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    Loving this build! Keep the updates coming.
    The Red Dragon V.5 1991 318iS / 2013 F800GT

    "You gotta fix the nut behind the wheel before you fix the bolts on the car"


      Very nice work. It's always good to see an e30 brought back to life.
      For all inquiries PM me or email:


        Originally posted by Spiff325iS View Post
        Loving this build! Keep the updates coming.
        Originally posted by stitched View Post
        Very nice work. It's always good to see an e30 brought back to life.
        Thanks guys'!!

        Originally posted by Northern View Post
        Looks good!

        Any reason you're not staying OBD2?
        not really. the obd2 harness I have is from an automatic (not that it really matters), but I figured if I could find the parts locally I'd keep the car obd1, and keep the obd2 sensors for spares for my daily! (helped in my favor since I had an o2 sensor go bad recently.) Oh yeah and I found everything obd1 that I needed within the first week of looking!!

        Originally posted by CorvallisBMW View Post
        Nice work! you scored at the junkyard, I'm super jealous (they're shit up here). Keep it up!
        thanks man...yeah i really got lucky, however the zf trans I got has the same issue as the one in my daily m3. It needs reverse and 5th gear shifter detent pins (recall service) done. still stoked I found it though! I'll be ordering the recall service parts here soon.

        I sort of wish I kept the 5lug off the e36 m3 but I have massive lee's secondary caliper kit for the stock 4lug setup. I'll get to that after the engine bay is all sorted out and painted. I got this e36 m3 rack and a spare 3.23 m3 diff with front and rear subframes from another m3 locally that was being parted out. I'll be reinforcing the subframes in the M in the future too.
        I'm trying to locate an e30 rear subframe now so I can add the toe/camber correction kit and reinforcement plates for that as well. ugh so much work.
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        89 325i 4dr s52
        02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily) *sold*
        21' Toyota Tacoma TRD OR 4x4 6 speed Manual


          Sweet build so far.

          '88 325is-daily
          '89 325is-project
          '84 633csi-its there
          '00 528i-daily (wrecked)
          '01 525i- sold


            more set backs than updates...

            lemforder e30 tie rods installed. (beefier but blown e36s below)

            locking ring & rack spacer installed..

            The m3 rack had a broken clip on the rack. (someone should make these out of aluminum instead)

            coolant hard line was rusted internally....decided to upgrade to achilles obd1 coolant conversion adapter...(i thought i could use my ireland engineering silicone heater hose/expansion tank hose but it is a different diameter....also the achilles adapter didnt fit really well...(at an angle) so I ended up ordering a MTC oem replacement (should take about a week to get here).

            achilles coolant adapter

            bimmerworld oil distro block

            cleaned up the valve cover and put in victor reinz gaskets

            15 new oe grommets

            cleaned up e34 oil pan (left). s52 oil pan (right). I plan on reinforcing my e36 m3 subframe in the near future. I should probably weld the oil pump nut on it as well and why not throw a baffle in it while I'm there.

            e34 pan getting an achilles baffle, s52 getting a VAC. mocked up and dropped it off at the homie's (fellow e30tech member "doodawesome") to get tigged up.

            welded up the oil pump nut (ugly...but i figure next time i'm in here i should be replacing the pump entirely anyways)

            installed powerflex blackline sway bar bushings.....what a pain in the ass....these things don't want to fit into the bracket at all....ended up having to use a jack on both side to mount the subframe bolt back in. also had to use a pretty large stainless steel washer just to grab the bracket....also had to get longer bolts for the swaybar tab end (supplied nut/bolt from garagistic is good for stock but not reinforced). The powerflex bushings, garagistic sway bar spacers and uuc subframe reinforcements do not play well together, but they're on there....and the bushings are way stiffer than stock.

            stock on top

            I finally got the rack in place, and column installed.

            had the hardest time finding the oil suction tube gasket. (switching s52 to e34). local bmw does not carry it, nor can they get it. ecs only sells in a pack of 25 for over $100. AutohausAZ doesnt carry it also, but Pelican parts FTW. Ordered 2 OEM ones (they carry victor reinz ones as well for half price). waiting for a few more parts.

