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Needing E30 track seat, maybe cage advice

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    Needing E30 track seat, maybe cage advice

    Hi folks, I'm needing some help understanding all the options for seats for my E30.
    I realize there are lots of threads on seats. I've read a lot of them, but still seeking advice.

    Here's a few notes
    - I have an E30 that is 80% for track use.
    - I'm the main driver, but my wife needs to be able to drive it too for occasional trips to the store when the other car is in use.
    - Would like the ability to use a HANS device when tracking it. (that means 5point harness right?)
    - I don't mind adding an internal roll cage if I have to, but would prefer not if I can get around it.

    Few questions.
    - Does someone make a sliding (adjustable) seat that might work?
    - Is there a 5+point harness system that doesn't require a roll cage?

    Thanks for the help. I'm trying to find the path of least resistance to fixing this up to be useable again.

    Also, if this is posted in the wrong place please let me know where it should be. I'm not on the forums much, but want to play nice. =)
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    I think the Hans device just needs a 5+ point harness and a compatible helmet.

    Pretty much any aftermarket seat can work with sliders, OMP, Sparco, and I'm sure others make sliders.
    If it's a side mounted seat, it will need brackets:
    If you want a bolt-on solution, you may need adapters to mount the sliders to the car, like:

    Another option is to reuse your stock sliders with something like this:

    Sorry for them all being garagasitic links. Plenty of others make this stuff too.

    For the harnesses, cheapest (also sketchiest) option would be a harness bar if you can find one. Basically uses the stock shoulder belt mount to attach a bar. Sparco used to make them but I haven't seen any for sale in a long time.

    Better option would be a bolt in rollbar, especially with the seat/hans.
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    My girl don't know shit, but she bakes a mean cupcake.
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    Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30


      Hey Northern,
      Thanks for the reply! I didn't realize a lot of things I guess. Go figure.
      It would be great if I could find a single vendor for most of it. do you think Garagistic would be a good option for that? I know I can search 2nd hand too, but that might be harder.


        I like that Garagistic caters to the E30 community so they really don't deserve me saying this, but their focus seems to be volume and they seem to have QC issues with some items (Their treehouse style CABs are an example of this)
        Their shipping times can also be on the brutal side, and I think that is because they tend to sell stuff in batches and will oversell the QTY (I tacked some m3 style sway bar tabs onto a friend's order for a strut bar. He basically received an email saying the strut bars were back in stock, went to order, and then they didn't ship it for something like 3 months.
        That was last year during COVID, so take it with a grain of salt.

        Give the stuff a cursory google for any issues with QC, and potentially try to email/call them to order to try to get an ETA.

        Generally they seem to be a good company with good ideas.
        Originally posted by priapism
        My girl don't know shit, but she bakes a mean cupcake.
        Originally posted by shameson
        Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30


          Seats start with you, Budget and size. Racetech sells a lot of options.

          If you're tall, it'll probably best to loose the sliders for the height. Vac sell seat adapters. Recaro has double locking sliders. A guy on the board also makes a slick slider system.

          You need a Roll bar for a 5/6 point and halo. "Need" I wouldn't make take the risk... Scroth is a great brand of harness, read how they should be installed and it will make more sense.

          Remember, these are proper safety items and not brohard items for street racing / Car shows..

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            OG Racing can probably get you everything except the roll bar itself. I think they also had some setup info on harnesses at some point.

            Remember, a safe seat for track use isn't likely to be convenient for daily use, and a roll bar will compromise the utility of your back seat area, at least behind any seat with a harness. Keep in mind, harnesses are not usually DOT legal, and three point belts don't work well with most competition seats, so you can have legal/safety issues if you aren't careful.


              ​​​​- Is there a 5+point harness system that doesn't require a roll cage?
              A harness bar, but track event organizers may not allow it through tech.

              There is a forum member here that tracks an 87 325is w/ a 4 point bolt in roll bar as well as a 5 point harness. He has stock sport seats that have been made to work with the harness, also retained the stock belts. He daily's it M-F, then bolts in the bar for the track w/ the harness.

              I also paid Autopower for a 4pt roll bar and (2) harnesses $700/$150. Fixed back Pyrotect race seat $350 from the Lemons site, no slider. This car does not see the street.
              The Z tech 2a hans device $300 tethers to the helmet $280 and the harness rides over both shoulders on the unit I purchased.
              Get seat time, it could be argued that you should obtain the safety gear when you get sticky tires.
              Are you an electrician?


                You might also consider a simpson hybrid HANS device.


                Its less comfortable than a standard HANS because it straps to your body, but it doesnt require a harness - IE its compatible with standard belts. Plenty of instructors prefer these because they can wear them in students cars which may not be setup for harnesses.