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Feedback on Stitched Wheels.

Just got off the phone with Jordan after 4 weeks of no contact initiated by him.
I contacted him 3 times by e-mail and twice by phone when the wheel was not sent by the estimated time. Original ETA was 3 weeks from the time he received it. At the 3 week point (on the 9th) I e-mailed him. 3 days later he responded that the wheel would be sent out that day or 4 days later at the latest on the 16th . Then, after no wheel, and no contact I contacted him by e-mail again. A delayed response to that e-mail then said 17th or 18th and that he would send a tracking number. Since then, no wheel, no tracking number, no contact. My last e-mail has gone unanswered. I called him today (the 21st) and he told me that it was his wife's job to answer the e-mails and that he doesn't answer the phone because he gets a lot of telemarketing calls...
I recommended to him that if there was a delay to take a few minutes and send an e-mail or make a phone call to give an update.

So I'd like to give some feedback on the quality of work, but as yet I have no wheel and no tracking number and a lot of excuses.
I won't be relying on Jordan in the future and can not recommend.
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Please post how this works out. My wheel is down there currently & my
3 week mark is tomorrow, July 28th. His wife/employee, Sara, said it would go out this week. Well? It’s Friday, no box on my doorstep as of yet....

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Kevin of Creative Options comes to mind. Tough field of work I guess.
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Originally Posted by TimeMachinE30 View Post
Kevin of Creative Options comes to mind. Tough field of work I guess.

Did you have to bring him up? Just ruined an otherwise good day.

Just kidding, but I will always feel it is my duty to bring up the terrible experience I had with Kevin every time his name is mentioned on a forum, lest someone else make the same mistake I did (try to do business with him).

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