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    i've been working on patching rust on my car for like 2 months now and you finish it in an afternoon. lol. it's always motivating to see people knock this shit out in an evening.


      Managed to drive the thing up and down the street and in/out of the garage this weekend after finishing the rusted out brake lines.

      Loving how it sits on these wheels

      Now that winter is looming, and driving this thing properly isn't going to happen until at least next Spring/Summer, I need to set sights on a new target.
      I'm hoping to have it Autocross ready by the first local event next Spring. That'll help figure out the bugs before committing to the road.

      That sounds boring right? Towing a car to Autocross instead of driving it?
      Not with my new tow donkey!

      1998 Pajero Evolution. It arrives tonight and I'm very excited. The e30 will look awesome getting towed by this thing


        Jealous of the Pajevo. Just a few more years and theyll be legal state side. My tow rig is a Gen 1 montero LWB with a turboed 6.0L in it. The Paj is a bad mofo though


          The Pajero Evo has been a fun distraction this winter

          Bring on the track days!

          Meanwhile, I continue to tinker on the 1J project

          I have adapted an adjustable gear knob to work, which can be filled with weight to get things shifting perfectly

          I've played around with a discrete hydro idea, but I'm undecided if I'll use it

          Chop chop

          Trimmed the front bumper for better air flow to the IC/rad

          Trimmed the air con vent to fit around the intercooler

          Made some cheap foglights fit around the 3" IC hoses

          I finally fitted all of the intercooler piping t-bolt clamps, then finished off the exposed threads with vacuum hose plugs (you saw it here first)

          Made a dump tube to divert wastegate discharge away from the engine bay

          Changed out the rock hard engine mounts for the ole Canadian specials

          Picked up a crack free dash

          A Tech 2 Valance

          MRT bump steer correction kit

          Expansion Tank and Steering Bellows

          The car is running and driving, so now is the time to take it all apart and paint it

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            that's a good amount of progress! great work!


              Ate up the road on Saturday AM with a 450-500km round trip for some Style 42s. A good salt bath for the Pajero :(

              3 split no issues, but one is cursed and a bunch of bolts snapped no matter what tricks were used.

              No dice on the oven idea

              They should look awesome once cleaned up through

              Should have them split tonight and can get the barrels stripped. The faces are clean enough to reuse without complicating things.


                what happened to the Alpina Typ 162 front cow catcher


                  Originally posted by peteb3 View Post
                  what happened to the Alpina Typ 162 front cow catcher
                  It resides in the basement as I cannot get the jack out from under the front subframe with it on. It is also so low that it barely gets in the garage, so it may just be for show purposes.

                  Wheels are turning out nice


                    Wheels came out nicely

                    The clutch situation in the car is frankly a disaster, as I have mentioned before. The pressure plate is an overkill item that I inherited from the donor car, and I've been failing to come up with a non-costly means of improving things. I noticed last week that just from running the car on the stands, the e30 master cylinder pushrod had actually began to bend with the pressure.

                    Options were:

                    1. Buy a new, less aggressive clutch & pressure plate, then pull the box in another Cirque du Soleil effort while balling crying at the $800-900 wallet bashing.
                    2. Fit a Tilton/Wilwood Pedal Box to facilitate a smaller clutch master cylinder bore. This gets expensive and negates all of the tomfoolery and success to date on the brake front.
                    3. Get a gym membership and concentrate solely on my left leg, then grow into it.

                    I had a plan forming in my head following the whole hydro handbrake episode.

                    Using the China master cylinder I had, which is a rip off of a Wilwood unit, I started making measurements to see see if I could make it fit in the OEM position.

                    Cheapo pushrod retainer

                    E30 Retainer

                    After some fiddling, I made a retainer to fit the e30 rod to the China item and was able to start lining things up
                    Ignore the zip ties, as I'm not set on the brake pedal position yet, so just have those in there holding the brake light switch off.

                    VS the BMW item

                    The sad news is that it interfered with the brake pedal and the throttle pedal linkage, so that if things were to go wrong, they'd go wrong at full throttle with no clutch and no brakes. Basically very wrong.

                    Once again I had a surge of confidence and the thoughts of a manageable clutch were keeping me up at night. I ordered a ~16mm bore Wilwood unit and decided to go for it.

                    I used what I believe was an e28 pushrod that I had in a parts bin, as it is metal as opposed to plastic.

                    There was a c-hair of room to play with so I started "rapid prototyping" a bracket that would keep things as close as possible to the geometry of the OEM master.

                    Rev 0

                    Rev 1 - Note the little pokey hole for the blind side of the master. This buys about 5mm to squeeze things away from the throttle pedal linkage.

                    Rev 1 was a winner, so I started making it in steel using off cuts from under the bench.

                    For once, I didn't take any notable photos of the process, but I ended up with this

                    Someday, someday soon, I'll retire the flux core welder I swear

                    With the Wilwood unit in I was delighted to see that the clevis lined up where I wanted it, about 10mm to the left. From here, I can commit to drilling out the pedal and running a through bolt to catch the rod off to the left side of the pedal. I'll make a spacer to occupy the original mounting position..

