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    Building a track

    Hello all! I've been perusing this site for some time and just havent taken time to post much. I own a 91 318is, an 03 ZHP, a 97 540i, and a 94 525i. don't be impressed, the ZHP is the only one is good condition right now.

    Anyhow, I may be procuring 12.6 acres of land soon, and in the future would like to develop a small racetrack, say autocross sized track. Looking to a community of fellow BMW enthusiasts for opinions on track design and possible input on cost of paving.

    Property is relatively flat, a small hill on one side may be good to incorporate into track design, possible crest to right turn. The north/south side of property is 490' the east/west side is 1250'. The southern edge of property has a section missing that is residential. I want the track to occupy about 7-8 acres.

    Rather than a parking lot design I'd like to do something more like the small track layout of tire rack, without directly copying it, or doing something similar to the small tracks at road atlanta(skip barber skills track) or road america.

    I'd suggest contacting local racing groups such as SCCA and NASA in your area. They are sure to have people that could help, and you are giving them a reason to help... your land.


      Originally posted by FknBMW View Post
      The southern edge of property has a section missing that is residential.
      Does this mean the property is right up against a residential area or development? If so, I think you should reconsider putting a track there. I understand the desire for your own personal race track, but I'd be pretty pissed if one of my neighbors decided to build a race track and I had to listens to engines revving and tires screeching all the time. I'm not sure if you could even get permission to build that being so close to a residential area.

      I think it would make a lot more sense to just join the local autocross group. Less cost and maintenance, less chance of pissing someone off.
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        I'm a member of the local autocross club already. There are three houses there, but all zoned commercial. The majority of adjoining property is commercial. I'm trying to get into my photobook account (haven't used it in a long time)

        I've just started a performance automotive business, and a small test track would be a huge asset. Obviously this is something that will have to get approval from my township and go through a lot of steps, I'm not just calling a paving company and having it put in.



          well this doesn't work.

          I guess a URL is the best I can do right now.
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            Personally, I'd start by seeing if I could insure it....

            ....because the current mentality if someone stubs a toe is "who do I sue?"

            Wish I wasn't serious...

            now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves


              Have you checked local ordinances?

              Also, zoning and noise regulation.

              As well, EPA restrictions and regulations in the area.

              This has been done and tried (and failed) before. Even if you think you are in the middle of nowhere, the sound carries quite a bit, and all it takes is one complaint to become a thorn in your side.

              As Toby said, insurance is another thing, especially if you are thinking of opening it up to private events.

              Do your due diligence before you even dream of planning a track layout.


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                Regarding track layout, my advise would be to buy a side by side and drive your layout before you move any dirt and order pavement.

                12 acres may also starts to feel small pretty quickly when you are in a car traveling at speed. I own 70 acres and have roads cut on mine that I could drive my cars on (stage rally cars), but it's not as entertaining as you may think. It's also somewhat boring to do by yourself.

                Not trying to be a downer, but have real life experience it what you are talking about. It's also worth noting that building roads are expensive (subjective), but still cost a lot.


                  ^^ I used to have fun on just a couple of acres, granted it was cut out for practicing rally. Luckily never had complaints about noise, but it was mostly just me, not events. I didn't realize many of the laws posted here. Im interested how it turns out!


                    I understand there's a lot of hurdles to consider. If this ever comes to be it's years away, the residences near by may be gone or vacant due to zoning. I wasn't so much concerned with plausibility as I was with track design, trying to have some fun with the concept and just enjoy being excited about it.

                    12 acres is plenty of space to have fun on, the tire rack test track occupies about 7.4 acres and has tons of possibilities for cone setup and autoX. I'm not trying to rally here, that would be understandably dull.


                      Tsukuba circuit takes up only ~3 acres, and that's a pretty good small track setup.


                        Have you priced a quality grading / paving / sitework job? Beyond the permitting / zoning issues, it's not cheap to build a track.
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                          Originally posted by nrubenstein View Post
                          Have you priced a quality grading / paving / sitework job? Beyond the permitting / zoning issues, it's not cheap to build a track.
                          I haven't even thought about calling someone yet, this project would be years down the road, there's a lot of ducks to put in a row first. Mostly just hyped about the concept, as I'm hyped about my business coming together.


                            I'm in MI and will come drive on your track. I also have several shovels in varying shapes and sizes.
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                              Just wait until you see what the construction costs will be....Sweet Baby Jesus is it expensive to put down something that won't chunk up with what you are going to be doing with it.

                              Also, draw plans for what will be approved, then modify it once it is established. Amazing what the laws are about building things, but demo and remodel, not so much.