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My BMW engine weights guide

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    M70 with all accessories, without harness and injectors, with 4HP24 transmission: 322kg/708.4lb

    M70 with all accessories, without harness and injectors, with flex plate, with starter: 234.8kg/ 516.6lb

    Weighed with my Chinese hanging scale.
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      What are the physical dimensions of the M30? L,W & H?

      Trying to get a sense how this thing would fit in my garage.
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        Some additional weights from m5 board member, Anri.

        S14-B23/B25- 415pounds/188kgs
        S38-B36- 587pounds/266kgs
        S38-B38 -602pounds/278kgs(due to heavier dual mass flywheel vs 3.6)
        M88/S38- 530pounds/240kgs
        S54-B32- 522pounds/236kgs
        S50-B32 -(Euro engine) 560pounds/254kgs
        S62-B50 -602pounds/271kgs
        S65-B40 (in a process to find out) my guesstimate is around 560+/-
        S85-B50- 625pounds/278kgs

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          Interesting, the S54 ends up being relatively light. Also we know the S65 was heavier than the S54 based on the guy here who personally swapped from an S54 to an S65 - despite BMW claims it weighed less.

          I'd really like to know what a dressed N52 weighs. We have good weights for M20 and M42 already..
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            It looks like the N52 weight here is pretty accurate. I think it is probably a euro engine, with no CATs or AC. 340lbs is probably with A/C and CATs.

            From the N52 swap thread:
            The EKT says the GS6-37BZ weighs 99lbs. The pressure plate is 16lbs, the clutch is 2.4 and the fork is 1.7. the dual mass flywheel is 22.7lbs. Put that all together (without fasteners) and you have 141.8lbs for the full 6 speed assembly (in your pic, there's no shifter, so I'm not counting that).

            The front manifold with cat is 10.8lbs, The rear is 8lbs. Call it 20 total (gaskets, bolts, etc). Aftermarket will probably be lighter, with no cats.

            So 462 + 20 - 141.8 = 340.2lbs, and that's with the AC compressor. Nice.

            I won't be running A/C,, so subtract another 12lbs for 328, fully dressed. That really closely matches the weight listed in this thread, 326lbs (must be without CATs and A/C)
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