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    project daily driver

    I picked up thie car on Saturday morning, and have been just cleaning and doing maintenance.
    Here are some pics:
    Picked it up, drove hime with mis-matching license was only 6 miles...

    What it looked like:

    And after todays cleaning of the carpets...

    The carpet is raised like that to get air under there...I dont want to place soggy carpet on the floor pan, althogh it is very clean.

    The interior trims and console parts scrubbed with sponges, brushes...tec...

    im going to sleep!
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    looks great , Beck's is a fine choice of beer's too .;)
    mods: just meat and potatoes under the hood and wheaties on fire out back ;)


      Looks like alot of fun, keep up the good work.


        Looks much better!!!

        What did you use to clean the carpets? A steamer?


          yeah what did you use?? i need to do that to mine.

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          BIMMERLESS at the moment. :???:


            The carpet cleaner is made by a company called Stoner: 'Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner". I've never seen it around fater had 3 cans lying around from a box of car parts he got a few years ago, but the stuff is great! I still have about 3/4 of a can thaqt I intend to hit the vinyl seats on the BMW, the rear window speaker tray, and maybe the door panels.
            I sprayed it down and let the foam cover the area to be worked, used a semi-stiff bristeled brush to masage it into the carpet, and a green sponge with water to try and remove the suds and not leave residue on the carpet.

            Even tough it is cleaner, I still have to hit the driver footwell...remove the accelerator pedal and really get in there. Anyone know where I can source a new carpet for this car? Is there a write up on it somewhere? I'm going to run a search to see what I can find. I just want to drive the car a few months before I invest in a new carpet (depending on ow much it costs).

            Originally posted by TS87325IS View Post
            looks great , Beck's is a fine choice of beer's too .;)
            Octoberfest too! :D

            Some more pictures so you all see what I'm working with:

            I already removed all the grilles, mirrors, wiper arms, and I'm trying to remove the trim around the wiper arm to clean it all off and get it to look back to the black color, and not show the sun fade.
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              I've never used these guys and I don't know much about their products, but you can get interior carpet from them.



                My engine bay looked exactly the same when I got mine. Here's the now pic, except there's no more AT dipstick or kick-down cable, since it's now a manual.

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                  Originally posted by fwappy View Post
                  thats pretty damn nice.


                    Just a small update.
                    With work and life in general, I have not been able to spend more than 2 hours a day on the 325, but it is... s l o w l y ...coming together. This past week was spent polishing it with a 3M product (from West Marine) to see if I can get rid of any oxidation on the CirrusBlau Metallic. Next step is a finer paste to smooth out the surfaces, then a polish, and wax. (note to self: still need touch up paint!!)

                    Today was the big push. Re-instralled the center console after replacing all the light bulbs. Fixed the high beam switch by pulling apart and using a little grease in there...also replaced the bulb in the headlight switch panel.

                    Installed an OEM oil filter and new oil since the previous one was a FRAM, and just to hold me over until the OEM arrived, OEM air filter, and the fuel filter will be in tomorrow.

                    Spent the afternoon scubbing the beige vinyl seats front and rear, dried them in the sun, and installed. All the while, pulled the front grilles, and the wiper arm vents, washed them with soap and water,and hit them with Plasti-dip.

                    Its getting to the point that all this car needs is paint, and new raingutter moldings in a nice chrome :)

                    I'm pooped! Pics to come ASAP!!
                    Also got my Bentley in the mail yesterday, so I can dive in a little more now :D


                      Yeaa, some backup from the volvo community. My engine bay looks exactly the same. Same amount of crap, etc. Defintially a blast to work on.

                      Glad to see you found your way onto here. Helluva lot less attitude around here than on VS :hitler:
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                        Here are some pictures as promised.
                        As I posted before, spent the day with the Bimmer, and I'm pretty satisfied, for now, with the results of the interior. Still needs some final touches. Mirrors have been removed for Plasti-dipping, as well as the wiper vents.

                        SOme things I am waiting on to complete the interior are the 6-button clock, the window kill switch on the center console, defrost switch. Just yesterday I found out I need a driver side dome light assembly. Little by little. :)

                        Plasti-dipped grille looks nice and flat black.

                        the exterior is a bit shot:

                        sun-roof area:

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                          WOW nice cleanup job on the interior!

                          where on LI are you?
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                            Originally posted by M3TROY View Post
                            WOW nice cleanup job on the interior!
                            where on LI are you?
                            I'm in Lake Ronkonkoma.


                              Needs less bumper stickers, and more basketweaves. The interior looks great though! Didn't end up needing new carpet after all, huh?