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1990 325is oem+ project

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    today i spend time in the engine bay. it was very dirty..

    i replace my valve cover gasket and the 4 little rubber sceal.

    the result is not crazy but it way more clean thant it was.

    since i planned on remove the engine next winter ( paint the engine bay and turbo setup ) i decide to only do a cleanup for this year.

    facebook remind me today my last e30.(325ix 1991)(it was my winter beater ) back in 2013. it was that car who bring me into the e30 and since i sold it ( in 2013 too) i miss it !
    i'm glad i'm back into the comunity !

    it was very clean ( brand new paint ) love the red color !


      Wow love that IX, pretty damn nice for a "winter beater"

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        Originally posted by Iloveboost View Post
        Amazing work my man! Did you remove the intake manifold to paint it? What paint did you use for the valve cover [and if you painted the intake manifold]?
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          Subscribed. How have I missed this thread. Great job OP. Keep up the good work.
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          Could be better, could be worse.


            That engine bay looks great! I'm also curious what paints you used?

            If you don't have it already you should get the 3 piece hood insulation. The one piece always droops and rubs a bright spot onto the intake. wouldn't want to wreck that paint :)

            And seriously that iX is beautiful! I don't think you're allowed to call it a beater, way too nice.
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              Thanks everybody !
              im pleased that you appreciate my work !

              for the valve cover I use VHT wrinkle black paint. For those who don’t know , it’s a little tricky paint but anybody can have the same result than mine .

              for the intake ... nothing special here . Since i just wanted to make the engine bay clean looking . I do not remove it .
              i have remove the intake box, IAC, rubber tube , than put aluminium paper all around the intake and directly spray it .
              I have use normal silver spray can paint .

              little trick here , aluminum paper is great to mask thing where there are plenty of complicated thing like the engine bay .
              instead of masking tape , the aluminium paper can ben remove in second ! when you tape every hose and wire one by one it a real pita to remove the tape ..!

              For my past IX , it was very clean on The exterior but less clean underneath. Water came Inside by one of many hole the floor has.... engine was little rough too .. I sell it because of that ..

              my 325is now was way cleaner than my past ix and now , my IS are very clean no rust no hole :)


                i been busy in the past few days. but work is going good on the e30!
                i made some final thing before get the car back on wheel.

                - adjust the diff oil
                -engine oil change
                -oil brake flush + bleeding
                -put the wheel on
                -test drive it !

                it is so good to see the car back on the ground, and drive it ( only 1 KM ) but it was a blast haha !!

                i put back the car in the garage, wash it ouside and under the car ( dont want my brand new suspention/direction coponent to get dirty haha)

                jack up the rear and prep it for the paint

                sand the primer and shoot the gravel guard for an OEm look

                i will paint it thsi week.

                i have on the mail :

                new gront grill
                new depot smiley headlight
                new oem IS side skirt

                i cant wait to receive/paint/install my side skirt.!! it fit so well the car and make the look of the car more ''complete''


                  What product did you use for the gravel guard? I hope it's just a rattle can as I'm trying to choose something from Canadian Tire. The look you achieved is great


                    Awesome work.

                    I love your CAD work on the rust repairs.
                    (Cardboard Aided Design) :)
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                      Thanks !

                      cardboard is the best/economical to make te place for steel plate !

                      For the gravel guard , it’s spray can one .
                      i use « proform » branded spray can .
                      you can surely find it to your local part store .
                      make sure to buy « paintable » one !


                        little update for the e30 !

                        i have paint the rear valence and put back on the car the rear bumper, pluggin the tailight and position marker.

                        remember that rear section ?? haha

                        paint match is not 100% and the result is not perfect to , but there is no more rust and it look pretty clean nonetheless |!

                        i have put new head unit. since i dont want to mess with the oem premium sound system wiring, i pass all 4 speaker/tweeter new wire.
                        also install new front speaker 6.5'' infinity. ( not very happy with the result. i should have buy 5.25 instead of the 6.5 ) ( instalation was PITA.) in the future i will change them and buy new kickpanel to go back with oem look...

                        today i receive something i wanted for a long time.
                        OEM IS sideskirt

                        i have pre-install them .
                        and paint it

                        i have also receive my new front grill.

                        but i was not sure about the black grill. so i want to try somthing .

                        color match grill bezel?!
                        i give it a try !

                        cant wait to but back on the car the sideskirt !!!


                          maybe the speakers you have to adjust the settings.


                            The amount of progress you make in between updates makes me feel bad about myself.
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                              Thanks !
                              In the winter i have plenful of Time .
                              most of it i spend it on the ´30 !

                              that why it seem to go relatively fast with the build...
                              when the spring will kick in ... I will not have much time to work on it so I give a go on the last stretch !


                                Would you mind sharing which products you used for adhesion promoter and dye for the steering wheel?
                                Mine looks like your "before" picture!

                                Your rust repair looks amazing! You give me motivation for my rusty jack points/trunk pockets
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