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COTM ~Feb 2013~ JGood

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    COTM ~Feb 2013~ JGood

    I have taken over COTM since Matt stepped down.

    This Month is Justin's gorgeous 4 door. Enjoy guys, leave him some props!

    1985 BMW 325e sedan

    Factory options:
    Car was built in 10/84, came as an automatic in Gazelle Beige, with Pearl Beige leather interior.

    BMW Marrakesh Brown Metallic

    Interior color:

    -Removable core/radiator support
    -Relocated brake booster using a modified e34 540i bracket / linkage and modified e30 pedal box.

    -m60b40 4.0 V8 from a 94 740i
    -DUDMD chip
    -Revshift mounts
    -Mishimoto MZ3 radiator
    -Earls oil cooler
    -Remote mounted dual spin-on filter setup.

    Modified X5 manifolds, v-bands, dual 2.5” piping to a Magnaflow 12468.

    -ZF310 5 speed manual from a 94 530i
    -Z4 shifter and modified linkage setup
    -e36 328i driveshaft
    -UUC lightweight flywheel
    -ClutchMasters FX100 clutch

    2.93 LSD

    -GE coilovers
    -Hyperco springs *rates: 450lbs Fronts 650lbs rear
    -Shorted housings
    -Bilstein iX inserts
    -IE camber plates
    -Sparco strut bar
    -UUC Swaybarbarian kit
    -Adjustable(e30 M3 style) sway bar end links mounted to the struts
    -M3 offset CAB’s
    -e36 M3 steering rack
    -AKG subframe bushings

    17x8 et20
    17x9 et25

    -Sumitumo HTRZ-II’s.
    215/40/17 and with 235/40/17

    Exterior modifications:
    -Late model front valance/bumper conversion. -Ellipsoids with HID’s
    -Modified Taurus side skirts
    -BMP rear apron
    -Hartge wing
    -Shadowline trim
    -Smoked turn signal, side marker, and rear lights

    Interior modifications:
    -Black carpet, door panels, rear deck, and vinyl sport seats.
    -M Tech 1 wheel
    -Leather shift & e-brake boots
    -Pioneer DEH-X6500BT head unit
    -Polk 5-1/4 fronts and Pioneer 6-1/2” rears.

    Story behind the car:
    I purchased the car in 2000 as my first vehicle, with 108k miles and daily drove it 100+ miles/day to school and work. Around 2005, I was t-boned and the car was technically totaled. I didn't go through insurance in order to keep a clean title, and replaced the quarter panel, as well as resprayed the rear/sides of the car. I m50 swapped it in 2008 with 250k miles. Eventually did s50 cams and a tune.

    In late 2011, the car had 295k miles, and I found some serious rust in the front driver’s side strut tower. I tore the entire car apart to a bare shell, taught myself how to weld, bought some new panels, and went to work.

    A lot of the floorboards and firewall needed rebuilding; I had to replace the entire driver front wheel housing / strut tower. I did not do a professional-quality restoration, but I did the best I could to save a car that I have huge emotional attachment to. I also swapped in the m60 while doing the rebuild.

    All of the work was done in my garage. I got a Longacre alignment kit to finish off the car, so everything from beginning to end was done in my garage with no shop assistance. That was a great feeling.

    Shout outs:
    -Garey (bmwmech1): Provided some custom swap parts and did some TIG welding for me.

    -Walt:When it came time for body work and paint, my good friend helped me out big time.
    We built a fanned and filtered booth in my garage. He did all of the body and paint work, teaching me as we went.
    This project would not have happened without those two guys.

    Last but not least; the help of the r3v v8 subforum. All of the generous folks sharing their info and experience.

    As for the future of the car, well, as long as I’m alive, I’ll own it and drive it.

    It’s an ongoing project. I'm still working out some small bugs with the swap. I’m sure I’ll be bored by the end of summer and either end up doing an m60b44 hybrid build next winter, and/or some type of forced induction.

    Want to see more? Ongoing build thread, click me!

    Picture from 2000:

    Picture from 2011, right before the rebuild:

    Rust repair:



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    Hell yeah, I'm glad we're finally doing COTM again! Justin's car is awesome. Love the color.


      This car absofuckinglutely deserves this title. Seriously, way more than a lot of the others. Awesome work Justin.
      paint sucks


        Damn. I want the first of the "Glamour" shots as a desktop wallpaper. High resolution?


          The whole car, story, and vibe behind the whole build and car is just incredible. Kudos!

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            Originally posted by eskimo810 View Post
            Damn. I want the first of the "Glamour" shots as a desktop wallpaper. High resolution?
            Send him a PM, that is what he sent me. He might have some HiRes laying around.
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              So freakin clean. Very cool to see a COTM thread!

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                so happy COTM is back and this is a great one, love the story behind it
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                  Car of the month well deserved :up: I love seeing buckets being turned into beauties
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                    And suddenly i want a nasty v8 in my e30. Thanks brandon. You bastard ;)

                    Good job justin, car looks awesome and i love the color. Glad to see COTM is back.


                      I am also glad COTM is back, I always looked forward to it each coming month. I am even more happy I am doing it. SO MANY awesome e30s to cover!!!

                      Stay tuned guys.
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                      ~ '87 325 M30B35 swap
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                        Congrats on COTM, I'm glad it's back, and Justin definitely, definitely deserved it. Easily the e30 on here with THE most work into it.
                        The first car I ever rode in was an e30

                        Originally posted by Cabriolet
                        Wish you the best and hope you don't remember anything after 10pm.

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                          +100000 to comments above. Makes me wish I hadn't blown my money on a stupid fucking 24v. Oh well, there's always the future.

                          Fucking love the car, man. Well done.
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                            Love the build and the story behind it! Nice work man.
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                              Gratz man. car look stunning
                              Much wow
                              I hate 4 doors