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    Are there any write ups on how you actually build your harness? I understand the figuring out which pins match up, but how do I physically go about doing this?
    View my build thread.


      Something like this ?
      My CA legal M60 swap

      The happening in our garage


        Hi a major concern about the swap, do you pass smog with this swap? I am living in SF. It is very important for me to not going to have problem with smog check


          It's easy to get a car BAR referee'd. I live in Vacaville, CA and my car is 100% legal.


            Motor: 1998 OBDI S52
            Harness: 1995 S50 from a 5 speed manual
            Injectors: 21 lb pink tops
            DME: 413 Red Label
            Flywheel: UUC 8.5 lb
            Clutch: UUC E34 M5 clutch kit for the E36 M3
            Driveshaft: E36 325i 5 speed front, E30 rear
            Transmission: ZF 320 5 speed with Revshift 24v guibo, stock E30 brace with AKG poly tranny mounts.
            Motor Mounts: AKG poly solid mounts
            diff:2.93 LSD
            Linkage: AKG DSSR with AKG Stage 2 short shifter
            Booster: e21
            Master: e21
            Radiator: Mishimoto E36 all aluminum radiator
            Fan: Spal 16in pusher (no ac condenser)
            Exhaust: SS rep headers, custom single 2.5" exhaust with solenoid actuated dump valve (located after oxygen sensor, but before resonator), Vibrant ultra quiet resonator, magnaflow muffler (catless)

            Any questions let me know.
            My previous build (currently E30-less)

            A 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD 4x4 Offroad in Inferno is my newest obsession


              I'm working on my swap ( M50nv + S50 cams + M52 vanos 413 DME) and i have two questions for those that Bared your swap?
              A) is it ok to install S52 headers
              B) i plan to get an off the shel TRM chip, should i install this prior the Bar or after?


                Engine: 1997 M52B28, S52 cams, M50 manifold with kit, OBD1 throttle body and boot, OBD1 fuel rail. Beisan Vanos seal kit and rattle kit. All new gaskets and seals.

                Engine Wiring: Markert Motorworks OBD2 wiring harness, Markert/TRM-flashed MS41.1 Siemens ECU running OBD2 with EWS delete, post-cat O2 delete and SAP delete. 7200 rpm redline.

                Drivetrain: E36 ZF 320 transmission, UUC DSSR, Z3 shift lever, ZHP knob. E36 driveshaft. F1 Racing Stage 1 clutch and PP with chromoly (14 lb.) flywheel. E36 M3 slave cylinder. Torsen 3.15 differential.

                Motor Mounts: E28 535i (green) mounts, E36 arms.

                Booster, Master Cylinder: E32 booster modified by Markert. Notched firewall. E30 Master. Complete working ABS.

                Steering System: E36 rack with AKG kit, (new) E36 tie rod ends and (new) sway bar end links. RobertK custom modified coupling and custom modified PS hoses.

                Cooling system: CXracing aluminum E30 radiator, stock late model overflow tank, Geba cast impeller water pump, off-the-shelf Gates hoses cut to fit, Spal puller fan with RobertK custom manual override (using a fog light switch). Full working AC using Markert-modified lines (stock E30 routing with E36 fittings).

                Exhaust System: Complete stainless custom-fabbed system: Supersprint replica stainless long tube headers to V bands, attaching custom dual 2" stainless mid piping with a Magnaflow dual in dual out cat, to another set of V bands attaching an Active Autowerke E36 cat-back. Holes cut and O2 bungs welded in the header downpipes.

                Videos and more details can be found in Lola's build thread.
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                Originally posted by kronus
                would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


                  1. Engine
                  M50tuB25, installed it completely stock. Only changed the valve cover gasket as I need to have it in an running asap after I broke the timing belt on my old motor

                  2. Engine Wiring
                  Cut off the e36 x20 and soldered in the one from my m40, matched them up using charts I found online, ETMs and a bit of guesswork.

                  3. Drivetrain
                  Stock G250 off the e36 with factory driveshaft.

                  4. Shift Lever and Linkage
                  Z3 lever from Blunt, Delrin front and rear carrier bushings from Garagistic. There is still play in my shifter from the old selector rod joint and rusty selector rod not being super tight fitting to the shift lever bushing. I'll be getting a DSSR when I swap this noisiy 250 for a ZF310

                  5. Motor Mounts
                  Originally I had Condor engine and trans mounts, but due to the grinding noises the trans made and the harshness when at idle I swapped back to stock trans mounts but kept the engine ones. One day I'll man up and get some soft poly transmission mounts as I'm sure that being the only flex point is doing nothing good for stock, used transmission mounts.