            I might sell the bbs' to a local as much as I don't want too...I'd prefer having 6 matching wheels (probably knock offs :\ ), stickier tires and use the rest of the money to upgrade cooling (radiator, spal, etc) and whatever else I need to button up the car to get it running already! Still need to clean up the engine bay and prep for paint. I need to take out abs wiring still.
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            89 325i 4dr s52
            02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily) *sold*
            21' Toyota Tacoma TRD OR 4x4 6 speed Manual


              Nice build. Keep the updates coming


                Nice work man. Loving the work. Looking great keep it up man. Also sent you a pm.
                Float like a cadillac sting like a Bimmer!:)



                  PICS OF THE PORSCHE NOW! Is it a real RUF?
                  Current Car:
                  -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
                  -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

                  Make R3V Great Again -2020


                    decided to go back to obd2 coolant hard pipe. since mine was rusted out, I ordered a new one by MTC. It was new only for about 5min before I cut the throttle body coolant hard line off and threw it in the vice/welded up.

                    also cleaned up this bracket of rust, and welded on a new stud since mine snapped when trying to loosen it during engine removal.

                    had to cut the s52 pick up bracket

                    decided to do something terrible....I sold the filled/redrilled bbs' locally. I decided I'm over my initial budget trying to get this car done right. So I sold the wheels to help finish getting this car closer to running. Meanwhile...first thing I did was order up some 78mm Motorsport Hardware stud conversion kit. (i have mh titan lugs/locking nuts already for this setup, running same setup on the m3 but 82mm).

                    ordered some throw-away vork ravs. (rota grid v's....smh) 6 of them to be exact. 16x8 +10 offset. fronts fit perfect. rears could use a 5 or 10mm spacer. no big deal. Using some 215/45's on 4 of them. The other 2 will probably get stickier tires for the front pair, to be decided still.

                    had to get the hubcentric rings.

                    e34 oil pickup in background of this next pic...took a while to find where to order a new gasket for this. (i'm a dummy and ordered one a long time ago from turner, but I misplaced it until the new ones I ordered from pelican arrived. BMW dealer and ECS/autohausAZ do not stock the part no.

                    I got this "super scraper" due to the surface mating condition. I really should have taken a before picture. This thing cut through all the unwanted material with no effort.

                    and installed the pan. you can see the coolant hardpipe installed now and 2 brand new bosch knock sensors. markert re-tapped coolant temp sensor also shown.

                    purchased a spal pusher for the car, and some misc sensors/replacement parts and some tools. but the valeo alternator on my e36 m3 is making a terrible whining noise (guessing the bearings are going out). It sorta reminded me I need to get the starter rebuilt for this motor. I plan on getting the bosch 140a, valeo, and s52 starter all rebuilt, and put the 140a on the m3 since it has an amp/sub installed in it and the smaller valeo sorta makes sense going on the e30 since it will have bare essentials and all. I'll probably replace the alt. belt tensioner, pulley and the idler pulley while I'm at it. (there goes more $$) The bbs money didn't really get me very far unfortunately...

                    Been running into a bunch of set backs. Damn HOA sent me a letter asking me to shut down my commercial auto repair shop being operated out of my garage LOL..... been telling them they're personal vehicles and to fuck off, but they just sent another letter about a noise complaint. I basically haven't touched the car if the sun's not out. One of my neighbors has it out for me....they're gonna love me when I roll the car out of the garage and paint the engine bay in the drive way. At least it gives me time to chase down the abs wiring though. what a PITA that is.

                    here's a pic of my daily m3 for kicks. took this the one day it snowed in February. fake vorks everywhere

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                    89 325i 4dr s52
                    02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily) *sold*
                    21' Toyota Tacoma TRD OR 4x4 6 speed Manual


                      I've been MIA, haven't made much progress either unfortunately. Almost 2 months ago my alternator on the m3 bearings went out, took this time to upgrade the m3 to a 140a and get the e30's 140a alt and starter rebuilt at the same time.

                      The place I got the starter/alternator rebuilt had a reman 140a sitting on the shelf but he didnt have the dust cover. I got it for $100 as long as I didn't mind sourcing my own plastic cover. ended up pulling it off a 525i at the yard for $2.. cleaned up super nice!

                      motor with rebuilt bosch 140a

                      I started to smooth out some parts where I cut out some brackets. Here is the process.

