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The Resurrection of Heidi

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    The Resurrection of Heidi

    A flashy red Ferrari slips by you in traffic. A classic Mustang growls as it steps off from a stop sign, the power on tap just itching to be used. They are noticed immediately, even everyday observers that couldn't tell a Jetta from an E30 stop and stare, knowing that something special just drove by. But just as quick as they appear, they're gone. Fleeting moments of grace and beauty that can't help but flicker away, burning brighter and faster than the mundane, bland commuters that surround them. And as they move down the road, you move on, going about your day. Soon enough it slips to the back of your mind, only to be recalled in casual dinner conversations with friends as that 'cool car' that you saw the other day. And then you forget about them, simply because there are other things more important.

    But not all fall prey to shopping lists and board meetings. The truly great ones refuse to be pushed aside. They stick with you, reemerging from your subconscious to remind you that they are in fact something special. They are the reason we become fanatics. The reason we need an extra cup of coffee in the morning. Because you just had to read one more review from that one car magazine, which turned into 3, which turned into 2 hours of youtube videos. Errands are put off, whatever it was that you meant to do can just as easily be done the next day. Just to spend a little more time living in that moment.

    Everyone has their list. It could be 2, 5, 10 long, it's no matter. We all have the select few cars that are why are who we are. Why we do what we do. They are the reason the first auto-complete options in your browser are craigslist, Autotrader, and Ebaymotors (in that order). They distract us from the everyday, give us escape to think what if. And just maybe, just maybe, if the cards fall just right, the unfathomable can happen.

    My list wasn't that long to begin with, but it just got shorter.

    Meet Heidi.

    Tinker Engineering - 2014

    Mica - 2000 BMW 323i - The one that started it all
    Fiona - 1975 BMW 2002 - The Definition of Project Creep
    Heidi - 1988 BMW M5 - The piece of BMW history
    Silvia - 2013 Subaru WRX - Stock, for now

    Currently without an e30. Will probably die soon.


      Had to double take when I saw your user name here on R3V.

      Excited to get some more details on the car. Your writing is pretty damn spectacular. What are your plans with it?

      Congrats on picking up one of the few on your list!
      Move with a purpose.
      - 1991 325iX 4dr/5spd
      - 1976 2002 SlickTop/2.7i M20/G260
      - 2000 323i AT
      2016 Mazda CX3 Sport AWD


        OH NO.

        very nice I'm looking forward to a full shoot



          1988 BMW M5. The first thing that really stands out is how little she stands out. When the motorsport division put their mark on the e28 M5, they used a different brush than they had on the M3's of the generation. Gone where the box flares and ground effects that have seen E30 M3's become some of the most sought after cars in the past decade. No, this car was to be subtle. While the M3 was breed for the track, the M5 knew that it was still a road car. For the US-spec models, the large chin and duck fin spoiler the only real giveaways that there was something different about this one. A casual observer wouldn't think anything of it to sit in the passenger seat, it's just a nice sedan with some leather seats and a funny letter here and there. Of course all preconceived ideas are only masking the transplanted heart of a supercar. She doesn't care about being flashy, because she doesn't need to be. Let them have their racing stripes and flares, looking fast doesn't get you to the next apex.

          And while I am quite enjoying this story telling, the truth of the matter is that time takes it's toll. What was once a sleek, little black dress paint job now shows it's share of scuffs, scratches and dings. Rubber seals droop and hang, and rear windows finally loose the fight against gravity they've been waging for decades. The proud badges, one of the only marking that showed her true colors, have faded to pastel.

          Skeletons of past relationships show on the surface. From wiper arms that have migrated to the trunk to an interior that shows every day of it's 25 years, she has a past that she can't manage to hide any longer.

          Every day cancer tried to grab hold, but she is a fighter. And after years of fighting alone, slowly giving up more and more ground to it's relentless appetite, she can rest knowing that it will finally be stopped. Luckily for all of us she held on, kept it at bay. It did it's damage, but nothing deep. Nothing lasting.

          Her heart is weary and tired. What was once a pinnacle of engineering marvel, a symphony of pistons and valves working in unison like nothing else in it's day, now lies waiting to be brought back to life.

          And now she will wait no more. Her time has come.
          Tinker Engineering - 2014

          Mica - 2000 BMW 323i - The one that started it all
          Fiona - 1975 BMW 2002 - The Definition of Project Creep
          Heidi - 1988 BMW M5 - The piece of BMW history
          Silvia - 2013 Subaru WRX - Stock, for now


            I was entertained by your "story". post more :p

            1992 M tech 2 Convertible - S50 Swap
            1992 e34 Touring- S50 Swap
            1992 325i-S50 Swap (SOLD)

            1995 e36 M3 Mugello Red - S50 (SOLD)
            1991 325i Convertible Laguna Green (SOLD)
            1987 325i (SOLD);1992 M tech 2 Convertible (SOLD)
            1988 325i Convertible Alpine White (SOLD)
            Brilliantrot Convertible 80k Miles (SOLD)
            1992 325i Convertible Schwarz (SOLD)
            1992 318i Convertible Project-Finished (SOLD)



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              both these cars are gone :(


                I'm torn as I foresee less traction on the '02.
                Regardless, you have great taste and I can't wait to see progress on any of your projects.


                  Looking forward to see more pics! And stories lol

                  87 BMW 325 is


                    Amazing post, subscribing with the hopes to read more!

                    Congrats on acquiring the car you've been desiring!
                    85 325e m60b44 6 speed / 89 535i
                    e30 restoration and V8 swap
                    24 Hours of Lemons e30 build


                      very well written story, i like the close up teaser shots. good luck with the revival. not that youll need it.

                      i have no idea what i am doing with my life


                        I feel like I just eye fucked that m5. Ever thought about a career in erotic novels?

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                          Wow! this is awesoome!


                            wow, i just been schooled on english 101!! u're poet maaaaan


                              Originally posted by e30_pare View Post
                              i feel like i just eye fucked that m5. Ever thought about a career in erotic novels?