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Early E30 Euro Bahama Beige @RenownUSA

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    Early E30 Euro Bahama Beige @RenownUSA

    Its been a Long time S/W Fam!
    I've been looking for an early e30 - but was really hoping a grey market car would fall in my lap.. well I got lucky and this bahama beige '84 323i turned up at an air force base about an hour north of San Francisco. Once I saw the correct e-code headlights, bumpers and valence in good shapes, ix flares, sun shade, super 90's Sebring exhaust.. center roof antenna... just went on and on. I HAD TO HAVE IT. It also felt more responsive and super strong up top compared to any other M20 I've driven. I knew this car was special - early 323i should be down around 30hp from the factory ~140hp compared to a late m20b25 like we usually have in the US but this one just pulled so hard, sounded way more mechanical... Bought it within 8 hours of being listed on craigslist.

    First shot - super dirty from sitting for a long time (espec interior yuk), intermittent misfire, bad gas (ended up finding out its chipped), loose battery terminal, cracked lenses, faded paint... on and on.. here's just after the first wash.

    after 1st round of lowering:

    now to fit some BEEFcakes:

    It was a little rough in certain areas but had a great base to start from. A few weeks of non-stop working on it, cleaning up, refurb and replacing parts - this is where she's at. She still needs plenty of work and I'm getting to it day by day - but finally dialing in the beefy stance.. still have to go lower in front but the no-stretch 205/55/15 is holding its ground pretty strong.

    Since my s52 slicktop diamondschwartz is down getting a new bottom end, this will be the car I launch Renown USA Steering Wheels with. A good dash will be going in in the next few days I gotta pull from my 91 calypso - then the interior will be pretty cherry.

    Website is still being updated as prototypes are finished, but for some period correct vintage motorsport inspired steering wheels, check out:

    The Monaco Silver and 130R Motorsport Suede wheels have good shots.

    Big thanks for AME Wheels for sponsoring the car - and letting me try out their new collab wheels with Fatlace - I knew I wanted to run a fat 15" on this early car with significant rubber. :eyebrows

    Stance spec since someone will prob ask:
    AME Fzero2 15x8.5/9.5 et15 - needed 8mm spacer to work in front but now at et0/et-5 rear.
    205/55/15 all around.

    still gotta put tire shine, fender is rolled and pulled but gonna cut under flare in front next..

    The Renown Monaco Silver (production model will have perforated leather)

    just to show another model we offer, here's the 130R Motorsport Suede for under $200 -free shipping 'till 2015.

    I'll update this as I continue to clean up the car.
    Follow @RenownUSA on instagram if you want to see day to day updates. Ship date Nov 12th. THANKS :p
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    ig @RenownUSA / @rude.scott

    nice, this is the car i posted in norcal chat?

    looks like you found a time capsule. well done.
    cars beep boop


      norcal chat? no idea. Possibly? It was on craigslist a few wks ago..

      How's your white euro coming? We should do a shoot when they're both done.
      91 DS S52 Slicktop, 91 Calypso M42, 89 Royalblau M20, 84 Bahama Beige 323i, M535, Euro e24, ap1
      ig @RenownUSA / @rude.scott


        it's going slow. I got stuck with the sunroof and lost motivation.

        I'd like to see this car in person, curious about some things on it
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          I've been wanting to see these wheels on an e30--looks good, IMO. Love the Bahama Beige paint too.


            Nice score! It's always great to see rare colors.


              That is beautiful, love the color, but you swapped out my dream wheels for something still pretty cool, like, how dare you.
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                I've always loved bahama beige!

                Had one as a teen and would love to own another some day!

                My 92' Alpine White Cabrio



                  I like those wheels alot


                    I've been following this on your instagram. Really clean car. I love the euro bumpers and valences along with that color.

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                      That's super clean. Congrats on the purchase!

                      How much do the Euro E30s weigh? I bet that 140hp goes a lot farther in a lighter chassis.
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                        nice, never seen late model ix flares on an early car. Cool color too!


                          Congrats! I love early euros.... But this one climbed on my top 10!

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                              Utterly love this E30 - the colour is amazing!! :-)
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