                      Ended up moving the booster over which I sort of regret....should have got a 944 porsche booster since now I think I need to build some kind of brace for the flex.

                      finally got to install that modified clevis I made so long ago

                      Kind of took a long break after this due to getting super busy with work in May.
                      Obd1 sensors installed

                      I installed the turner chip in the 413 red label dme just so I wouldnt misplace the chip.

                      Then I started sourcing all the pieces to build my own exhaust and realized racelands flanges are pretty much not available anywhere. Thanks to the guys at 42draftdesign for making some water-jet cut flanges for me!!

                      I went to the junkyard for a few more misc. clips/bolts that I seemed to misplace and ended up finding a 86 rx7 gxl, wasn't planning on it, but I snagged the calipers off it.

                      after a quick clean up with a wire cup

                      much better!!

                      I had to get rid of the "mazda" had my friend mill it off and take 3mm off the nub.

                      I ordered the bracket kit/rotors and seals from Avery (e30 braking solutions). Kit came in (no pics) and looks solid!! Decided to split the ears and one of the bolts stripped. Luckily I had a tap and die for the bolt/threads.

                      I ended up pinching the airline hose (harbor freight junk) doing some work on the m3 (swapped fk konigsports to fortune autos). ended up replacing with a heavy duty husky 300psi rated
                      hose. the reel still works great otherwise.


                      I finally got to the wire harness. Ended up stripping a lot more than pictured here.

                      I initially bought a treehouse adapter here for a decent price (enough so I can get my money back), on one of those junkyard runs I ended up snipping a c101 from a 91 325i (i wasn't's in the triple digits in vegas now and cut the plug too short! I'm trying to save my 325i complete harness just in case I guess!) this sucks because I ended up soldering all in the same spot and I usually don't like doing it that way but oh well).

                      I need to paint the engine bay and do the 5th/reverse shifter indent pins on the zf trans and hopefully I can think about putting the motor in soon. I'll loom and finish up the harness once the motor turns over.
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                      89 325i 4dr s52
                      02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily) *sold*
                      21' Toyota Tacoma TRD OR 4x4 6 speed Manual


                        Originally posted by s14brent View Post

                        Originally posted by s14brent View Post
                        here's a photo of it before I pulled the motor to see how the bbs rs' fit.

                        Damn, a facelift bronzit 4-door sure looks nice! Especially with those wheels! (I wouldn't put a spoiler on the boot, though)

                        Nice that you are breathing new life in this E30. :)

                        1990 BMW E30 318is | 1989 Mercedes-Benz S124 250TD


                          Unfortunately I haven't had much progress with the e30, been having some respiratory flare-ups and staying away from any paint projects for the time being.

                          this is as far as I got on the engine bay. -cleaned up and primered.I found a few areas that needed pulling out from the accident, welded up all the holes I made to pull it out so you'd never know.

                          spent way too much time trying to clean up these fc calipers. Next time I'll be powdercoating for sure. (this was taken when still wet...looks flatter assembled)

                          *no longer e30 content*

                          Meanwhile I picked up some fortune auto coilovers for my e36 m3. my old coils were fine, I just wanted front camber adjustment and the swift springs to be honest.

                          installed the fronts almost immediatly after receiving the coils, got to the rears to mount the struts and immediately went had "WTF" moment

                          the previous owner must have stripped the rear trailing arm shock mount and welded in this stud...the angle looks really "off" but it's actually pretty close to the way it's supposed to be. however the shitty welds and the grinding of the actual stud did not stomach well. I found a passenger rear trailing arm from a part out on bimmerforums. it came with the hub and parking brake cable attached. (good thing too!) I ordered oem bushings, and wheel bearing and pressed them in.

                          I also sourced some TMS rtab limiters locally. When it came to finally replacing the arm, the hub and axle was seized in side the trailing arm. I actually broke a slide hammer attachment and a broke a 3lb sledge. I was using a socket on the axle trying to beat it out......I ended up ruining the threads on the axle even though the socket was over it. What a nightmare.....I also had issues trying to source another 38mm axle, esp. on a weekend. I never ran into such a disaster in one area. ended up cutting out the parking cable (since i knew I had a spare), and just removing my stud conversion from the hub. the axle was eventually removed using a 3 jaw puller.... One thing that was kind of a plus in this shitty situation was that the previous owner had poly bushings installed....I installed the limiters....but upon further research I'll be removing them in the future.