                    With a slight bend of the throttle linkage, things are lined up 100% and the whole assembly is removable in minutes.

                    Did it all work? YES

                    I now have a perfectly operable 650LB clutch!
                    To celebrate, I drove it around a little bit

                    For some reason I can no longer embed videos..

                    With a successful number of 1st-2nd-3rd skiddy rips under my belt, I have begun buttoning things up.

                    The 3" midpipe is fully heat wrapped to reduce temps under the floor

                    I've made some ducting to channel air into the rad, rather than letting it take the path of least resistance. Why gold heat wrap? Well, I used a licence plate to make the ducting, which looked worse

                    The fan is now hooked up to an adjustable temp switch, and it draws a ton of air through the front of the car. Shop rags stick to the front end when you throw them at it.

                    I have a few more minor mechanical items to address, such as a stiffer rear trans mount, re-centering the engine and some small electrical things, BUT she is turnkey and running well.

                    Next is the body work, which starts soon.


                      that's awesome man! that feeling of thinking something through deeply and then manifesting it into reality is one of the best things, especially when it works! congrats!


                        I'm sticking 4-5 updates together here, so this post is a little haphazard..

                        My latest mind cruncher - how to latch the bonnet now that I've removed all of the latching mechanism?

                        To get the biggest radiator possible into the front of the car, while allowing room for a decent puller fan, I had to chop out the latch mechanism way back when.

                        I have a pair of really nice aerolatches left over from the SC300 parts car, but it is hard to take the drill to an e30 bonnet these days. Having spent so much effort hiding everything JZ related, it'd be a shame to have the race car latches suggesting there is anything more than an m20 under the bonnet.

                        Here is one I saw online, and I noticed that the latches force the curve of the bonnet flat, creating dimples..


                        I made a sleeved rod that is spring loaded towards open. My thoughts here were that in the event of the sudden onset of fire, it'd be nice to not have to fish around with one's fingers.



                        To celebrate this zero cost solution, I ordered some e30 m3 bulkhead covers to hide the wiring/hoses I have nestled along there. The cycle of loosely controlled expenditure continues.

                        I picked up some alternate gauge pods on ebay last week. The ashtray one I intended to use is too out of the way for my paranoid eyes to see at a glance.
                        I also got a nice bolt-able replacement throttle pedal clip for the floor. This will allow me to realign the throttle pedal perfectly with the now thoroughly messed with clutch and brake pedals.

                        This was the useless rubber hammock holding the back of the massive gearbox in place, and it was also the cause of my shuddering driveline.

                        The last export out of China arrived, which correlated with a break in the weather yesterday and today. In it went, which allowed for some ripping around!
                        After some searching, I had found that a 240sx trans mount will bolt to the 350z box, after drilling out the tapped holes on the box.

                        The result is zero slop, so things are pretty dialed now from front to back.

                        I also got a higher rated BMW expansion tank cap, as the Toyota coolant pressure is seemingly greater than that of the BMW. I had gotten one before, but this one states "200", so it can only be betterer?

                        With those little things done, I've started getting brave and driving around the neighborhood.

                        BOOSTY NOISES - VOLUME UPPPPPP

                        I was then home for a few days last week, but left in a hurry for obvious reasons (covid). I did however manage to bring some nice items with me back to Canada, as there could be some downtime to fill for the next while.

                        Straight off of the plane and into quarantine for 14 days.
                        Anyway, I've gotten a few things done still..

                        It is slowly coming together, but I have so much bodywork to do :(

                        Then yesterday, the damn plastic clutch pedal finally snapped. I've ordered one from FCP for $30USD, which when you factor in the $CAD exchange rate, shipping and duties is almost $100. FML.
                        Thankfully all of the replacements are metal now


                        That brings things up to date, which equates to the following spec - you'd never think it to look at it lol
                        Toyota 1JZ-GTE non-VVTi: Cold Compression Test Readings (155,160,155,160,160,160)
                        Custom Aluminum Engine Mounts with Hockey Puck bushings
                        Driftmotion Single Turbo Manifold
                        Driftmotion 40-1 T4 Single Turbo (Garret GT35 Core) with Polished Compressor and Ceramic Coated Hot Side
                        Turbo Blanket
                        3" V-Band Downpipe (bunged for ECU o2 and Aem AFR o2)
                        -10 AN Oil Return
                        Braided High Pressure Oil Feed Line
                        3" Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust to APR resonator and back box
                        3" Inlet/Outlet Large Front Mount Intercooler (maximum size that could be "hidden")
                        2.75" Intercooler Piping
                        Genuine Tial BOV
                        Genuine HKS External Wastegate with homemade screamer pipe
                        Painted Cam Covers and Hydro-Blasted Intake Manifold & TB
                        Shortened Throttle Body (to allow for IC piping + rad)
                        Custom 2 Core Aluminum Rad - tucked into the front core support
                        14" Spal Slim Electric Puller Fan + Shroud (made from baking tray)
                        Wiring Specialities Plug & Play Harness
                        Patch/Jumper Harness
                        6 Point Grounding Harness
                        Apexi Neo AFC (fuel controller)
                        HKS FCD
                        AEM Tru Boost Controller/Gauge
                        AEM AFR Gauge
                        Ford Mustang 5.0 3 wire o2 Sensor
                        Mustang 5.0 o2 Sensor plug spliced into JZ Harness
                        Aeromotive Stealth In Tank Fuel Pump
                        440cc Injectors (JDM 2JZ)
                        Aeroquip Fuel Pressure Regulator modified to fit end of OEM 1JZ fuel rail
                        Chase Bays JZ-BMW rack High Pressure Line
                        New OEM BMW Rack-Reservoir line
                        Oil Level Sender Delete Plate
                        1JZ Water Neck Drilled & Tapped for e30 Water Temp Sender
                        Water neck also tapped for air bleeder screw, to avoid common air pocket/cavitation
                        New Behr Coolant Reservoir

