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1990 325is oem+ Now turbo (Video)

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    1990 325is oem+ Now turbo (Video)

    Hi everyone!

    Let me introduce myself . I'm mat , from quebec canada. So i am french. My english is very good when it's time to reading , but for writing.. that another story..
    Anyway , i will do my best to share with you my build and my passion !

    THE CAR :
    1990 bmw 325 IS coupe.
    car have 274000 KM and run solid ! Engine still pull hard to the limiter with no major issue.
    it have been full resprayed last year with oem color.

    I bought the car about 2 month ago. I have inspect it a lot before buy it and everything look good to me, so i bough it !

    i have done some work on it without taking picture .( at the time i didnt know i will go big time with the project) like:
    -coilspring drop
    -mega inside cleanup
    -replace the center support bearing
    -die the interior in black( rear speaker deck, roof lining, c-pillar, floor carpet and 4 door card ( interior was 2 tone , Tan and Black )

    while removing the floor carpet, i further look the floor for rust and hole ... unfortunately, i have found many little hole and 2 major.

    it will not be a show car, nor a race car. i want it clean and subtle.
    i will repair any rust hole on the floor and anywhere i find rust i will remove it ( the body is 100% rust free since last respray)
    complete suspention overhaul
    lot of undercar coponent overhaul ( replace or repaint)
    another respray ,changing the color for one i love ( i have been car painter for almost 10 year , paint is no big deal for me !! )
    replace wheel and tire
    engine swap, ( not this year )

    ok now , i will take lots of picture and post it here as long as i work on the car.

    here is the car when i bought it

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    Lovely car and very nice house... like the use of materials.


      i give the car 7.5/10 for overall condition despite the year !
      don't be fooled by the apperance.. it look clean , real clean but underneath ... i will show you later.

      I have replace all the shifter bushing ( was very thorn) and i put an Z3 1.9 shifter.
      replace the selector rod by a DSSR too
      while i was there , i have also replace CSB

      i bought spare key on the interweb and make a double ( i only have one )

      the steering showed little imperfection , wear and tare. i remove it, sand it with very fine sandpaper et Dye it black
      (the picture show the result after Dye)

      I remove the cluster to install ring bezels and put the white needle in red
      the bezel i receive was sliver , so i paint it satin black .i also paint the background cluster to match the ring cluster.

      this is it for today .
      i am in the process of floor repair . i will update later !

      i would like to have any comment, positive, negative, constructive, tips , anything that could help me or just to talk about.thanks!


        here is a preview of my floor rebuilt.
        first look of the floor :

        not to bad at first sight. but when i have sanded it and sandblast it, little hole start to appear and then bigger hole .
        the overall floor is in good shape and solid, so i only cut the rusty part .
        i was very surprise to find rust like this because from underneath, i have never suspected to have such rust like this.. the oem gravel guard hide it all.... i swear , i really inspect it.
        the only hole ikew about was the passenger side kickpanel big hole.

        the passenger one was really bad , i have 2-3 steel pieces to remake that single corner..
        that was really PITA... more to come in the next day!


          Very curious to see the rust repairs, always satisfying seeing it piece together. Also, the repair on the steering wheel looks quite impressive, have you got any more information on that, before/after pictures etc?


            Jsta1109, the wear on the steering wheel was minor.. i just want it clean looking . i have sand it with 2000 grit sand paper , apply adhesion promoter and then apply spray Dye . i dont know how well it will last but i have use many time before that kind of spray dye and it hold strong.
            here is the picture before :

            the after picture i only have the one posted before.

            here is a comparision of before and after my interior.

            i really love the result of black interior!


              Nice e30! The interior looks great. I really like the instrument cluster. Looks like 911 gauges from the 80s. I may have to tackle that one day.


                What red paint did you use for the needles? The car is looking great!

                Also, I am in for more photos of your home- I really like the style.
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                  Great looking car and good work..... Look forward to more upgrades


                    great work and a terrific looking car. SUB'D
                    I BUY/SELL REFURBISHED CM5907s & CM5908s

                    DB vert plastic bumpers
                    OEM Keys
                    MTech1 docs

                    88 ix Lach/Card
                    91 ic Calypso 3.1
                    86 Cosmo 2.7

                    OEM+ or bust!

                    reelizmpro: I will always be an e30 guy.. I still do all of my own labor
                    TrentW: There's just something so right about a well-built M20 in an E30
                    e30m3s54turbo: I save my money for tuner parts.


                      today i spent couple hours on the floor. driver side is welded . i have to make some template before cut them into my steel sheet.
                      i have use 1/16 thick steel that is much thicket than oem floor ! should last another 30 year easily haha !
                      i am sure not a professional welder.. but i can make some steel work and weld it...
                      i had to make the ''jack square pad'' as well too..

                      it will be fairly the same operation in the passenger side. i will update when it will be done !

                      i will also upload some picture of my house like somes want to see it.. i didin't see this coming at all !.

                      the paint i use for the red needle on the cluster is not paint at all! I simply use permanant red sharpie pensil . done 2 coat of it and it came real good !


                        Today was an productive day ! kids was to kindergarden, wife at work, and i got all day to work on the car.
                        i have finished all the welding relative to the floor. then grinded all the weld to make it smooth.
                        After sandblasting the weld, sanded the floor entirely, i have put epoxy primer inside and outside.

                        the rear floor dosent need any attention. it is in pretty good shape!

                        The epoxy primer didn't take long to dry so i was able to do the next step. Apply 2 coat of POR15 paint.
                        That damn POR15 take forever to dry. so that was it for today for the floor.

                        while the paint dry, i was thouroughly the floor carpet and suspend it to let it dry before Dye it

                        I got enough time to give some love to the seat rails.. they were not in good shape...
                        i remove them from the seat and realise they are on their last miles. i give them another chance but i know i will need to replace them sooner or later

                        got some new bolt for the rails

                        this is it for today. progress is good. !

                        here is few pictures of my home as requested.

                        tomorrow i will work on the car again for a couple hours , i probably have more update !


                          Beautiful home


                            Hey i got some time lately to work on the car.
                            i have done :
                            seam sealer on the floor inside and outside
                            gravel guard all the floor inside and outside , not pictured..
                            Dye the floor carpet , not pictured

                            repair an other hole i found under the fender liner..for that hole welding was to risky as plenty of wire and foam are in the otherside. to dangerous for fire or messed-up with electricity.
                            so i decide to :
                            remove oem gravel guard
                            sandblast the area
                            make steel piece
                            glue the steel pieces with structural autobody glue
                            epoxy it
                            seam sealer
                            gravel guard .
                            now it is good as new !

                            friday i receive my first order by the mail !

                            next step is to remove the subframe and all the rear mecanical coponent.
                            i will refresh all the mecanic parts and also repaint ( remove rust, repair, primer and paint ) all of what is underneat the rear of the car..

                            thanks for watching !


                              Subframe out !!

                              it give me a litlle hard time .. but with elbow grease, bad word and a lot of loose nut, i finally took it off.

                              as you can see, a little refresh will be not luxury.. look a the trailing arm bushing.. completely craked!...
                              everything will be replace or repaint.
                              item i will replace for sure ( both side ) ( may be some thing will add while working on it )
                              -trailing arm bushing
                              -subframe bushing
                              -wheel bearing
                              -link kit
                              -sway bar bushing
                              -axle boot
                              -all the brake coponent include all the emergency brake systeme
                              -diff fluid
                              -rubber brake line for stainless steel
                              -hard brake line

                              -everything else will be sandblast , prime and paint
                              the is a lot of work ahead for me !

                              any tips or advice is welcome