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Large intercooler without hacking the bumper?

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    Large intercooler without hacking the bumper?

    I'm looking to see what others have done in terms of intercoolers for their projects.

    I'd prefer to

    • use the stock radiator location against the back of the core support panel
    • Keep the front of the car intact (I dont mind trimming stuff, but I dont want the cooler hanging out the front of the car)
    • Fit as large an intercooler as possible.

    Everything else is free, I'll likely get solid bends welded on to save space etc.

    What have you guys done and what works?

    This looks promising, but no pictures with the front end fitted

    This is what I'd like to avoid:

    I’m running a Mishimoto m line intercooler, behind an MTech 2 bumper

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      Yeah, I'd avoid something like that white car too, it looks pretty hacked up and blue silicone couplers are never a good look.

      I'm running a 24"x12"x3" core intercooler, some cutting of the valance was required (none visible with the bumper on) and no aux fan will fit. See my build thread for more details.

      If you have no AC, an intercooler like mine could be fitted with the piping running under the headlights, but this does not work with AC hoses installed. If you're like me and you like having AC, it's worth noting that air flow through the condenser and radiator when stopped is very poor with this kind of setup.
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        Originally posted by SGT StudMuffiin View Post
        I’m running a Mishimoto m line intercooler, behind an MTech 2 bumper

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        This picture shows the front end of my car, and as you can see it is not even visible. Also, IIRC the Mishimoto M-Line is the same size as Varg’s.

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          Thanks guys. Noted on the AC, I'd like to keep AC but appreciate space is very tight!

          SGT StudMuffiin - Is this your cooler:

          If so it's 23.5 x 11.75 x 3 which is very similar indeed.

          varg - Yours is fitted as shown with the stock E30 condensor in place and standard AC pipework?

          For info, build thread for the red car in post 1:

          And a pic with the valance fitted:

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            I can't remember measurements off the top of my head, but I took the widest intercooler that I can fit between my frame rails and the height is from the bottom of my valance to the bottom of my grille.
            I was able to keep my A/C by routing the chargepiping around the compressor which isn't that hard tbh all said and done. Your oil drain is probably going to be the most awkward fitting unit - I also went external oil filter for those that are still M20.

            A slimmer AUX fan was used for the AC's rad, and the shroud was removed.

            I had my ends cut and welded to a 45* so that I can fit my fogs and ducts to keep an OEM front end look. The fab on the intercooler ends is shown below when the valance was off.

            The only thing I remember trimming was some negligible pieces behind the valance, besides the obvious hole in the middle. Nothing off the bumper or car itself.
            The two bottom mounting points of the valance had to be cut off as well.

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              Thanks very much!


                Are any of you guys able to run a pusher fan behind the intercooler? I had a turbo m52 coupe and never tried to run a pusher because I had room for a puller but on my new car I'm going with a m30 so I won't have an room in the engine bay for a fan.

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                  If you have no AC You'll have enough room to do that with a setup like mine. If there's a condenser there you're going to have to get a short intercooler so that it doesn't interfere with the fan, which will have to be pretty powerful and thus pretty thick.

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                    Z3M Rad
                    No AC
                    Spal slim 16" Pusher in front of rad, barely clears FMIC
                    Underside of headlight brackets are trimmed for clearance, but I really don't think it was necessary for 2.5" piping.
                    FMIC is 2.5" in/out, approx 20x12x3" core size (advertised as 21x9x2.75...)

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                        mine is an early model but I managed to squeeze it behind the valance without cutting anything, just had to remove the oil cooler and power steering cooler loop. I found a two piece front valence and used the top half with a bbs valence below.

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                          3" thick, core size 600mm x 280mm
                          3" welded 90° end pipes under headlights

                          Can't even tell it's there with the front on :)

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                            For anyone interested, the intercooler for the red car in post #1 appears to be a CX Racing IC0037: 2.5" Inlet/Outlet, 20.5"x9"x3" Core Size, 28"x9"x3" Overall Size.
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