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    Originally posted by Digitalwave View Post
    Just want to follow up on this, as Jesse was ON POINT with sorting out some checksum issues with my ECU. He was extremely patient and helpful in sorting out the issue. I can't recommend Jesse and SSSquid tuning enough!
    I'm glad to have been able to help! :)

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      M30 AFM tune

      SSSquid M30 AFM tune brings meaning to the M30 AFM swap because M30 AFM by itself does not gain anything (nor 19lb injectors themselves) - a proper mapping with all these mods TOGETHER is what makes the different. (messing with the teeth in the AFM IS NOT TUNING btw....)

      And the fact that they spend the time to update the tune (check their website) shows that they are serious about their work and provide excellent support to their products.

      I tried MarkD and Comforti chip before, and I would pick SSSquid chip over any others without doubt, especially if you have M30 AFM swap in place.( or unless you want to do a custom tune - in that case they do offer MegaSquirt kit as well).
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        Bought a 19-lb/93-octane/1.0-stage with m30 AFM chip from Jay back in September to replace my AutoThority chip. Had to adjust my idle up and every time I would stall the car it would almost flood and not want to start back up. Aside from that, when the car was running, it ran great!

        I ran the car around like that for about 4 months until I decided to email Jay and ask him about the situation. He responded back about how his chips are different and that there is a possibility it might not be the chip, but if it is he offers a lifetime warranty on his product.

        I checked everything and decided to send the chip back and install my old AutoThority chip. Vehicle started without an issue, had to turn the throttle plate stop back down. Between then, Jay had been email me about the status of the new chip.

        I received the chip today and installed it. Didn't have to change my throttle plate stop to compensate for anything and as of now it's running very well.

        I definitely liked the customer support that SSSquid has to offer and will be a returning customer. Shit happens, the fact that he was willing to fix the situation makes it worth it.

        tl;dr - SSSquid is good, check them out and give them your business.
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          So the Bimmerheads SSSquid chip is a plug and play for a stock 91' 325i?

          Anyone have HP/TQ numbers with this chip and a CBE?

          Thanks in advance.


            Originally posted by squidmaster View Post

            In my experience E30 people tend to be very nice, so I always try to make sure I return the favors that the community has done for me! It was nice to meet you. Say hi next time you're in town.
            Hello, was hoping to send you a question, your message box is full! Thanks


              Originally posted by e30 brick View Post
              Hello, was hoping to send you a question, your message box is full! Thanks
              He doesn't get on here much anymore. Shoot him an email:

              1990 Brilliantrot 325iS Build Thread
              1989 Zinnoberrot M3 Build Thread


                Cool! Thanking you!


                  My 1989 325i runs fantastic on my SSSquid chip. I purchased the 93 octane chip for a stock engine and use of Ford 19 lb 4-pintle injectors. Low speed driving is better than anything I have experienced while driving E30 cars since 1994. Fuel economy is great! Could not be happier. THANKS!!!