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Took the 02 up to Glendora Mountain Road this morning. Only blew up one wheel.

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    Took the 02 up to Glendora Mountain Road this morning. Only blew up one wheel.

    Left the house at 5am, met up with ak- and got up the mountain as the sun was rising. We weren't going very hard (but still pretty hard) because I was trying to dial in the 02's handling. It turns out I need to add the swaybars and the 3.64LSD after all.

    About 1.5 hours into our Need4Speed race battles, I came across a hairpin turn a little too fast with the mountain to my left, and my passenger front wheel bit a good size rock. I thought I slapped the mountain with how hard it felt, and I lost tire pressure immediately. I limped it to a nearby overlook to assessed damage. I figured I'd need to jack it up, but of course I didn't have a jack in the car, I mean, why would I?

    Abdu didn't either, but at least he had tools. His engineering degree kicked in full force and in about 5 minutes, he devised a plan using primitive resources from nature to build a ramp and like cavemen, we got the damaged corner off the ground just enough to get the spare on. It wasn't pretty or safe, but I'll be damned if this didn't win us a Nobel Prize in the 1930s.

    So with everything buttoned up, we continued the drive for a few more hours. It got really icy and we were sliding all over the place, but we didn't encounter any more issues. Overall, it was a successful day. The 2002 is light and agile, but it could use another 100hp. I'm figuring out how I can accomplish that.

    Here are some photos from today, in order of how they happened. Most were taken with the Sony A7ii, but I have an iphone photo or two sprinkled in there.

    As we entered the first look off point

    The view from this spot. I didn't get such a great shot but I still like it.

    As we were beginning to leave this first spot and continue our journey. Even at altitude, the car was compliant and didn't give me any trouble. We probably climbed 6-7000 feet this morning, which should have upset the carb, but she still did well.

    And then we got to the intersection of where Glendora Mountain Road and Glendora Mountain Ridge meet. I was trying to flex but I didn't get very far.

    This is what I look like with glasses. I'm aware that my right thigh needs work and I promise, I'm working it out. I hope to have satisfactory thighs this year. It's my resolution.

    Then some stuff happened and I bent the inner lip on my passenger side wheel. Here are a few shots of the fiasco. Overall, it was nice that I wasn't stranded. I think the wheel can be fixed. If not, it's ok, because I made a few extra spare widened steelies for occasions such as this. You know, because why not.

    the aftermath. That was our makeshift ramp. Getting the driver's side up the ramp allowed us to teeter totter the rear and create enough slack to get the passenger front wheel off. It was a feat of engineering which I'll never forget.

    Here is Abdu with his positive you-can-do attitude. Always appreciated during the dark times.

    On my way home, I had the tire removed from the wheel. Looks like the tire didn't pop, and the wheel can be fixed and trued. This is good news.

    Now back to the adventure. We found an icy bridge and begin the slip and slide competition. I think my open differential won this one.

    Some more rolling shots. I edited them in Lightroom 4. I need photoshop but this will do for now.

    Then I commissioned this shot to let the whole world know that I don't take no shit, especially on the internet.

    Another roller. The last three or four shots were taken with the spare wheel. I couldn't drive as hard because the sidewall on the spare was flexing pretty good, but I did what I could.

    The car's coilovers handle quite well. I'm extremely happy with them. The oversteer is completely manageable and only comes on if I'm really on the gas, coming out of the apex.

    That's all I have from today. It was a great trip. Thanks again Abdu. I'm thankful for you this year.

    Happy New Year, R3v.
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    I really dig your moccasins
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      2002+ mocassians + guns = but you cool man
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        That view is amazing. Wishing I had a nice drive like that nearby!
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          2002+ mocassians + guns = but you cool man
          Thuggin socks.
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            I was up there for the first time last weekend, we took the left towards gm ridge but turned around after about a mile due to all the rocks. Sucks about the wheel, but at least you had the spare.

            We had to flex too



              noiceeeeeeee. who took the rollers? they're spot on!

              and be glad it wasn't worse, GMR is home of rolled cars and head on collisions lol
              oh and props on the ramp, most peoples day would've been over haha

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                I regret nothing.

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                  Looks like a good morning to me. Makes me want to go take my car for a drive one morning now. Nice work with the makeshift ramp to change that tire! I would highly recommend getting a little HF aluminum floor jack to keep in the car, totally worth the $80 or whatever it is. Plus it's small and pretty light.

                  If you want another 100hp I'd suggest a carbureted turbo kit for the 2002 ;D
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                    I'm so envious of you guys and your adventures props for great pics, attitudes, and cars
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                    I laughed, and then I serioused


                      i miss the gmr :(
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                        Entertaining story, would read again.

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                          Wow - that color is gorgeous. Love the widened steelies.
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                            Eewww... flat dark earth... Should've chucked that off a cliff while you were there.

                            Great looking car though.

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                              These shot's are money!
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