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Labor of love from Australia - Malachtgrun convertible running restoration

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    Beautiful car!


      Very nice! Welcome to the vert club


        With a few hours here and there over summer vacation, I've been able to start the cosmetic stuff and fixing small things that bring a smile to your face...
        - Replaced the broken RHD heater control panel
        - New backlight bulbs & cleaned the fibre optics for the heater sliders
        - New A/C switch that finally stays on
        - Cleaned all the trim panels, radio and replaced bulbs in switches

        Now all the controls work and I can see them at night!

        Getting the basics working makes you appreciate them more
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        E30 320i vert
        But daily drive is Volvo V60 Polestar


          Also gave the RH rocker panel a repaint.
          Most of the rocker schutz textured coating was in good shape - but 30+ years of road debris had taken it's toll on the paint.

          Removed & repainted the rear subframe anchor plates for a good finish.

          Scuffed, masked & wipe down with wax & grease remover...

          Mask, mask & mask...

          Preview with the subframe anchor plate installed...

          E30 320i vert
          But daily drive is Volvo V60 Polestar


            Reason for taking no chances with the masking...

            I have partly finished the paint correction (only the bonnet & RH side done).
            The car has been repainted on a few occasions so the paint is in reasonable condition.
            But was full of marring, scratches and day-to-day wear & tear that made it look worse than what it was.

            After a good wash and:
            1. Claybar plus IronX paint decontamination
            2. Rotary polish (Menzerna IP3000 & orange pad)
            3. Dual action orbital polish (Menzerna SF4000 & black pad)
            4. Oil & residue wipedown
            5. Ceramic coating (CarPro CQuartz UK)

            It came up a treat!
            Really happy with the results - plus it will have low maintenance & durability for those Friday & weekend drives.

            I didn't want the rocker panels to be the standout feature - so the SEM Trim Black blends-in fine.
            Now the front is done... Need to tidy-up the rear the bumper and LH side.
            E30 320i vert
            But daily drive is Volvo V60 Polestar


              You did a great job.