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Fresh Purchase - 1991 325i Convertible

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    Fresh Purchase - 1991 325i Convertible

    Hey what’s up guys?

    Just picked this badass car up two weeks ago for $9k. I’d say it’s above average condition but can’t help but feel like I was robbed. I owned a 1992 325 convertible in 2009 and got it for 3k and sold it for 3k after restoring it. I won’t let this one go!

    This one has 157,666 miles and is an autotragic - plans to swap in a manual.

    Am in love with the Mauritius Blue and seems uncommon. It seems to glow and pops with contrasting the interior color.

    I’ve already spent $3k on parts as I embark on this restoration project. So far have repaired:

    - odometer gears
    - various bulbs in cluster
    - trunk lid brake light bulb
    - brand new vertical window seals (rear windows)
    - installed brand new top motor (whole electro system works it’s pretty cool to see)
    - gas struts for top frame
    - replaced turn signals with original amber
    - various switches (burnt out lights)
    - brand new german cloth top
    - brand new tension straps
    - door striker adjustment

    On order:

    - front suspension: new tie rod assemblies, control arm & ball joint assemblies, strut mounts, struts, control arm bushings
    - timing belt
    - working antenna
    - t valve for window washer fluid - it’s clogged
    - various levers for the auto top

    I plan to spend the next few years tackling more significant and expensive projects including:

    - driver door lock cylinder repair
    - manual swap
    - body and paint work
    - mechanical restoration
    - refresh the leather interior

    The car’s history is really interesting. It was owned by a female lawyer who bought it new with cash in 1992 in San Francisco and sold it in 2019. The stack of records and car literature could fill a library. She took it in BMW every few months her entire ownership for every single problem and had no problem dropping $700 to $5k for each session. I calculated about $32k in repairs over her 27 year ownership using the records, and there could be more. She clearly loved this car because people don’t spend that much on a 20+ year old car. I’ve considered contacting her to thank her for her love to the car and to let her know it’s in good hands!

    Thanks for listening and very happy to be a part of the community again!​
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    1992 325i Convertible

    Beautiful car. I got the same but in white about 3 years ago. Wish had your motovation.


      nice pick up. great colour. should do you good.


        Very nice example of a timeless e30 vert!
        Great History! Thats what one wants. Someone who is meticulous with the maintenance and upkeep! Not some youngster who's main intent is to do parking lot burnouts with his baseball hat on backwards. Unfortunately the e30 caught the eye of the younger generation as the "hip" vehicle to own and the vehicles can be treated poorly as a result.
        No offense to those youngsters that actually have pride of ownership and intend to cherish thier e30's

        You should absolutely reach out to the lawyer gal and let her know how much you appreciate her dedication and admiration for the vehicle.

        Prices for well sorted and excellent condition e30's are only going up as the scarcity increases. Ive seen very few (only 3-4) in my city.


          what an awesome find! so hard to find something not stuffed with. AND you got the best seats!
          Boris - 89 E30 325i
          84- E30 323i


            Thanks for the compliments! The car is definitely a time capsule. It came with all the factory literature. If these don’t make you feel nostalgic and inspired about the E30 then I don’t know what will:

            - Accessory Booklet: The most useful part of the accessory booklet is the glossary section which lists part numbers for them and which cars can get what accessories.

            - SmartCare for Anso IV BMW Carpet booklet- never seen the carpet care pamphlet before and love how silly something so trivial can create a sense of ownership pride. The stain removing instructions are also useful not just for the carpet!!

            - Radio and CD Changer pamphlets and manuals - The car originally came with the CD changer but that was removed along with the Alpine head unit. The code for the OBC and radio is still illustrated in the books.

            - Car Manual, Service Manual, Service Location Booklet and Warranty Booklet- The service manual even has all of the inspections and oil service fields filled out.

            Click image for larger version

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            1992 325i Convertible



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              1992 325i Convertible


                Love the color! Congratulations!

                [IMG] 8.jpg[/IMG


                  Very nice. I had an e36 325ic in Mauritius that I did an OE+ restore on. The color really pops with some paint correction.

                  Untitled by Twistytee, on Flickr


                    Anytime I see a Mauritius Blue e30, I think of this car. Its such a nice deep blue and super uncommon. Congrats on the purchase, I think 9k is actually a great price for how clean it looks.



                      Congrats! Sounds like a fun project. Good luck and keep us posted on how the build goes!


                        Back in the day they didnt have cups so no holders needed. Thats the fustrating part of owning a oldtimer. And to find something thats suits with the age and interior is quite hard even if these days they make about everything you could ever wish for. But still that cupholder looks funny. Thats probably home made ? But i bet it does the job ?


                          Definitely nice color combo. BTW we spoke on your Reddit post. Car was from Tracy and you drove it back to Austin, Texas.


                            Originally posted by Henizwhoa View Post
                            Definitely nice color combo. BTW we spoke on your Reddit post. Car was from Tracy and you drove it back to Austin, Texas.
                            Hey Henizwhoa,

                            It’s a small community for sure! Thanks for the compliment. The project is almost done. Doing brakes today (bleed, pads and master cylinder) then have to take care of a vacuum leak and this car will drive like it’s brand new. Will post new photos once everything is one. The pup and I went for a 100 mile top down drive last night. Got so many thumbs up. It was 87 and humid with only stars above our heads - it was beautiful. And raising the roof electrically at a stop light was the cherry on top!

                            I’d love to see pics of your ‘93!
                            1992 325i Convertible


                              Gotta love facelifted verts. Welcome back.
                              "I'd probably take the E30 M3 in this case just because I love that little car, and how tanky that inline 6 is." - thecj

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