.
      Oh yes please do go on. I'm the #1 hater around here, happy to hate on something that will bug people who got into cars because of those garbage movies. They're the kind of people ruining cars with gaudy trinkets, stupid body kits and crap like stance so I'm more than happy to offend them and drive them away

      Unique doesn't mean good or useful.
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