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'88 Henna M3 project

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    '88 Henna M3 project

    Figured I'd start a project thread, since that's exactly what this car is. For the background, you can check out my introduction thread here: Although it got a bit derailed, so I'll repost the basics here.

    1988 BMW M3
    Hennarot with Black buffalo leather
    189,000 miles
    Evo II Airbox
    16" TSW Evo wheels
    Turner/Jim Conforti chip
    New battery

    Get the car road-safe, legal, and drivable. This will be my fair-weather daily driver, NOT a garage queen. Also I'm sticking with the S14, no motor swaps.

    Purchased as a non-running car on October 19th. Car had sat for the better part of 6 years, 5 inside a garage and the last year sitting outside. Pushed it home and worked on getting it started. Injectors were clogged, once those opened up the car fired right up! Over the past few weeks I've been replacing parts, and tons of cleaning.

    The interior is in awesome shape, no rips or tears but a few wear spots on the driver's bolster. Exterior is good as well except for the roof, the paint is cracked really badly which will need to be repainted.

    Former Glory (BMW Concours Circa 2000):

    The day I got it home:

    Update 06/2011: M3 is running great and I drive it almost every day. Took it to the Leavenworth Drive and the E30 Picnic, got a lot of great feedback!

    Major jobs complete:
    -Got engine running
    -Fixed various electrical problems fixed (instruments, lights, locking, etc)
    -Installed H&R Race springs, Bilstien Sport shocks, 16x8 BMW Style 5 wheels
    -Replaced giubo, center support, various suspension and engine bushings
    -e36 timing chain tensioner
    -New brakes, Zimmermann rotors + PBR pads
    -New Thermostat, various engine hoses
    -Refinished valve cover
    -Refreshed front bumper: Fogs, euro tow hook covers, bumper plugs, black bumper trim
    -Refinished Euro grilles
    -Valve adjustment, base idle set, TB synch, throttle linkage lube
    -TMS baffle installed
    -S14 Rod Bearing replacement

    Recent pictures:

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    '89 Schwarz E30 M3 Cabriolet Build

    Yeah, the only thing I woulda said to do was answered in the last pic...16x8 style 5s. Well, I guess your done. Congrats!



      Nice red head, what tires do you plan to use with the style 5's? 225-45-16's are hard to find. I do know that FK452's are still available in this size. You will need a 3mm spacer for the style 5's or remove the anti rattle clips.

      My pads drove me batty I got 3 mm spacers for mine when I was running them.


        Yeah, I hate the limited selection in that size. Since this is going to be a street car and I live in the PNW, I'm going with the BFG KDW2 due to the good wet & dry traction. It's not the sportiest tire but like I said, this is a driver.

        As for spacers, I'm going with 3mm in the front and 5mm in the rear.
        '89 Schwarz E30 M3 Cabriolet Build


          Might look around for some Toyo T1R's, I have gotten good wear out of mine and they do pretty decent.


            Nice car! Great choice on wheels!
            I love Henna!!!
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            1989 325is Henna S50 track car SOLD

            Transaction feedback here please!!


              I just got some BFG KDW2 in 225-45-16 for my later reveal. Its prolly the only tire I would run for performance in mind.



                Nice pick up! Can't wait to see it with the Style 5s. :pimp:
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                  Looks great! I love henna! Tought about painting my M' car this for quiet a while.

                  88' m3
                  91' 318is


                    damn great car! I look forward to seeing the progress!


                      everything about it is awesome. don't change a thing about it.

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                        Attended yesterday's Caffeine & Gasoline at Griot's Garage in Tacoma. Someone snapped a pic, thought I'd share:

                        '89 Schwarz E30 M3 Cabriolet Build


                          Mmmm delicious.

                          maybe powder coat that valve cover or re-paint the letters
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                          Got Drop?? ;-)
                          Originally posted by JinormusJ
                          But of course
                          E30s are know to be notoriously really really really ridiculously good looking


                            Very nice! You're fairly local to myself. I'd love to check it out. Maybe get a ride in an actual S14 car ;) I'll give you one in the S50 heap!

                            To be honest, I've never sat in, been closer than on the highway to an E30 M3. I know, under privlidged.
                            Need a part? PM me.

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                              Looks great. I for one canlt wait to hopefully see this one in person.

                              ck_taft, if the OP doesn't let you fondle his M, when I get home, you can oggle mine ;)

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