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DIY: Key Light LED Upgrade

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    Originally posted by JinormusJ View Post
    Post a picture and I'll do my best to help
    here is what i got, i think its pretty much the same

    Click image for larger version

Name:	key1.jpg
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    the middle doesnt slide out but the key separates into two pieces

    Click image for larger version

Name:	key2.jpg
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    here is a pic of everything inside

    Click image for larger version

Name:	key3.jpg
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    hope you can help me out
    thanks again



      The silver spring is negative, the copper filament is positive; the battery touches the copper filament with the positive base and rests on the spring with the negative base

      It's essentially the same as the key I modded; just follow the steps, but using your key instead, and you should be fine


        Very nice mod.


          Nice write-up
          @IRON-E30 aka Edwin:D


            Definitely need to add this to my ever increasing "to-do" list for my e30

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              Worked great. My key was a little different but made it work.



                Glad it worked


                  Lets make this an under 2.50 project!


                  You can get 1 for 1.15 or 2 for 1.25. Might as well have a spare...


                  I can't vouch for this seller, but I'll try it out for a buck.

                  Yes I'm cheap, and yes I can wait. All items in US.


                    I have had a non working lighted key forever and finally got around to this. Seems the bulb isn't durable enough to last long and the Varta 625u is only 1.5v. I hardly ever used it and the bulb filament broke on mine less than a year after I got the new key. Anyway, here's how I did my conversion...

                    The LED:
                    I remembered I had a keychain LED flashlight (the kind you get for free) laying around in my drawer so I gutted it for the LED. You can buy high output LED's from ebay also.

                    For power, I used two 1616 3v batts sandwiched in series to make 6v. These can often be had for much less than the 1632 and will yield 6v vs 3v. However, to get 6 volts to the LED you'll have to run a 6 volt contact from the top battery + so that it makes contact instead of the + casing of the bottom battery. I installed a contact and removed the copper ring completely.

                    Here's mine at 3 volts vs new stock bulb....

                    Although there's two batteries, the top battery just acts as a spacer in this configuration with the copper ring intact. Even at 3 volts, it's much brighter than stock and should last forever.
                    6 volts vs new stock bulb...

                    In this configuration, the + contact I added on top of the top battery contacts the LED anode, sending 6 volts to the LED. The light is as bright as a flashlight. It may be overkill but since I've got 2 batteries in the key anyway, mind as well use them in series.

                    If you have a non working lighted key, do this ASAP!
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                      Can't wait to do this. Thanks for the writeup.

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                        Very cool I should try this I have two of these that are brand new.
                        Euro Delivery Thread///E30 Project Klaus


                          I got my key from these guys awhile back. My Ace cut it for me.
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                            Hi guys...I followed this process and managed to make my fob working again, it did not work when I bought the car but I have a problem I can not make it to work on the car (E34 518i) with an alarm system. I have another remote controller from the same system as on my E34 it was initially for E36 and I thought they can be in sync and all it might need is configuration. My problem is configuring the key to be able to use it as currently I am locking and unlocking the car manually.
                            I have read and done lots of research on the one button fob but they do not work on the ride.
                            If someone can assist in the configuration/reprogramming I will be grateful.
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