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May 2023 Car of the Month: Panici

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    May 2023 Car of the Month: Panici

    ***Editors Note: I've been waiting to feather Kelvyn's car for a while. Then he painted it... then he turbo'd it!... Needless to say, its gotten better along the way and Im glad he finally was ready to share his build. Enjoy!***

    Factory options:

    Lachssilber Metallic (203)
    3.73 LSD Rear Differential
    1987 iS Airdam and iS trunk spoiler
    14"x6.5 ET30 BBS Basketweaves
    Anthracite Houndstooth Sport Interior
    M-Tech I (385mm) Steering Wheel
    13 Button OBC
    Premium Audio
    Pop Out Rear Windows
    Automatic Transmission

    Audi Exclusive Ipanema Brown Metallic (IPANEMABRAUN)

    Interior color:
    Anthracite Houndstooth Cloth

    Engine modifications:
    1996 M52B28 Engine Swap
    Standalone ECU - Megasquirt MS3X
    Custom Engine Harness
    Full Sequential Spark & Fuel, Knock Sensors, Dual MAP Sensors (Altitude Compensation)
    Tuned Entirely By Myself!
    ARP Head studs
    SCE/ATHENA Vulcan "High Boost" Cut Ring Headgasket
    Precision 6062 Ball Bearing Gen2 Turbocharger. T4 Divided .84 A/R
    RallyRoad Billet Fuel Rail
    Injector Dynamics ID1050x
    Dual TIAL MV-S Wastegates
    14point7 Spartan 3 wideband O2 with LSU ADV sensor
    Aeromotive Compact Fuel Pressure Regulator (13136)
    Treadstone Front Mount Intercooler
    TIAL Q Blow Off Valve
    BMS Silicone Single Turbo Filter

    Level Motorsports Twin Scroll Tubular Exhaust Manifold.
    Custom 3" Turboback Exhaust System.
    Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler

    5-Speed ZF320
    Racehead (RHD) 7.5lb Chrome-molly steel flywheel
    SPEC Stage 3+ Street/Track Clutch Kit
    CRS Chassis Mount Shifter w/Delrin knob
    Custom DSSR

    Refreshed 2.93 LSD
    Garagistic Secondary Diff Mount
    RaceGerman HD Differential Stud Kit
    Revshift 80A Polyurethane Differential, Subframe, Trailing Arm Bushings.
    Weld-in reinforcements for Rear Sway Bar, Differential Mount Point, Rear Shocks, Trailing Arms
    HDT Automotive Upgraded Driveshaft w/1310 Spicer U-Joints

    H&R Sport Springs (w/ 1/4 inactive coil cut from front)
    Bilstein Sport Dampers (w/ cut front internal bumpstops)
    AKG Front Swaybar Reinforcement Plates
    E90 Drop Hats (10-15mm drop)
    318i Thinner Front Spring Pads (6mm drop)
    Lemförder LCAs (both sides)
    Lemförder E30 M3 Offset Control Arm Bushings
    Stainless shock mount reinforcement plates - made by r3v member "conway"
    Turner motorsport rear shock mounts (hp aluminum/rubber)
    Z3 steering rack (2.7 turns lock-to-lock)
    Reinforced Chassis-side Rear Swaybar Mounts
    Reinforced Front Subframe, Rear Trailing Arms
    19mm ST Suspensions Rear Swaybar
    22mm ST Suspensions Front Swaybar

    15x7 BBS "Euroweaves" [et-24] w/ Dunlop Direzza dz102 (205/55r15)

    Exterior modifications:
    Partially Shaved & Wire Tucked Engine Bay
    Hella US Ellipsoids
    HID Lowbeam - Morimoto XB AMP 5000k 50W
    Removable Core Support
    E28 535IS Pfeba Heckspoiler
    3M Ceramic IR Window Tint (70% Windshield, 50% Sides & Rear)
    Repainted Euro Grilles
    Kamei 3-Piece Rear Valance
    Colourmatched bumper trim, cowl vents, brake booster, blower motor cover, hood latches, CAtuned rad support.
    Colourmatched & smoothed rocker panels and rear sheetmetal.
    LED Running, Brake, Rear Fog, Turn Signal, Side Marker Lamps

    Interior modifications:
    370mm M-Technic 1 Steering Wheel
    Custom digital voltmeter
    VDO Vision Black Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature Gauges
    VDO Boost Gauge (Vintage, c.1978)
    Wideband Gauge. Custom Defrost Switch Mounting.
    CAtuned Black Headliner
    Lloyd Mats Ultimat Floor Mats (Black) Front, Rear, & Trunk

    Story behind the car:

    In March 2014 I bought my first E30, an 1986 325E. Shortly thereafter I discovered frame rot and damage that was beyond repair. I decided to look for a new shell. My ideal car was a metal bumper, smaller taillight, 2-door e30, with minimal rust. This is a tall order to fill in my area.
    A few months worth of searching later, a 1987 325is popped up on kijiji. The ad had no pictures, and only a few views. The price was above my budget (at this point I was looking for a shell), and it was automatic, but I sent the owner a message anyways.
    We exchanged some emails, and I decided that the car was definitely worth checking out.
    The first thing that piqued my interest is the specific model. The '87 325is is the only "is" model with metal bumpers, and smaller taillights. This was a one-year model.
    The second was the mileage. The car has only ~160k km on it. (93k miles)

    On June 5th, 2014, I borrowed my dad's TrailBlazer, hitched up my friend’s car hauler, and drove 3 hours very early on a Saturday morning to see this car. I wasn't disappointed. Took the car for a test drive, and besides the lethargic 3-speed automatic, it drove well. Although I would discover that the car was rough enough to not pass a safety inspection.

