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    Originally posted by MonkeyMan View Post
    Brody, I'm getting ready to order the PSIK this week but had a question: are you able to tailor the supplied chip to my current setup? I know it's not going to be as precise as the WAR chip, but its worth a try before spending the extra money..
    I'm running an '89 i motor with a 323i crank (10:1 comp, 2554cc) and 323i cam (more lump than stock).. its not so much the mild stroke increase that concerns me, but the increased c/r (and the crappy Cali 91 octane).. thanks for the help..
    .. oh and +1 on the M30 TB adapter
    We don't have any tunes "off the shelf" for 10:1 Compression and your set up with the PSIK but being in SoCal, we are ALWAYS down there and could do a custom tune without the WAR Chip for you next time we are down. Where are you exactly?


      Brody, I spoke with you earlier on the phone.. I'm in San Diego, but I'm up in LA quite a bit.. as far as a custom tune without the WAR chip, how would that work? is the stock computer able to be reprogrammed in any way or would we just make a custom chip? I'm guessing this is after getting the PSIK?
      if you have a rough idea as to when you'll be in socal next, I'll definitely try to meet with you....
      Make the bastard chase you.



        I think my question fits here best:
        How do you do your tuning with the WAR-Chip?

        I mean, tuning WOT is very easy, but how to deal with the part-throttle areas??
        I drive arround, having the O2 Sensor switched off by the WAR-Software and look at engine speed and ARF.
        But how do I know at which load my engine is currently operating??

        Are the "load" columns in the WAR-Software directly related to the MAF-Output Voltage??
        If yes, I could simply install a voltmeter-gauge.
        If no, how are the "load" columns calculated?

        Or what other options do I have?? Simply guessing??
        (thats how I do it now. But this is not really satisfying)