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stitched wheels/ jordan greer

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    Feedback on Stitched Wheels.

    Just got off the phone with Jordan after 4 weeks of no contact initiated by him.
    I contacted him 3 times by e-mail and twice by phone when the wheel was not sent by the estimated time. Original ETA was 3 weeks from the time he received it. At the 3 week point (on the 9th) I e-mailed him. 3 days later he responded that the wheel would be sent out that day or 4 days later at the latest on the 16th . Then, after no wheel, and no contact I contacted him by e-mail again. A delayed response to that e-mail then said 17th or 18th and that he would send a tracking number. Since then, no wheel, no tracking number, no contact. My last e-mail has gone unanswered. I called him today (the 21st) and he told me that it was his wife's job to answer the e-mails and that he doesn't answer the phone because he gets a lot of telemarketing calls...
    I recommended to him that if there was a delay to take a few minutes and send an e-mail or make a phone call to give an update.

    So I'd like to give some feedback on the quality of work, but as yet I have no wheel and no tracking number and a lot of excuses.
    I won't be relying on Jordan in the future and can not recommend.


      Please post how this works out. My wheel is down there currently & my
      3 week mark is tomorrow, July 28th. His wife/employee, Sara, said it would go out this week. Well? It’s Friday, no box on my doorstep as of yet....



        Kevin of Creative Options comes to mind. Tough field of work I guess.
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          Originally posted by TimeMachinE30 View Post
          Kevin of Creative Options comes to mind. Tough field of work I guess.

          Did you have to bring him up? Just ruined an otherwise good day.

          Just kidding, but I will always feel it is my duty to bring up the terrible experience I had with Kevin every time his name is mentioned on a forum, lest someone else make the same mistake I did (try to do business with him).

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            Have any of you gotten your wheels back or any information?

            They have had two wheels of mine for a little over two months with minimal contact.

            If anyone can send me a phone number for them, I'd very much appreciate it.


              Originally posted by exhaust View Post
              Have any of you gotten your wheels back or any information?

              They have had two wheels of mine for a little over two months with minimal contact.

              If anyone can send me a phone number for them, I'd very much appreciate it.
              I'm surprised to see your post. Word is, other than a few interiors that he's done for certain people recently, he's out of the automotive interior business. IIRC, last I heard he was having his girlfriend retrim the wheels while he focused on interiors but it seems that he may be out altogether. Hopefully, it just means they aren't accepting any more wheels while they finish off the ones they have but who knows. This is just from what I've seen on FB.

              This is from his IG Jan 2019:

              After a 5 years of fantastic patronage, we are moving on to the next chapter and will no longer be accepting orders. This may change at some time in the future and we will keep everyone updated.
              Thanks to everyone that supported us. It’s been a real pleasure.
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                I just got my M3 interior back from them a few weeks back, and from what I know reelizm is correct.

                I would reach out via email- that is where I got a response.

                They had some family stuff pop up which pushed back their turnover times quite a bit in addition to no longer accepting orders.
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                  He's out of the automotive business atm, he did some work for me recently that took 4 times as long after numerous messages I finally got my stuff back and the workmanship was great as usual. It really sucks that his communication and organization was not on par with his work. Hopefully in the future things change for the better. Otherwise him and his family seem like really nice people!

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                    He has my wheel and my e-brake handle. It has been over a month and half since I was supposed to receive my pieces BACK from them and they are not getting back to me.

                    I understand that life happens, but as a paying & patient customer, I think I (and whoever else is waiting) deserves some sort of updates / ETA.

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                      I managed to find Jordan’s phone # (I believe) and left him a voicemail yesterday.

                      1991 BMW 318i (Old Shell RIP, Now Being Re-shelled & Reborn)
                      1983 Peugeot 505 STI
                      1992 Volvo 240 Wagon
                      2009 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport 4WD


                        Thanks guys. When I spoke with them in January they said that I was the last order they were taking as they were getting out the business.

                        I've sent two emails and found their number on Facebook, I'll be giving them a call as well. I understand things happen and don't mind waiting, I'd just like an update.


                          After over 4 months of no then intermittent contact, I received my Mt2 wheel redone by Jordan. He forgot to send me my e-brake handle that I had requested to have redone with M tri-color stitching, but then sent it back to me a week later today (not done correctly). After this whole ordeal, he refunded me $38 for the undone e-brake handle.

                          It’s a damn shame regarding the poor communication and lack of completeness because this guy had potential. While my wheel seems to have come out nicely, I don’t think I would’ve done business with Jordan (or his wife Sara?) if they had disclosed that they were shutting down (just a week or so after I placed my order/paid).

                          Unprofessionalism is frustrating. Oh well.

                          1991 BMW 318i (Old Shell RIP, Now Being Re-shelled & Reborn)
                          1983 Peugeot 505 STI
                          1992 Volvo 240 Wagon
                          2009 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport 4WD


                            They seem to be taking my order to rewrap my Mtech1 wheel now. Seems like they're back in it.
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                              Turnaround was advertised as 2-2.5 weeks.

                              He received my wheel on May 13th. I asked for an update on Monday, June 1st, and he said that he had the wheel coming up and it would ship Friday, June 5th. I sent him an email June 11th asking if it had been shipped, and he said he would check on it when he got to the shop. June 12th he said "I see here your wheel was up next when I discovered my leather had a large slit through the middle of more than half the hide. I do have the new leather here as of yesterday and now have your wheel on the bench. I should have this finished this evening and ready to ship Monday."

                              Ok that's fine. I understand with things like this that shit happens. I emailed him June 16th asking if he got the wheel shipped out, and he said "I believe so. As soon as I'm back to the shop I will check." No update, so I emailed him the next day asking if he was able to check on it. No reply... I emailed him June 20th asking when it was going to be shipped, and that it had now been over five weeks since he had received the wheel. He replied that he shipped the wheel back to me along with a refund since he could not get the wheel done within a reasonable time frame.

                              I received my wheel back to me that same day, and a couple days later received the refund, so at least he isn't scamming anyone. But this was a massive waste of time, and 5 weeks to not even start on my wheel is absurd. If I had known it would take this long I would have never placed the order. I know he is capable of doing quality work, but because of his terrible service I cannot recommend him.