                  6. Brake Booster, Master Cylinder, and External Reservoir
                  I did mine a little different than most. I had an iX booster at first but it developed a leak after a few months. I then went to the e32 735 booster. Mechanically they are identical except for the vacuum port location. On the Ix it is on the opposite side of the master cylinder and on the e32 it is closer to the engine. I didn't want to run a remote resevoir for cosmetic reasons, so I ran both boosters without the spacer off the fire wall. Ths meant I had to shorten and tap the rod and slot my firewall mounting holes to fit the studs on the booster meant for the spacer. I also had to attach it to the firewall with only 2 studs. It hasn't fallen off yet so I'm gonna say it's not too dangerous a thing to do.

                  7. Steering System
                  I used the E30 resevoir at first but then swapped to the e36 res that hides down under the intake for a cleaner look. I used some combination of E30 and E36 hoses and hardlines.

                  8. Cooling System
                  I used a stock m20 rad with a 16" fan from IE wired to run off the ignition with an m42 upper rad hose and a cut e36 lower. I've recently wired up the fan to work by itself properly using a rad thermo switch from an e36 318i and swapped out the thermostat, plastic housing, factory original water pump and a Mishimoto m20 rad. Went with an aluminum T-stat housing as I've already had one plastic one crack on me and a lower temp M20 thermostat. Fan comes on at half mark, turns off at 3/8ths and temps never creep above half.

                  9. Exhaust System
                  I had to hack up a set of stock M52 manifolds to get something to clear my steering shaft and rack input shaft housing since my car is RHD. Because I wasn't running either aftermarket long tube headers or stock manifolds I had to hack together some sort of downpipe and tried tho attach that to stock m20 exhaust. I ran that mess with nothing after the cat for a couple months, which sucked. I then had a full custom system made up from a single 2.5" pipe, magnaflow cat and a dynomax muffler. Works great except for the exhaust hanger that the guy made breaking off and causing it to scrape on the ground and me ignoring it until there were holse worn through it...I am not skilled enough with a welder to fix it up properly myself so I will likely have one of the techs at the dealership I work at have a look at it.
                  For all things 24v, check out Markert Motorworks!
                  Originally posted by mbonanni
                  I hate modded emtree, I hate modded cawrz, I hate jdm, I hate swag, I hate stanceyolokids, I hate bags (on cars), I hate stuff that is slowz, I hate tires.

                  I am a pursit now.


                    My sub $300 swap
                    1. Engine
                    M50TU from '95 325i

                    2. Engine Wiring
                    E36 Auto harness with all auto trans related wiring removed. 413 red label DME

                    3. Drivetrain
                    Stock g240 and tob. Stock M50 clutch and fw. Seems to be holding up well. e36 driveshaft w/ e30 csb.
                    S3.46 diff, resealed.

                    4. Shift Lever and Linkage
                    e36 shifter carrier, and shifter. e36 linkage shortened, dont remember how much.

                    5. Motor Mounts
                    stock m42 mounts. line up good and are holding up suprisingly well.

                    6. Brake Booster
                    stock e30 moved over 1/2 inch. Have e32 booster to put in eventually.

                    7. Steering System
                    e36 resivour, stock e30 lines.

                    8. Cooling System
                    Stock m42 rad, stock e-fan. mix of e36/m42 hoses, cant remember which went where. Cannot get the thing to heat up past the 1/2 mark.

                    9. Exhaust System
                    obd2 headers, tied poorly into e30 325 exhaust. waiting to decide if im going turbo or not before i redo the exhaust.
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                    318is, m50tu g240 s3.46


                      Car is a 1991 318is and aiming to re-use as much as possible.

                      Engine: M50B25TU out of a '93 525i auto.

                      Engine Wiring: Auto harness with 413 DME.

                      Drivetrain: Getrag 240 with stock mounts. M42 flywheel/pp/clutch/tob. Starter and pilot bearing are also the same part number for M42/M50. E36 driveshaft with E30 CSB linked to 4.10 LSD.

                      Shifter: Z4 2.5 lever with Euro E30 320i shift arms and new bushings.

                      Motor Mounts: E28 535i green mounts on E36 arms.

                      Booster, Master Cylinder: 944 ATE booster with stock master and reservoir. M42 slave retained as well.

                      Steering System: Stock rack with PS lines/reservoir moved to fit pump.

                      Cooling system: Stock M42 rad with modified M50 upper/lower hoses. No clutch fan and just running the aux fan for now. Will upgrade fan later.

                      Exhaust System: Ebay SS headers to custom exhaust with original E34 cat.


                        1. Engine
                        M50B25TU from a 1994 BMW 525i that was already pulled so I had no way of telling if it was good, but I took a shot cause the price was good. The owner told me about 130,000 miles and after I took it home I got the VIN off the head and took it to work and head them run the carfax, it had 133,000 miles so that was good. When I got it started up for the first time it ran perfect ever since after replacing a few vacuum lines. Came all together with alternator and all that good stuff, harness, ecu, etc..