    Even as a completely stock example it felt special. It’s an analog driver’s car, and my goal for the past nine years has been to build a comfortable, classic, and sporty restomod that enhances that original feeling.
    The current iteration has a split personality which is an absolute riot to drive! Quiet, comfortable, and relaxing when cruising along. Your only reminder of what lurks beneath is the clink of the custom chassis-mount shifter and the challenging (but rewarding) combination of super light flywheel and aggressive clutch.
    Dip into the throttle and it won’t hesitate to kick out the back end with the accompanying scream from the open wastegates. Never fails to put a huge smile on my face!

    Except for the paint, I’ve done every single job on the car myself, and I’m not done yet! It’s truly a passion project and has pulled me through some tough times in life.

    Thank you to R3Vlimited and the E30 community for all your help over the years.
    You can see every step of my build in my 33+ page thread right here on R3Vlimited (shortlink​
    Current Cars:
    -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
    -1999 996.1 911 4/98 3.8L 6-Speed, 21st Century Beetle

    Make R3V Great Again -2020


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    Current Cars:
    -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
    -1999 996.1 911 4/98 3.8L 6-Speed, 21st Century Beetle

    Make R3V Great Again -2020


      This is awesome! Thanks for the feature. 🙂

      Here are some of my favourite progress photos from the story that is my build thread.

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        No crashed pic? lol
        Current Cars:
        -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
        -1999 996.1 911 4/98 3.8L 6-Speed, 21st Century Beetle

        Make R3V Great Again -2020


          Originally posted by 2mAn View Post
          No crashed pic? lol
          I try to forget that even happened.

          It was a pretty hard couple of years for me, and having my E30 wrecked on top of everything else was absolutely surreal. Started to wonder if the universe was testing me to see how much I could take.

          Thankfully things have improved since then! 🙂

          Since you asked, and it’s probably important to the story:

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            Well deserved COTM Panici! The car is looking great!
            My e30: OEM+ with M30B35


              Well done!

              BMWCCA #398608
              IG @yagayo38

              "The Best E30's were built with two camshafts four cylinders and sixteen valves!".


                Very well deserved! Honestly, not sure how you keep all of your projects constantly progressing, it's inspiring.
                Project Thread | Instagram | Phoenix, Arizona Events Thread


                  so much perseverance and goodness.


                    Great project!
                    Projects Hartge,Alpina & AC Schnitzer Builds.

                    DSC04926 by Raul Salinas, on FlickrDSC03413 by Raul Salinas, on Flickr


                      Originally posted by lukeADE335i View Post
                      Well deserved COTM Panici! The car is looking great!
                      Originally posted by getouth View Post
                      Well done!
                      Thank you! It's certainly looking the best it ever has right now. 🥰

                      Originally posted by DEV0 E30 View Post
                      Very well deserved! Honestly, not sure how you keep all of your projects constantly progressing, it's inspiring.
                      The trick is getting divorced. (Silver lining) There is no wife to spend your money on the latest cellphones etc. More money for car parts! 😆
                      That and having an absolute passion for wrenching and driving keeps me going.

                      Originally posted by 82eye View Post
                      so much perseverance and goodness.
                      Originally posted by e30m3s54turbo View Post
                      Great project!
                      Thanks! Can't believe it's been nine years of ownership already.


                        nice to see a canadian car too.


                          Impressive amount of effort into this thing! Congrats on the feature!

                          Rippin' Proper | Youtube | Vimeo |


                            Originally posted by 82eye View Post
                            nice to see a canadian car too.
                            Canada has more challenges when restoring an old car IMO.

                            Smaller supply of old parts, new/aftermarket/OEM parts more expensive to import.
                            Smaller selection of old cars to choose from.
                            Shorter seasons of warm weather to work outside.
                            More road salt destroying metal parts.
                            No option to bring one up from a southern state (unless you pay $$$ to import).

                            Originally posted by craz azn View Post
                            Impressive amount of effort into this thing! Congrats on the feature!
                            Thank you! I'm not done yet 😉


                              Here is a quick video from last year.
                              This is 2nd gear and (part of) 3rd gear with the 3.73 rear end @ 4psi.

                              Hopefully the car doesn't wheel hop as much now (after all the rear end changes I made this winter).

                              Getting the car PPF coated next week, then some track time is in order for some test & tune at speed.
                              I'll bring the gopro along for some better footage!

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