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1989 325i with 6k tach?

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    1989 325i with 6k tach?

    I have an 89' 325i sedan with a tach that shows a redline at ~5,300 RPM with a max of 6k RPM. To my understanding the 325i tach is supposed to got to 7k with the redline just above 6k. I've read that the 6k tach is a telltale of the "Super Eta" 88' 325, but mine is an 89, I've checked the Vin numbers (including making sure they all match!), the strut tower which describes the 2.5l engine, the ECU number, and just checked that it does have the double springs and 885 head that match the 325i. it all looks to be in order, so why will it only rev to 6k?? Any help is greatly appreciated, it's driving me nuts!!

    a PO probably swapped the instrument cluster.

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      Ok, is there a way to check that? I made sure the engine was at operating temp and checked the rev limiter, it bounced off 6k exactly, so it seems like the one that came in it.


        The scale of the 6K tach is going to be off for the 325i engine. It's likely that you're actually revving to 7K rpm, but the labeling on the tach is at 6K. The redline position is the same, just the labelling says 6K instead of 7K.

        Having a late model car, your cluster should have a small white coding plug in the bottom right hand corner on the front of the cluster, you'll have to remove the black plastic panel cover on the dashboard above the steering column to see it. There is a number on the code plug that corresponds to the different engines, this should tell you whether or not the cluster is the correct one for your car. You are correct that the 6K tach is for the "super ETA" cars.

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          ...except that the stock 325i rev limit is 6500.

          But, I suppose, PO. OP, did you see if your ECU had been opened?

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            If your car is in fact a 325i, then you can just swap the tach with a 7k one and the 325i coding plug which ends in PN 486.
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              The cluster was probably changed at some point (did you pull it out and check the VIN on the actual cluster?).

              Also, the 173 ECU rev limiter is not 6500. In the actual chip code, it's 6248 with a 120rpm buffer, so you will see closer to 6000 on the tach as it's bouncing - the actual maps even only go to 6000 and the ECU will hold those values above unless the chip file is manipulated to read higher.
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