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Early Model 323i in Showroom Condition. (New Pics Page 5)

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      Originally posted by Dermeister3 View Post
      ^ this bad boy doesn't need updates. Probably one of the most mint and OEM E30s left on the globe.

      Please OP, don't change it.
      This. That thing is a gorgeous survivor, and with all the people tearing e30s apart these days, that thing will be worth bank in some time.
      -Sean : 91 Calypso 325i : Castro Motorsports SoCal Spec E30 #33


        no real updates to speak of... i just pulled the car out of winter storage. preventative maintainance has been done by replacing the following:

        complete clutch with bearings and cylinders
        new fuel lines
        new brake lines / discs / pads / sandblasted and repainted calipers
        valve adjustement / new spark plugs
        all new fluids
        new floor mats

        i almost sold the car last fall when i received another ridiculous offer from someone i met while pumping gas. as he test drove the car, the clutch started slipping, which resulted in him getting mad at me because i told him everything on the car worked perfectly. I didn't even offer replacing the clutch before he bought it, that clutch failing on the test drive almost seemed like the car was telling me that it's not time to let it go :D
        I've racked up a good amount of miles with the car since i bought it and it's been a dream to drive. i've never gotten this many compliments on a car before, and I used to own a highly modded e46 a couple of years ago. I love being able to see this car age and can't wait for the historic car registration later this year!:mrgreen:


        Early 323i
        320i V8 Swap




            Amazing. Keep this thing perfectly stock. Such an amazing example of an e30

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              Nice Read time capsules are simply the best. I wish all grandmas bought e30's and m3's instead of Buicks.


                First I've seen of this thread. What a clean car, MORE PICTURES!
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                  All I can say is the car is simply stunning! I am glad to read you are keeping factory stock! Hold on to this car.......tightly!! Congrats on a monumental E30 find.
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                    Yup. That's a nice car ya got there.


                      Do you store it in a bubble?
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                        They only made this particular version of the E30 for less than one year (with 139hp on paper) Less than 80 of these cars still exist in Germany today. It only has 70K Miles.
                        Are you actually serious? I never knew those early models were so rare, wow. I have a 323i from 1984 with 102kw - 139hp on paper. 72k miles on the clock. It's not in showroom condition but it's not very far from it.

                        Cool I guess huh.

                        Take care of yours!
                        1984 bronzit 323i // Euro & M-tech 1.


                          Do you still have this car? Absolutely amazing the condition it's in... Kept up with the maintenance to this day?
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