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e30 316 build x2 (m52/m50, turbo, 3pcs bottle caps etc)

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    Originally posted by LowR3V'in View Post
    that's funny that the pwn works like shit. nothing is perfect i guess.
    you should of taken video.
    Well it would work with proper controller in between. For example there is cost effective jaguar unit that would work:

    Check pages 72 and 73. There is wiring diagram for that and what kind of signal it expects "FUEL PUMP MODULE CONTROL: PWM, 150 Hz, NORMAL POSITIVE DUTY CYCLE RANGE = 4% – 51%"

    But continuing the build. I stole e36 drive flanges on my other project to get the SKF driveshafts in and bolt on the swing arms:

    The GAZ shocks didn't help on the tire hop issue as much I would have hoped, so I did change those back to BC shocks. Mainly because those are too long for BC springs and those can fall out.

    Adapter for e36 rear brakes:

    Comparing to Z3 carrier:


    Front brakes got redstuff pads too:

    e90 booster fork for brake pedal is too wide for e30 and the pedal was way lower than clutch pedal. So I made threads for the e30 fork and got the brake pedal at level with clutch pedal:

    Installed bolt-on.

    Or not... The e36 ABS unit was seriously interfering with that so I needed to redo the bracket for that couple of times, before both could sit there in harmony. And that's what I got time to do this time.

    I wanted to get car rolling, so I dug up these old TSW EVO wheels because the bottlecaps are still unfinished:

    Even thought those are 15" the front brakes clear by a mile:

    Rear camber at zero


      Again weekend worked on this. And there was supposed to be "only few things that need to be finished". The wheels were first. First time that I built those, I didn't paint the inner barrels on the inside. And that was mistake, because the moisture in compressed air corroded those pretty badly and those started leaking everywhere. So I needed to remove the corrosion from inner barrels and some in the centers.

      After that the centers got painted:

      Also the barrels:

      Assembled again:

      Timelapse of that:

      Time to put the car on lift and finish up the brakes:

      Bit short on space, but I managed to squeeze everything here.:

      Had problems getting the car running, but eventually it was just loose map hose because of the brake work. So now it runs:

      Out from garage and going for test drive:

      Brakes felt really good. Nice and firm feel and maybe only fifth of the force is required compared to previous setup. Still really easy to modulate braking force. But it was really late, so I had no time to wire in the ABS system so it's now without it. Next day it was over 100km trip to work site and it made it:

      Only problem is that the LSD is making horrible noises when maneuvering at parking lot. Maybe something wrong with the 4 disc lsd. I need to take that apart. No noises when driving straight so that side is ok.


        Diff groaning at low speed? Add friction modifier


          Originally posted by pandaboo911 View Post
          Diff groaning at low speed? Add friction modifier
          No just the lsd unit is crunching when turning. Not the diff itself. And BTW friction modifier is wrong way to fix broken diff that makes noises...


            Depending on what clutches they may just make noise, for example E9x M3 diffs make that groaning on hard turns, BMW did a post production service note to put some additive in that makes it quiet.
            My 4.1 medium does the same thing.

            (clicky on piccy to get to thread)


              Well I still don't think it should sound like something tries to come through the cars floor. But yeah one of the benefits of having no spare wheel well is that I can do this:

              15 minutes and LSD was out. Luckily nothing was broken, but on the other hand, I didn't see anything wrong in the LSD.

              One thing I didn't do was to check the preload, because I assumed that the 4 clutch lsd kit is bolt-on. So opened the trusty diff rebuilt document:

              Lets measure:

              The measurements were:

              B: 17mm
              C: 5mm
              A: 21.8mm

              So the whole set was 0.2mm too thick to even fit there, when it should have 0.1-0.4mm clearance. Well I need to machine down the cap to get that in spec. Correct amount would be 0.3 - 0.6mm but I said to my machinist to take down about 1mm to reduce preload little bit.


                My friend took that 1mm off the LSD cap:

                And now it works great! Totally silent but lot of locking when needed.