                        2. Engine Wiring
                        E34 wiring harness with X20->C101 plug, no adapters or none of that crap it was all rewired, by ME! I read the ETM enough to be able to figure out why it wouldn't crank which was because I had to plug in the wire under the steering column that bypassed the automatic transmission wiring. Left the ECU unplugged to build up oil pressure and once I put the key in the ignition and it cranked right away, then built up oil pressure, and plugged in the ECU and it started right up. Probably my most accomplished moment of all time, screw graduating high school, this car is what made me most proud. Only other issue is the o2 sensor is I guess mounted on the other side with the E34 harness so it's a bit stretched to reach the longtube headers o2 sensor location. No issues yet.

                        3. Drivetrain
                        G260 I got off a guy locally with 77,000miles. Came with driveshaft which I need because I also 5 speed swapped the car at the same time. M20 Single mass flywheel. New CSB, guibo (flex disc), slave cylinder, clutch master, SS UUC clutch line. Picked up the trans brace with Condor mounts from GunMetalGrey and they've worked perfectly together so far. Stock 2.79 or 2.93 LSD(I forget) right now, but i'm pleased with the 2nd gear chirp that this combination produces.

                        4. Shift Lever and Linkage
                        Took the shifter carrier to Lowes and picked up a bunch of nuts and bolts that could possible work in place of the "bitch clip." Once I got home I used the one's that work, I don't remember what the thread and pitch were but they were metric to go along with the rest of the German cars. I highly suggest doing this as it simplifies the removal of the shift carrier if you need to do work. Got the Garagistic Delrin shifter carrier bushings with the optional rear delrin carrier shifter bushing that they offer and the feel is nice and tight. I'm using stock lever w/ those bushings and a UUC DSSR that I ordered with the 10° twist, but I didn't receive it that way so I heated it up and twisted it myself. Down the road I might try the Z3 shifter and see what everyone is raving about.

                        5. Motor Mounts
                        New E28 535i green guys (part# 11811132793) have worked perfectly so far. Engine shimmed with washers a negligible amount. I had to get E36 engine arms and since the E34 used different mounting locations I had to rethread the holes to the E36 location because they were nearly non-existent.

                        6. Brake Booster, Master Cylinder, and External Reservoir
                        Ate Porsche 944 brake booster from this guy on eBay, shortened and rethreaded to match E30 clevis. Used this great tutorial. Stock MC and reservoir. Not as much assistance, but it works well. ABS is still good.

                        7. Steering System
                        Powersteering-less at the moment but I just received my Continental power steering hose to try to make something work with the E34 pump. Not sure if it's different, but the E34's of the time had the servo-tronic or whatever so it might be a little different.

                        8. Cooling System
                        E36 upper hose(11531726344), and E34 lower hose(11531741418) (both trimmed), going into a E36 M50/M52 Mishimoto radiator with the 80° thermostat(1153146617480) with 82° aux fan switch(6131136427282). No Spal fan or mechanical fan yet but I have yet to need one. I will get one soon for safety measures and wire it up to work with the 82° fan switch. Original E30 M20 expansion tank.

                        9. Exhaust System
                        These longtube headers worked perfectly with no issues to the stock swaybar, we'll see when and if I choose to run larger sways up front. o2 sensor when plugged in is right next to the other header and the sensor wire is stretched a little when used with the E34 harness. No issues with that yet. Exhaust goes to a Y pipe from the headers and is 2.5" back with the Vibrant 1793 resonator and then to the Vibrant StreetPower 1148 muffler thats got 2.5" and dual 3" tips out. The same hole that the stock E30 dual tip muffler exhaust comes out of is absolutely perfect fitment for the Vibrant muffler. I love the sound that it produces, not ricey at all. Will provide clip if you guys want. Both Vibrants are straight through, but the Y pipe provides decent backpressure for the engine.

                        After doing this swap, I wouldn't hesitate doing it all over again. If you do it yourself and you're considering it then just find a motor and pull the trigger already. I doubt you'll be disappointed, and it provides the greatest feeling of satisfaction in the world. PM me if you need any help
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                          Engine: 1995 M50tu b25, thorough rebuild, under drive pulleys, euro oil filter housing, oil cooler.

                          Engine Wiring: OBD-I engine harness with added circuits for oil temp, coolant temp, and oil pressure. Chassis side harness was re-pinned to the engine.

                          Drivetrain: E36 Getrag 250 transmission, e30m3 shift lever, e28 knob. E36 drive shaft. UUC 8.5# flywheel with M5 clutch setup. UUC stainless steel clutch line E36 325i slave cylinder. '98 M roadster 3.15 differential.

                          Motor Mounts: E28 535i (green) mounts, E36 arms.