                        Low Mileage Nissan CD009 6 Speed Transmission
                        1JZ Adapter Plate + Custom Flywheel (Collins Engineering)
                        ACT Stage 4 Clutch & Pressure Plate (650ft/lb)
                        Braided Clutch Line
                        Custom CNC'd Shifter Adapter to relocate Nissan Shifter to e30 position (via CD009 transmission service opening).
                        Homemade Transmisison Mount/Brace utilizing the e30 Bolting Points
                        Nissan Titan Slip Yoke
                        Homemade conversion to a Wilwood small diameter clutch master cyliner.
                        Custom Front Half Shaft (a single piece won't clear the petrol tank)

                        BC Racing Coilovers with front Camber Plates
                        Garagistic Front & Rear Sway Bars
                        Garagistic Front & Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Links
                        Garagistic Front & Rear Strut Braces
                        Front & Rear Subframe Reinforcements
                        Front Subframe modified for External Wastegate clearance
                        Powerflex Purple Subframe, Trailing Arm and Differential bushings
                        Adjustable Camber/Toe Eccentric Rear Subframe
                        3.73LSD + 2.91LSD (final to be decided)
                        Treehouse Racing Increased Caster Front Control Arm Bushings ("Lollipops")
                        New Front Control Arms
                        Braided Brake Lines X 6
                        New Wheel Bearings x 4
                        Garagistic Solid Steering Column Bushing/Guibo
                        e46 "Purple Tag" Steering Rack
                        New Behr e46 Steering Rack Bellows
                        SRS Concept Inner Tie Rod Spacers (increased lock)
                        MRT Roll-Center Correction Kit (not fitted yet, waiting on spare arms)
                        Oversized PS Pump Pulley
                        Modified Brake Pedal Ratio for improved feel/feedback
                        Brake Booster Deleted (no room with the stock JZ inlet manifold) - Massive Motorsport
                        VW 17mm F/R Master Cylinder - best compromise for pedal acctuation and feel
                        Homemade Hardlines from ABS Pump
                        E30 front Spindles converted to 5x120, thus retaining the e30 camber/caster settings
                        Z4 Rear Hubs pressed into e30 rear trailing arms - 5x120
                        e46 325i Front & Rear Calipers (with new pistons, seals, bleeders and guides)
                        e46 325i Vented Front & Vented Rear Rotors (300mm & 279mm drilled & grooved)
                        New Brake Pads
                        Stop-Tech e46 Front Braided SS Brake Lines

                        JDM Integra Type-R Recaro SR3 Reclinging Seats (Similar to SportEvo Seats)
                        Massive Brakes Seat Mounts
                        Cardinal Red Door Cards, Carpet, Rear Bench
                        Sparco Steering Wheel
                        Momo Steering Wheel Hub
                        Homemade super tall shifter
                        3D Printed Center Vent Gauges
                        Tach/Coolant Temp/Oil Light working with the Toyota ECU
                        Delrin Solid Throttle Pedal Bushing (0 Play/Slop)
                        Crack Free Dash (awaiting installation)

                        EXTERIOR (Still looks horrible and retains all of the rust noted within the original post)
                        New iS Lip
                        New Oem Lip Clips
                        "Euro" Grills
                        Genuine Euro "Smiley" Lights
                        Genuine Tech 1 Rear Spoiler
                        Euro" Rear Plate Surround
                        Homemade quick release bonnet latch
                        Rear Arches rolled, but not pulled
                        "Pop Out" rear windows (Awaiting installation)
                        Genuine Alpina 162 Front Valance (Option 1)
                        Genuine Mtech 2 Front Valance & Clips (Option 2)
                        Rare NOS Heckblende

                        Pontiac GTA 16x8 et0 & et16 with modified hubs (increased bore)
                        4 x 205/45r16 Firestone Indy 500s
                        BBS RS720 17x8 et20 (slowly being refurbed)
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