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headlight issues- turn on brights and get no brights and one low beam shuts off.

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    headlight issues- turn on brights and get no brights and one low beam shuts off.

    I am not sure what the heck is wrong with this thing, but the low beams are fine, switch to high beams and only the right low beam stays on. All other lights are off. Any ideas? Thanks.

    Sealed beams? If so, the one lowbeam goes out because it's a two filament bulb with the "high" filament burned out.

    Highbeams could be burned out, fuse dead, or otherwise check the plug with a multimeter to see if you get power there
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      If one of your filaments are dust and you need a new set of headlights, I have a clean set of ellipsoids I can sell you for cheap


        I thought that when you put the brights on, all 4 sealed beams go on. Instead, turn the highs on and not only do the inside high beams stay off, but one low beam goes out. Does that help pinpoint? Thanks.


          Check fuses, Check 12v at your head light connectors.

          Id check the ground also at head light connector. Probably just bad bulbs.


            If you've got an '87 it originally came with sealed beam headlamps. The outer bulbs have two filaments ... one for low beam and one for high beam. The inner bulbs just have one filament for the high beam.

            If the car has been upgraded to ellipsoids from a later model car or to euro headlights, there is just one filament in each of the four bulbs.

            The wiring on the '87 does not support ellipsoids or euro headlights without some modification. We put a set of ellipsoids on our '87 es and had to do some creative wiring with diodes to get the low beams to stay on when the high beams were switched on.


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