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Dead motor, but why? Need investigators

A few weeks ago, I was my usual self driving my M20 like a getaway car when suddenly it died on the freeway and wouldnt start again. After towing it back to my house and cursing the car as I walked away for the night, I eventually discovered a busted timing belt. This timing belt was only a few months old, so I was incredibly shocked and gutted... I couldnt understand what happened.

The car is now fixed and rocking a full SuperETA longblock with the 'I' cam and dual valve springs swapped over and its running on the same 173 chipped ECU and intake goodies that powered the previous M20B25. I definitely feel the torque difference and am overall happy with the outcome, but still bewildered as to why this happened. So here I am, asking the R3V detectives to help me figure out what happened. Obviously most of the evidence has been trashed but I have a few "scenes of the crime" and some firsthand witness account of the tragedy.

First, lets look at the belt, or what was left of it anyways:

Shreds of the belt that were removed from the timing cover and general area...

and yes, I couldnt resist doing this with the shreds....because R3V

This was an interesting image. Looks like the belt had been rubbing and collecting rubber "dust" inside the pulley.

Heres the money shot. Outer part of the belt half shredded all the way through into the cogged belt area. Also note the inner timing cover and the rubber groove that had been rubbing on it.

and now onto the 885 head carnage....

Hard to see here, but we have several broken rockers, a few areas of the rocker shaft mounts are also broken. a dead 885 head for sure... RIP

I have a few theories in mind, but Im curious what you all think.
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