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    It's been a pretty uneventfull couple of weeks on the Touring *knocks on wood*. My uncles very happy with the work done on his Touring and is loving the short shifter.

    I have a full set of 5 iX wheels but only have 4 normal besketweaves.
    This week I had a day off of work, I decided to go the The Netherlands and pick up a spare regular 15inch basketweave (ET24). Mainly so I have a correct spare for when we do our roadtrip to the Alps :)
    The seller had a nice selection of a couple cabrio and Baur E30s, a design edition E30 Touring, a E34 Touring and an E21.

    I also found a company who were able to repair my original Bavaria C Business radio, It's very common that the display fails on these. Turned out it's actually not the display but the ribbon cable.
    After disassembling the radio and making sure the cable looked the same as the one listed, I contacted the shop. Turned out they didn't have a manual for this repair. I decided to send my radio over to them so I didn't f*ck it up :p
    This week they got it repaired and shipped out. Today it already arrived.

    While it was gone, I also ordered a new power/volume knob.

    Very pleased with the result and finally figured out how to manually tune in to radio stations as I couldn't see anything before :p

    1990 325iX Touring - November 2018 R3V Car Of The Month

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