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Official Sportbike/Crotchrocket Thread

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    Official Sportbike/Crotchrocket Thread

    I'd like this thread to be dedicated to discussing the reliability, comfort, styling, pics, etc.... of sportbikes such as Suzuki GSXR's, Honda CBR's, Kawasaki Ninja's, Ducati's, guys get the point. I'm trying to register for the PA motorcycle class soon and I plan on purchasing one of the 600's eventually.

    SOLD: My feature

    Next bike will be one of these:




    Got this for a price I couldn't say no to:


      had a 01 Ducati 900ss till it was stoles, and a couple 900cc rice rockets. Got my eyes set on a speed triple, agusta brutale or a ducati streetfighter.


        When you just start riding - 600 is a nice bike, although it's pretty fast for the beginner, I never liked them because they have no torgue down low, they are great for the race track but not in the city. IMHO the best beginner bike is a monster 600, from all the bikes that I've ever rode - it's the most comfortable all around beginner bike that has looks and some grunt but is not deadly fast.

        this was my brand new R6 50TH Anniversary edition back in 07

        great bike when you get it up to 10k RPMs

        my true dedicated race bike- ZX7RR bored to 820cc with million of mods

        my ex Ducati 748


        my current toy MV Agusta F4


          Request for Triumph Daytona 675.
          1985 M10b18. 70maybewhpoffury. Over engineered S50b30 murica BBQ swap in progress.

          Originally posted by DEV0 E30
          You'd chugg this butt. I know you would. Ain't gotta' lie to kick it brostantinople.


            this thread is fuckin up my plans




                My SV650 was a great starter bike in the 600cc range.

                I liked that it was a v-twin and had nice torque to help you learn how to ride and balance the bike without working hard to get it moving. You could be ham-fisted and still pull away from a stoplight without fanfare.

                Replacement is undecided at this time. 848 is top on the list next to the D675.
                I want the v-twin feel again.
                Below the radar...


                  Okay well I don't have it anymore but I guess I'll post my last project.

                  02 CA YZF R6, with 49 state conversion
                  49 state, cams, cam gears, ecu, Ivans 49 state jet kit (last of the carb model R6's)
                  03 R6 headers (all state)
                  Termignoni MotoGP exhaust
                  Dyno tuned by BRG performance in Concord, CA for Supsersport specs.
                  Woodcraft, clipons under the tree, case covers, rearsets and solid pegs
                  MotoGP shift linkage with R1 shift boot
                  Brembo full floating roaters EBC HH pads, Galfer braided lines, blue banjos
                  Rebuilt forks by Aftershocks in Palo Alto, CA with racetech internals, new springs and custom valves, setup for a 215lb rider (yeah Im a big boi)
                  Ohlins piston damper with spint top mount
                  Penske two-way adjustable rear shock with new 185lb spring (a bit light for me but it was cheap)
                  Dunlop D208 (70 series front)
                  Custom Polished and powedercoated rims. Poished by me by hand and powerder coated at Westcoast Powder coat in Concord, CA
                  DID ERV3 Chain
                  15/51 520 AFAM Sprockets
                  Full MotoGP replica, 06 Rossi Camel sponsership
                  - Corvette Yellow with a White pearl three stage paint
                  - Yamaha Blue 06
                  - Solo seat cowel
                  - Carbon fiber front wheel hugger

                  Link to the build log here:

                  Now on to the Proof of said activites...

                  One shitty baseline... and a nice after mark! Sorry I dont have the image of the acutal final numbers though, I wanna say it came out to 102? it was way less then what I had expected though, still 29hp gain isnt bad I would say!

                  Thats all I have of the bike sadly. I got it all back together and then got a little thing in the mail and found out that property taxes on my new house were due. House or bike? House or bike?
                  I think some guy in SF has it now. I miss my bike... BAD.

                  DAMN ARM MORTGAGES!!!


                    Originally posted by vlad View Post
                    this was my brand new R6 50TH Anniversary edition back in 07

                    I absolutely LOVE that bike. Probably more then my wife and kids. Honestly I don't think yamaha EVER built a better bike. EVAR!
                    I would let you shag me senseless for that thing. LOVE!

                    Only thing closer to my love for that is this:

                    Or the new type:

                    DAMN TUNING FORKS!!!


                      I have a Honda CB-1. Little 400cc beginner bike. Tons of fun, though. A Street Triple or Speed Triple is next in line.
                      '89 325i track sloot
                      '01 530i daily



                        Originally posted by ikkitousen View Post
                        Only thing closer to my love for that is this:
                        Pretty sure that is one of the most hideous fucking chuds of a Ducati I have ever seen.

                        The new 1098 Streetfighter looks pretty mean, albeit its release is about 10 years late. I still say the Speed Triple will always take the cake for naked bikes.


                          i've had a bunch

                          95 Triumph Daytona 900
                          97 Triumph T595
                          00 Honda 929RR
                          01 Ducati 996
                          02 Ducati 900SS

                          03 Kawasaki 636 track bike

                          current bike is an 07 Suzuki GSXR 750 that is track only
                          has a couple of mods like a full Akrapovic exhaust, power commander, Galfer Superbike brake lines and sintered pads, Pazzo levers
                          ex-Chief Operating Officer
                          Blunt Tech Industries
                          West Coast and Pacific Rim


                            If I could ever have the money and still find one I would love an 03 gsxr 750 thats my favorite body style, everything just has to many hard angles these days.


                              94 ninja 600

                              99 r6 trackbike (can't find pics)

                              01 r6 streetbike (though this is a track pic from Cayuga)

                              and my last sportbike, 06 636

                              which I sold in october. Just have a 75 cb550 right now, maybe I'll get another trackbike some day but not interested right now. Still have all my gear for when I do though
                              Originally posted by blunt
                              can you get me a deal on cases of their (fiji) bottled water? i wash my 02 in that shit