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Wiring a C101 Connector: Geting Pins, Crimpers and a Cheap Pin Removal Tool!

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    Bumping this thread to add another method of pin extraction. I needed to remove some pins today but couldn't find a suitable tool, so I had to get creative.

    Basically what I figured out is you can take a piece of plastic from some packaging and cut a rectangle, then wrap it around some wire approximately the same diameter as the c101 pins to get it in a roll that is about the right size. You can then insert it around a pin to release the tabs. It took a bit of trimming to get it the right size since you want the roll to be the exact circumfrence of the pin with no overlap ideally. The plastic I used was some stiff packaging from a tube of loctite.


      Heres the tools I used to re pin mine. All the part numbers for the pins and stuff listed on post 1 are what you'll need.

      IMG_7941 by Kevin O'Brien, on Flickr

      IMG_7946 by Kevin O'Brien, on Flickr

      IMG_7948 by Kevin O'Brien, on Flickr

      Pin removal tool.

      IMG_7953 by Kevin O'Brien, on Flickr


      IMG_7956 by Kevin O'Brien, on Flickr

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        any good ideas how to get the female pins out of the chassis side of the C101?

        cant see how they come out... sad.. or if they can come out
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          You need the pin removal tool. either buy or make one. IIRC it's the same tool.
          Build thread



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              You need to unlock the twist lock pin holder. I used a pick tool. Same thing works for the diag connector. Then you need to make a round pin removal tool. Old antennas or those extendy magnets work great. Just cut it apart.


                Originally posted by nando View Post
                you can get them on I usually buy in a reel of 500.. lol. Haven't used any in a long time though.
                Do you happen to remember the mouser part number?

                Edit: It's been almost 5 years since your original post, but you're still active here :)
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                  Originally posted by projectJTv4 View Post

                  Do you happen to remember the mouser part number?

                  Edit: It's been almost 5 years since your original post, but you're still active here :)
                  For C101/X20 - stolen from bmwman91 's thread (slightly edited, original here ) :

                  2.5mm round male terminals:
                  TE 929963-1 (for 0.5-1.0mm^2 wires)
                  TE 929964-1 (for 1.0-2.5mm^2 wires)

                  2.5mm round female terminals:
                  TE 929970-1 (for 0.5-1.0mm^2 wires)
                  TE 929971-1 (for 1.0-2.5mm^2 wires)
                  More pin PNs in his post.
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