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SpeedyRacer turbo kit

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    SpeedyRacer turbo kit

    So I am looking for a turbo kit that is a little less that 1200. And I found this one But I don’t know anything about it. There are no reviews. Has someone bought this? If so please review it for me.

    if there are other turbo kits please contact me. I am working on a 1991 e30 325ix.

    Since no one else is likely to give you an answer, that kit ($659) is incredibly cheap and likely garbage. Even the CX Racing kit (also low quality) is $1,000 more than the link you posted (and is also regarded as cheap/unreliable).

    A reliable turbo system costs money. Search around to see what people are using. A decent budget kit is closer to $3600, and that doesn't include an exhaust system.

    Good luck!
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      I have NO experience with this kit or any kit, you can run that kit but its going to have to be modified and missing a downpipe and exhaust. Also youll need like a chip or ecu for tuning and injectors.
      That kit is just junk you can buy from ebay. i say you keep reading and do reasearch. look at alot of builds or look up kamotors on here who builds diy turbo kits but its going to cost you more than this kit costs.
      going boost isnt cheap and if you buy that kit from the mentioned website youll probably be back looking for another kit.


        If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is..

        kamotors is the way to go. Still going to cost you around 4k when everything is said and done. Kit, ecu, tune and exhaust
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