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my e30: s50 w/6262 and a/c

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    my e30: s50 w/6262 and a/c

    so this year I started searching for a e30 on March, I wanted one that was in good condition, working a/c, p/s, etc.. back in 2005, my friend had a 318is which He sold it to a customer, it was for sale, but I didn't want a 4 banger, long story short, I got that 318is on 28 of July, it was the perfect candidate for what I wanted to do (m52/s50 swap) to make it a perfect daily driver, since I became father in 16 of July, I would prefer to drive a swapped e30 than a stock e46 :D

    I already got some black kidney grilles before I had an e30, so here is the first picture of my bmw

    This is how I got it.

    e30 s50b30 (from supercharger to turbo)

    The same weekend I got an hid kit, wanted 4300k but got 8000k instead..

    I already had ordered some carbon fiber emblems which I got on the first week of onwing my e30

    Since the car still had the IS lip, I made a custom splitter for it

    a friend was selling his e30 with euro grilles, so we swapped them before selling it

    orderded a carbon fiber license plate cover, but got one for a pre model, so I sold it to my partner which has a e30 m3 and a late model e30 with a 2.7 turbo

    Most of my cars have a black/smoked theme, I love how a car looks that way, so it was time to give it a better look

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      scored a e34 oil pan for about $60 and another friend which has a m50b25 e30 gave me a free intake manifold..

      getting there...

      had my parking light delivered

      bought new fog lights and a 3000k 55w hid kit

      smoked headlights delivered too

      installed them with orange LED city lights..

      love how it turned out!


        time to lower it cutting springs, yes, it's ghetto, but I will buy 325 h&r after the swap is complete, also bilsteins shocks, don't know if HD or Sport because we have a lot of bad roads over here, and I don't care about blowing the stock shocks right now, the car just needed to be lowered, the wheel gap was almost the size of my head..

        got the correct carbon fiber license plate cover delivered..

        visiting a friend with a 4dr 325 and R16 bbs rs wheels..

        license plate cover installed

        which my father's e28, has been in the family for almost 22 years..

        Nokya yellow high beams..

        time for some detailling

        you can still see the difference although it's a cell pic..

        this is before waxing the car...

        waxing it

        almost done!

        deleted the US side markers..

        and ready for a meet

        put some led lights for the rear license plate

        it rained but the next day I still could see the gloss :D

        remember my partner with a e30 m3 (m106 swap in the works) and e30 2.7 turbo, he also has an imola red 36 m3 and a 323 e21 which He sold last friday, so we went for a ride

        another friend, which had two e30 tourings, sold them and got an e34 and e38 M5's

        and anooooother friend (must have a lot of friends here, is a small country after all) bought another 318is..


          It is coming along very nice. In for the swap progress.


            new keychain, need to change it since almost everyone with a 3 series has the same keychain..

            installed a 255lph walbro fuel pump for "future upgrades"

            with my sister's e46

            a friend did some fender rolling on my car for free :)

            made the splitter shorter since it's my daily right now

            both of my cars at my parent's house

            photo taken from my partner's e21, the e30 in the back is a 325i that my friend of the red 318is got, he sold the 318is

            more carbon fiber

            our shop BMV Motorsports

            Installed the cluster overlay

            laminx for my fog lights

            shorty carbon fiber antenna, still need a nice looking antenna base, any ideas?

            carbon fiber license plate frame

            my babies

            time for some wheels, ESM 002r, 16x8 in the front and 16x9 in the back

            couldn't wait to see how it looks

            some e36 needles, maybe i won't use them

            don't like the purple look the laminx give in the day :/

            license plate frame installed


              smoked led side markers

              I want a shorter lip for those long trips, meanwhile I will just remove the IS one when taking long trips, or just use another car.. haha

              don't know where I will go...

              ready to install the sidemarkers

              done! still need to do the wiring, I think the smoked stock ones would look cleaner right?


                little meeting

                time to put some tires on them

                got some 205/45 and 215/45..

                old vs new

                remember murphy's law? :evil:

                give me a place to stand on...

                with his new shoes on..

                new components for the front

                then I bought some BMW Motorsport door handles


                  remember that ugly momo steering wheel? my wife bought a mtech1, put a new lower badge, wrapped it in leather and gave it to me on my birthday..

                  some ramdom pics

                  with my friends 325i, it has h&r springs and trm wheels..

                  my partner found some pics from 2005, when he rebuild the m42..

                  and the last day he owned it

                  back to the present

                  more details



                    in need for some new pads..

                    then I found it!...

                    bidding on it...


                      so I scored it for about $3k

                      new horns

                      installing the component system, Ill get an alpine amp later, im not a car audio guy after all...

                      side pic!

                      looks like she is a car girl after all...

                      lastest random pics

                      merry christmas!

                      and my gifts, e34 throttle, e28 engine mounts and some ///M Puma sneakers


                        That's a really nice color, the car looks great :up:


                          Not a fan of the carbon fiber antennae or plate frame but, I really like the plate filler.


                            I like what you have done


                              Car looks awesome! Love the black theme on the exterior. All red tail-lights would look great imo.

                              1987 325 | @e30_hunter |