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    Originally posted by Jean View Post
    Damnit Lee, this is porn !!!

    Sigh, still waiting for 15x9 jongbloed wheels info (cad drawings ) to become available before ordering one of your sport kits . Money set aside specifically for the kit :)
    "February " apparently now...
    We're in deep now boys
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      Originally posted by Massive Lee View Post
      You have been misinformed. Rotors are available from Wilwood, Coleman, Hawk and AP Racing ;-)

      Back in the days, I did produce a few rotors that were better than the competition. But as shipping them was too problematic, I stopped.
      Thanks so much for clarifying. I can't remember why I thought that or where I thought I had come across that info. I will very likely be ordering from you once I decide exactly what I want.


        Originally posted by haaken675 View Post
        Thanks so much for clarifying. I can't remember why I thought that or where I thought I had come across that info. I will very likely be ordering from you once I decide exactly what I want.
        PM replied by email


        Brake harder. Go faster. No shit.


          My Massive setup

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            6 piston radial calipers at the front and 4 pistons lug mounted at the rear. Both calipers using extra thick 0.8"/20mm brake pads. This is more brake than even the good old euro e28 M5 which had 286hp and was heavier than the e30.
            Brake harder. Go faster. No shit.




              e38 brembo brake saddles that are made narrower for 22mm brake disc, mini countryman 294mm brake discs with 2mm spacer behind and enlarged center hole. And then custom adapter for the e38 saddles:

              Fits also with 15" wheels:


                Originally posted by kevnj View Post

                25mm front and rear. It’s the standard E32 master upgrade.
                received my new master today and it’s a 25mm front and 16 rear GRRR.

                part number 34311156643 from ATE

                i had a 25mm/23mm before but I don’t know the par number



                  Originally posted by Jean View Post
                  +1 on that !

                  For what it’s worth I’ve tried both , 300x22 and 300x32 against my TRM 15x8 and 300x32 needs a bigger spacer than I want to run. 300x22 is close, clears with 5mm .
                  Out of curiosity (I have the same wheels), what size spacer did the 300x32 need to clear?
                  '90 325is + S52



                    I’m running the Wilwood kit Silver Mine Motors offers. I only have the front at the moment, the rear setup is on hold for a couple of weeks on their end I guess they’re behind on the caliper brackets. 290mm diameter 22mm thick rotors 4 piston wilwood calipers, braided lines and brackets. I also have the condor plates for brake cooling ducts. Pretty solid for ~$700


                      Here's another data point:

                      Enkei RPF1
                      15x8 et 28, 75mm hub bore

                      Would need a 20mm spacer to clear 300x32 kit. Ouch. Guess that rules that out, I don't think I want a +8 effective offset.

                      Going to keep hunting for a 15x8 4x100 wheel with high offset. I would really rather not make custom wheels.
                      '90 325is + S52



                        Originally posted by GThomas View Post
                        My Massive setup

                        What is your wheel setup?

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                          Is there a good rear kit these days to complement the massive 4 piston wilwood/corrado front setup? I run a 25mm master cylinder (ATE) and currently running rear calipers from a nissan 300zx and rear discs from a toyota ma60 celica supra. Dunno if my rebuilt calipers are just not great, or if I really goofed on the bias math, but the rears just don't seem to bite as hard as they should. There're many miles of driving on the setup including a handful of autocross and track days and rear discs still show cross hatching! I have a wilwood bias valve fully opened and ABS still plumbed in.

                          Caliper sizes
                          Front: x4 piston 1.380"
                          Rear: x2 opposing piston 1.5"

                          MC size
                          25mm front/rear

                          Edit: ran all the parameters through a brake bias calculator and came up with a good number... ( so I am not sure if at this point the actual braking performance of the car is hindered by some mechanical aspect (poor rebuilt rear calipers, bias valve, corroded ABS), or it's actually working properly and I am expecting too much, or I don't know how to use a bias calculator and my actual bias is screwed

                          Leg input in pounds: 60
                          Master cylinder diameter: 0.98" (25mm)
                          Front line PSI (un boosted): 525.724
                          Front caliper pist dia 1: 1.38"
                          Front caliper pist dia 2: 1.38"
                          Front caliper pist dia 3: 0
                          Front caliper pist dia 4: 0
                          Total front piston area *: 2.991"
                          Front pad Cf: 0.4
                          Front rotor diameter: 11.02" (280mm)
                          Front pad radial hieght **: 2.21"
                          Front Rotor Torque In.lbs.: 2772
                          Rear line PSI (un boosted): 525.7
                          Rear caliper pist dia 1: 1.5"
                          Rear caliper pist dia 2: 0
                          Rear caliper pist dia 3: 0
                          Total rear piston area*: 1.767"
                          Rear pad Cf: 0.4
                          Rear rotor diameter: 10.46"
                          Rear pad radial height: 1.25"
                          Rear rotor torque In. lbs.: 1711
                          Percentage of front Bias: 61%
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