                          Booster, Master Cylinder, Brakes: Massive manual brake setup. Stock e30 Master Cylinder, intact OE ABS, Massive 300mmx22mm Sport setup.

                          Steering System: E36 rack with Dungeon Motorsports spacers, E36 tie rods. PS hoses all converted to AN/JIC, added external PS cooler, and aluminum PS reservoir.

                          Cooling system: Mishimoto aluminum E36 radiator, late model overflow tank, Graf metal impeller water pump, e36 hoses, Spal pusher fan. AC components all intact.

                          Exhaust System: OBD-II headers, with secondary air ports welded up. OBD-1 Catalyst and midsection. OBD-II m3 exhaust originally but now e36 UUC corsa modified rear section in the works.
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                            Mine's not totally finished but so far this what I'll be using.

                            1. Engine
                            - 92 e36 M50NV. E34 pan and pick up All stock for now. A/C & PS delete.

                            2. Engine Wiring- E36 harness, adapter from Nando. 403 DME, stock chip

                            3. Drivetrain-
                            G240, M42 dual mass flywheel, OE M42 Sachs clutch, G240 TOB and slave, 4.10LSD, E30 mounts

                            4. Shift Lever and Linkage
                            - euro 320 shift arms, UUC shift lever, new bushings

                            5. Motor Mounts
                            - E28 green mounts, E36 mount arms

                            6. Brake Booster- stock, still haven't decided what to do.

                            7. Steering System- E30 rack with condor PS delete plate.

                            8. Cooling System
                            - M42 radiator, new thermostat and 80C aux fan switch. Will be running a spal pusher eventually

                            9. Exhaust System- OBD-1 headers to E36 y-pipe. Will figure out how to tie into factory exhaust when I get there
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                            91 318is M50 swapped
                            05 Honda Pilot

                            24V swap thread


                              Engine- 92 e34 M50NV, E34 pan and pick up, UUC underdrive pulleys A/C delete

                              Engine Wiring- E36 manual harness, repined c101

                              Drivetrain- G240, dual mass, sachs m42 clutch, 4.10LSD, E36 325 manual driveshaft, e30 ccb/quibo

                              Shift Lever and Linkage- Shortened M42 parts

                              Motor Mounts- E28 green mounts, E36 mount arms

                              Brake Booster- Porsche 911, rethreaded shaft

                              Steering System- E30 stock

                              Cooling System- M42 radiator, OEM e34 hoses cut down

                              Exhaust System- OBD-1 headers+e34 down pipes(rear one cut up)+e30 m3 complete exhaust
                              We're out there in here.


                                S52B32 w/ 130k miles. OBD1 converted. Replaced the following prior to installation: all new OEM sensors, gaskets, grommets, and fasteners. Secured oil pump nut, all new hoses/vacuum fittings for crankcase ventilation/ICV and evap system. New belt tensioner idler pulley, and waterpump. Running 21.5# pink top injectors (stock S52), 3.5" MAF (540) and 3.5" Bimmerworld intake boot.

                                Engine Wiring/Electrical
                                E36 325i harness (manual). Removed X20 connector and re-pinned directly into replacement C101 connector. 413 Red Label DME w/ TMS chip.

                                Fully resealed ZF 320Z w/ full shift detent pin service, new OEM S52 Luk DMF, new Sachs OEM clutch kit, new E36 pilot bearing. New E36 M3 guibo, E36 M3 driveshaft w/ new E30 CSB into E30 S3.73 LSD. Stock E30 g260 transmission crossmember w/ stock rubber mounts.

                                Shift Lever and Linkage
                                UUC EVO3 SSK (E36 M3) + DSSR (E36 M3), mounted in slightly modified E36 M3 shift carrier (to sit straight in opening).

                                Motor Mounts
                                E28 535i green mounts w/ passenger side spaced up 12mm. E36 mount arms

                                Brake Booster
                                E21 320i Brake booster w/ rethreaded/shortened stud, OEM E30 master cylinder, E30 fluid reservoir (all new gaskets/grommets)

                                Steering System
                                Z3 steering rack (2.7 LTL), E36/Z3 inner/outer tie rods, mix of E30/E36 supply and return hardlines, E36 fluid reservoir, cut/modified E30/E36 softlines.

                                Cooling System
                                OEM M20 radiator w/ M20 mechanical fan clutch and blades, stock M20 temperature sensors (blue and brown top), and stock m20 radiator sensor. Stock M20 top hose cut/modified to fit, random hose from autozone modified for bottom hose (both are straight w/ 90 deg bend at end).

                                Exhaust System
                                OEM S52 tubular headers w/ SAP delete plates > modified S50 downpipes > Y pipe w/ 3" output > 3" Vibrant race cat > 3" Vibrant UltraQuiet Resonator > 3" Vibrant StreetPower Muffler.

                                After install:


                                Also, my parts list. May find the P/N's useful.

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