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My dads and my E30 M3

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    My dads and my E30 M3

    I wanted to share the story of how my dad and me got ourselves an E30 M3.

    Back in around 1983 when my dad was young, he bought himself an 320i E30.
    He saved up his money and also got supported by my mom to be able to get that brand new E30 back then as young man.
    I remember myself as three or four years old child.
    We were on an empty parkyard in the evening.
    I was sitting on his lap, and could steer (he helped me steering) his E30 around the place, in very low speed for sure.
    Also, after I was born and came out of the hospital, my first ride in a car was inside his E30.

    In 1986 when the M3 came out, my dad already loved that car.
    But it was impossible for him to afford it, unreachable, no chanche.
    So he was only able to be dreaming of the E30 M3.
    As time passed he sold his E30, got an E30 Touring later.
    Which he sold after some years more too, and that was it with him an E30s.

    Five years ago my dad and me bought ourselves an 318is E30.
    The car was trash.
    We did rebuild the engine, respray the chassis, repair the suspension, and so on.
    The usuall stuff you guys all know.

    With this car, I got into E30's.
    To me the E30 became the coolest car.
    And with this car, the 318is we had, my dad came back into E30's again.

    So after five years of driving and working on that 318is, we wanted to get us an E30 M3.
    We were looking for one with an S14 engine in it.
    We just wanted the original engine.
    Color and everything else didnt matter.
    Some low price M3 that we could fully rebuild over the years.

    We found none. Or we found, but people here wanted ALOT of money even for total trash M3s, fully through rustet, not even worth the rebuild.
    Later one day we found a fully rebuild E30 M3.
    Something that was against our plan. But basicly that car was so well done in our opinion, that we decided to contact the dealer of it.

    It was not easy for us to make the deal, but with the very friendly dealer, we made it.
    Hes a guy that seems to be really into E30s aswell. The reason why this rebuild E30 M3 even exists.
    Still the car is not fully done, some minor things will be changed and repaired before it will be finally ours.
    Transmission is leaking a bit oil, another steering wheel will be in, you know, some minor stuff but it needs to be done.

    Finally here are some photos and short facts of the car:

    Fully rebuild E30 M3
    around 300HP S14B25
    KW V3/Competition mix suspension and H&R anti roll bars
    330mm 4 piston Brembo brakes on front
    18'' BMW forged wheels
    Alcantara and leather interior
    And so on...

    Hope you guys like the car as much as we do.

    Some interior shots:

    Finally, the S14 engine:

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      Superbbbbbbbbbbb! :up:

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        My pants just got a lot tighter


          Oh sweet Jesus.

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            Very nice M3.
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                omg those seats


                  do want
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                    WOW! That whole car is pretty spot-on. Congrats.
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                        all I see is dollar signs, very very large dollar signs



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                          Originally posted by roguetoaster
                          Be sure to remind them that the M42 is one of the best engines ever made, but be sure to not mention where it actually falls on that list.


                            Wow.. so many great mods..

                            -paint looks great
                            -never seen a custom manifold like that
                            -that interior

                            So tasteful! Does that say 11k miles???

                            In for more pics =)


                              Superb! Great story to go with the car!
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