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Engine bay redo.. Yup, This is the last time. I hope. :)

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    Engine bay redo.. Yup, This is the last time. I hope. :)

    Well its time to redo the bay. I know it was done 3 months ago. But Im changine colors and I had problems that needed to be fixed on the motor and they are easy to do if it was removed.

    Here is where I started with a bare inner fender with all things removed.

    Then I stripped the seam sealer off of the strut tower and removed the brackets I didnt want.
    Air bag, Window washer tank, coil bracket, few studs.

    After a good sanding of where I was working it was time to clean up everything and spray some self etching primer to keep it from rusting and this is a good base for the bondo to attach itself to.

    Now today being a new day and a fresh start. I went to town sanding the area I was working on. Then it was time to sling some putty.

    After that was all done I masked everything up and sprayed another coat of self etching primer to cover all the bare metal spots..

    Now it was time to spray some primer sealer. I ran indo a problem with the paint acting up with the old paint from before. Why I dont know, They are the same brand.

    I removed the ABS, made new lines and bleed the brakes today. The car feels sooooo much better with out it than it did with it.
    I should be starting the rest of the body work on the driver side this week and have it sprayed by the weekend.

    Updates from Friday....

    Started today with this.

    Eric sanded this part.

    While I worked on this part.

    Then I did this.

    Then a little more of this.

    Then I worked a little more on this.

    I left the night with it looking like this.

    Body work done.

    Wet sanded.

    Pressure washed.

    Freash coat of primer.

    Mr Eric layin down some paint.

    Painted, no clear.


    Baked for an hour in about 100deg garage.

    all in all, Im happy. I know a spot or two needs to be fixed. Like one back by the fuse box that I couldnt get to no matter what I did.
    I also have this spot on the one side.

    and this spot on the other side.

    I was having serious problems with the paint from before. I dont know why. I did anything and everything I could to stop it. In the end I just gave up. You will never notice it once everything is together anyways.
    My intake will run over the driver side spot the the other side I will just add a pedo bear sticker..


    are you changing the color of the car?


      Looks great!


        going diamond schwarz? VERY NIACE
        - Chris
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          Originally posted by Mfever View Post
          are you changing the color of the car?
          Sure am.

          Originally posted by MR.Camel View Post
          Looks great!
          Thank you.

          Originally posted by e30guydownunder View Post
          going diamond schwarz? VERY NIACE
          Nah. A hint.


            oh ok cool... i thought it was kinda wierd to paint the bay and leave the rest... although your car will kick ass! zinno was pretty badass as well though, wouldn't you agree?


              I like that color. Very slick.


                Originally posted by Mfever View Post
                oh ok cool... i thought it was kinda wierd to paint the bay and leave the rest... although your car will kick ass! zinno was pretty badass as well though, wouldn't you agree?
                It was actually Brillantrot. But the main reason of painting is because there are 4 red ones alone in my town. Its not a very big town. My father in law is friends with half the police force and they come to the shop all the time.
                One came up to me one day when he was at the shop and it went a little like this.

                Him. So I heard from one of the guys that you was out hot rodding around town the other night.
                Me. Oh yeah, where was this at and what time?
                Him. It was on the west end of town, about 9pm.
                Me. oh, damn.
                Him. Yeah he tried to catch up to you but you was gone before he could turn the corner to see where you went. Said your car is very loud. Thats the only reason he noticed you.
                Me. Well you know I work second shift right and I work 10 hour days. So I leave Town aroun 1pm and I dont get back into town till 1:30am.
                Him. Oh. So it wasnt you?
                Me. Well not unless someone drove 40 minutes away to get my car and come back to town and drive around.
                Him. So your saying there are more than just one red e30 in town that looks like yours and its loud?
                Me. Sure is. I know who he is too.
                Him. oh, ok well be safe and no fuckin around and tell your friend the same.
                Me. ok thanks, I will let him know...

                So yeah. I dont need any shit from any cops. Next time I loose my license its for over a year and maybe jail time. So I try to keep to myself.
                I know who the person was, he is actually a member here.
                So a way to fix it was to paint the car or sell it. Painting the car won.
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                  great work!
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                    I know the update was 2 hours or so ago but... update?
                    Need a part? PM me.

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                      Originally posted by ck_taft325is View Post
                      I know the update was 2 hours or so ago but... update?

                      Painted the back side of my valance black.

                      Tucked up the wiring and wrapped it in some new tape after I removed a few things.

                      Sanded and painted my master cylinder and brake booster.

                      Sand blasted my hood catchers and bolts.

                      Removed all the rubber from the blow motor cover, sand blasted and painted it black. To bad you cant see it.
                      Installed the M3/318 harness cover I got from Blunt Tech.

                      Over all view of the whole bay.

                      Now Im done for the night. Started around 8am and its 2am now. :crazy:


                        Gonna be sawwwweeeeeeet!

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                          Nice - but one suggestion and one questions.

                          That wiring don't look as great as everything else. This may help. It's better looking then split loom IMHO. Not for the average engine bay - but I assume you'll be keeping you's clean. It's called tech-flux braiding. Unlike other sleeving, you don't need to cut any wires.

                          Q: Is there a writeup on removing the ABS? I really think I want to do it.
                          Originally posted by Matt-B
                          hey does anyone know anyone who gets upset and makes electronics?


                            Looks mint as!, Gonne be something I'll have to do when my engines out.

                            Turbo M42 Build thread:


                              damn that shit is sick.

                              really makes me want to clean my engine bay. i love the simplicity of the appearance.

                              In what way does the car feel different without the ABS?