                          this is where the story gets funny....38mm axles are NLA....and could not be found anywhere (napa,carquest, autozone, o'reilly's, dealer, etc) I found a few on bimmerforums but they would need immediate rebuilds and actually to this day have not pm'd me back about shipping costs. I was talking to a local guy about his e36 m3 he had for sale. (97 auto, 160k). He had the car for sale for a long time, the car had some "cooling issues-but never overheated) the car was plasti-dipped blue...and was actually over all the rubber seals, etc. The front bumper was sagging, and it had some pretty ricey additions. (fender grilles, 1pc headlights, m3 colored fender stickers and a magnaflow that was held up on hopes and dreams). car had some slight fender damage as well. After a compression test (174-179), and confirming it had the 38mm axles I needed, I picked it up for a good $1800!! clean title as well!

                          The car had an aluminum radiator, shroud and electric fan so that was a score, the electric fan didn't even fit and was rubbing against the water pump (smh) so that was the real issue.
                          horrible photo from that night after i cleaned it up a bit

                          well...anyone remember this car? (from earlier in my thread)

                          I used the spare parts from there to get the car back running right. (radiator, fanshroud, clutch fan, expansion tank mounts, etc.) I also replaced the cracked air box and found a drop-in K&N filter in the old one!
                          Curiosity got to me and I decided to see what was underneath the horrible plasti-dip job.

                          My fingers were sore, and I didn't get all the dip off that night.

                          the car looked 100x better immediately, even with the primered front end!
                          Initially I was going to pull the motor, and sell as a roller, but the car ended up being too nice to do that too. I also have a family member that can use the car right now, so I decided to try and get it close to stock as possible.

                          Car does not overheat but the clutch fan was hitting the fanshroud. - a problem to fix later. parked the car and soaked the axle bolts with pb blaster overnight. The next day, I pulled the axle and got my daily driver back on the road (monday night) I drove around my car very happily after.
                          Skip to Wednesday, still no axle replacement sorted, but I did order a 27x1.5 (thanks realoem for providing info) steel die to try....but when it arrived...I didn't have a wrench that opened larger than 2". Harbor freight had one, and it worked ridiculously well. problem solved.

                          The next day I went to the junkyard before work at night. I got some headlights and a passenger corner (headlights were yellowed but better than the rice that was on the car), and 1 good hood shock since I was using vice grips to clamp/hold it up. I ended up buffing them and they came out very well.

                          I also found a local to trade a stock m3 exhaust with. Also found someone selling an x-brace. Since I am going to let a family member drive this, I didn't want the chance for them to crack the pan.

                          I took out the sound system (sub & amp) and ended up installing some rear-shock reinforcements, and the koni shocks I just took off my daily driver.

                          I took out the bright blue pioneer head unit (eye sore) and installed a rover cd43 that I used to have in my m3. I also installed the old dice unit I had for aux. Still does not come out clear unfortunately. but it looks much better!!

                          I then addressed the clutch fan rubbing issue by checking all the mounts. motor mounts are in ok shape, but the trans mounts were DONE. I had a set of uuc blacks that I swapped out for the blue's a while back.

                          I ordered some iggee seat covers since the front seats are all ripped up. (3-5 week delivery time) and right now am just waiting for a few consecutive days off to prep the bumper, grille panel, and hood for paint. (back to square one!). I was initially looking for a replacement fender, but after I found out the fender grilles were stick-on's, I think this will be fine until I can find a stock cosmos fender I can just bolt right on. I also flushed the brake lines, threw in some ATE gold, and also ran through 2qts of powersteering fluid (semi-flush). I'll be doing the diff, auto trans as well. Oil was done just recently, so I just topped it off - but this is how the car sits as of now.

                          hopefully I can get this project done/out of the way so I can resume work on the e30!!
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                          89 325i 4dr s52
                          02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily) *sold*
                          21' Toyota Tacoma TRD OR 4x4 6 speed Manual


                            Nice resurrection. That E36 M3 looks to be making a solid comeback.


                              Originally posted by 2mAn View Post
                              PICS OF THE PORSCHE NOW! Is it a real RUF?
                              dont ignore me :blowup:
                              Current Car:
                              -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
                              -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

                              Make R3V Great Again -2020


                                lol, i can't comment on it....all i know is it was imported from canada :dunno:
                                89 325i 4dr s52
                                02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily) *sold*
                                21' Toyota Tacoma TRD OR 4x4 6 speed Manual