        're an awesome person!
                  1990 325is
                  g260 (1987 325is 5spd tranny)


                    Continuing the story. I took the car to have wheel alingment and here's the result:
                    Click image for larger version

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                    So one degree of rear camber which is even degree less than the factory spec is for e30 :D

                    Well few weeks of traveling for work after that and I just got time to wash and wax the car before bimmerparty:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20190627_215035.jpg?img=medium.jpg
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                    There was also rumors that the track will be glued so I packed old AVON slicks with me (which aren't actually drag slicks but still)
                    Click image for larger version

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                      Wow this new forum version sucks...

                      Well continuing the story. Arrived at the bimmerparty and first it was time for the 700m ish speedrun. This year I got result of 234km/h which was way faster than 225km/h from last year. I also took part in AutoSlalom (AutoX) and got couple of seconds faster time. And lastly it was time for everyguys burnout competition:

                      Then next day it was time for 1/4 mile drag race:

                      At first run I got 12.4s because the something wasn't correct in the tune. And next run was even worse 12.7 seconds. But Finally on third run I got to elevens finally:

                      So I did meet my goal for the summer.


                        Then Petri's e30. We did got CrMo axles for it:

                        Which Petri installed:

                        Petri also managed to melt the clutch disks in the stock LSD (video):

                        He told me that the car was really dangerous to drive with that :D So day before bimmerparty I went to our garage to build new diff:

                        Recipe was e34 typ188 diff casing that we had prepared earlier. e36 328 2.93 ratio, e30 325e LSD unit. Racing diffs 4-clutch conversion set. e28 bigger drive flanges, e39 525D big input flange and all new bearings and seals.

                        Again this racing diffs 4-clutch conversion set required some modification to fit.

                        Little bit shimming to get correct preload for side bearings and more shimming to get correct bakclash:

                        But the tooth contact was still miles of. It did require three tries to get that correct.

                        And after that we could finalize the diff assembly and mount the diff with new axles:
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                          Next morning it was then time to head towards bimmerparty with proper dragweek look:

                          No problems during the trip but slight oil drip from diff cover (I did mes up the sealant). Then first was the 700m speedrun:

                          Resulting 247km/h.

                          Petri didn't take part in Autoslalom but did some burnouts:

                          But it was quite short burnout because engine was losing power after launch control. But fortunately it turned out to be our old tune for drag racing that did drop out power after launch to keep traction.

                          But well. Next day it was time for 1/4 mile drag racing. Goal was to run tens.

                          First try was launch at 4000rpm without boost. Time was 11.4(video).

                          There was so much traction that we raised the launch to 4500 with 0,5bbar of boost and tried again:

                          Resulting: 11.7s. Petri said that the ZF had totally lost fourth gear. Luckily there was time for third run which resulted 11.369 and 214.79km/h. Well still long way to running tens.

                          Here is video of our bimmerparty trip:


                            Originally posted by pazi88 View Post
                            Wow this new forum version sucks...


                              ok continuing. After bimmerparty I took the car to dyno to see if it's still healthly and if my tuning efforts have made the torque and hp curves smoother:

                              And yes it is. The hp number is bit high. Maybe because slight mismatch on the RPM axis. But yeah it's healthy and curve shapes are finally what I wanted.

                              After that it was time to head to the track. I lowered the RPM limiter from 7500 ish to 6900 and raised boost around the 4500-5500 area for easier skids. Here's video of that:

                              But well the engine didn't like continuously flooring the throttle for many laps and started raising oil temps. First I wondered that maybe it's just oil cooler issue, but the engine started breathing badly and puking out oil. So I knew I had blowby issue.

                              I did stop there and headed back home. On the way back the engine started smoking really badly.

                              So it was time to haul the car back to garage and end the summer season early:


                                But well on the other hand Petri's e30 did finally run tens at the drag strip:
                                Click image for larger version

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                                Click image for larger version

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                                Video about that:

                                Seems like youtube wants to demonetize that video. Maybe e30 running tens is too much for it :D