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    Anyone fit BBS RS 005's over e36 M3 brakes?


      ^yes would like to know I have style 5 and I'm going 5 lug swap.

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        My whole setup as of now is e36 M3 front wheel hubs, steering knuckles, brakes, control arms, and M Coupe strut towers, dampers, and springs. Wheels are slightly offset towards the rear. Rear is complete Z3 1.9l trailing arm assembly including brakes, and Eibach Pro Kit/Bilstein Sports. Ireland Engineering 22mm/19mm sway kit is on the way. I believe I have 10/15mm spacers (not sure which, didn't measure) with E36 M3 DSII wheels.

        Pic from before I refreshed the front end with a new bumper/trim paint/splitter:

        If any of you have advice on front strut/damper/spring combos, please let me know. I'm not really sure how to approach upgrading it, I can't figure out what the hell my M Coupe front spring rates are. Is it true that I can use any 96+ e36 M3 damper/spring setup? What are the issues with caster/wheel fitment that I've heard and how are they remedied?

        I'm currently researching rear options as well, my Eibach Pro Kits are WAY too soft. I think I might look into a set of Ireland Engineering rear adjustable spring perches and 2 1/4" custom springs.

        Pic for reference of the squat I get when really on it:

        Alpinweiss II 88 325is | M20 | 5 Lug Conversion


          Spindle sleeves with brake caliper adapters sold by max. Running e36 front hubs and brakes but will upgrade to e46 330 when i have the money. For the rear i used m3 hubs with rongineers rear caliper adapters for e39 calipers and e46 325i rear rotor. I also have the 750 master cylinder. Car is on ground controls with IE 25\22 sway bars and all condor everything. Wheels are e39 style 5s with 235\40

          E30 M30 B35 Swap Mounts!


            Posting an update to my setup. I've yet to check part numbers on a few of these things.

            Springs: E30 H&R Race all around
            Anti-roll: Ireland Engineering 22mm/19mm sway kit
            Wheels: E36 M3 DSIIs (all fronts) with 225/45 R-17 Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3 all around
            ABS snipped by previous owner when doing swap
            Mismatched US/Metric hardware and shitty welding jobs galore by previous owner, fortunately none of the real important stuff

            E36 M3 Bilstein Sports
            E36 M3 strut mounts (redrilled by previous owner to reduce the ridiculous amount of negative camber that they would cause, about to replace these with GC plates because sketchy)
            E36 M3 96+ front control arms (I hope...)
            E36 M3 brakes, hubs, knuckles
            Offset poly CABs
            Ireland E30 M3/E36 M3 style adjustable sway bar drop links

            Z3 1.9l trailing arms (I think...)
            Z3 1.9l brakes, hubs (I also think..)
            E30 rear Bilstein Sports
            Welded in sway bar mount reinforcement
            Welded in some weird shit for the damper and idk why, I think it might be to clear the drive axles which isn't necessary

            ...Pretty sure the guy who owned my car like two owners ago had no clue what he was doing. If you look carefully you can see the misaligned passenger door (unoriginal) and giant dent behind it :D.

            Also heads up for those who run e30 springs, apparently this is okay but I was kinda sketched out about it:
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            Alpinweiss II 88 325is | M20 | 5 Lug Conversion


              Springs: E30 H&R Vert Specific Springs
              Wheels: E36 M3 DS1s with 215/40/17

              E36 M3 strut housings with Koni Inserts
              E36 M3 96+ front control arms
              E36 M3 brakes, hubs, knuckles
              Offset CABs

              Z3 I6 Hubs
              Z3 I6 brakes
              E30/z3 I6 bearings
              E30 rear Bilstein Sports

              Next to come is a complete Vert M-tech II kit sitting in my garage and paint


              How it sits now: need to get better pics


                Ok just read through this whole thread and a bit inspired.
                I recently purchased a 5-lug conversion set including

                96 M3 Calipers, Rotors, Hub, Control Arm, Strut body
                318ti rear trailing arm, caliper, rotor

                My first question is regarding the front. With the new E36M3 front setup, can I simply purchase coilover's designed for an E36M3 from manufacturers like KW or Stance, or would I need specific top hats designed for E30s? I know about the ground control kit specifically for 5 lug swapped cars but $1800 is a lot of money.


                  Front :
                  1. E36 bearing with Max399 front kits
                  2. E46 325i rotors
                  3. E46 325i calipers
                  4. E30 brake lines
                  5. E34 wheels 15x7 et.20 style 10

                  1. Z4 hubs
                  2. Custom made caliper brackets
                  3. E46 325i back plates
                  4. E46 325i rotors
                  5. E46 325i calipers
                  6. E30 brake lines
                  7. light weight 12mm spacers hub centric
                  8. E34 wheels 15x7 et.20 style 10

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                  [ETA - E30 Adapters] 5 Lug kit with e46m3 front and e46 325/328i rear brake setup
                  [ETA - E30 Adapters] - 5 Lug kit | DTM Shifter | DSSR
                  Transaction Feedback


                    Max399 Front hub sleeves
                    E36 front brakes
                    318ti Rear setup
                    Need to roll the rear fenders, rubbing over bumps :/
                    205/45/16 on E38 style 5s.
                    H&R sports/BilsteinSports and e90 front drop hats.
                    1985 325e M50TU(Sold)
                    1991 318is Slicktop (Sold)
                    1990 325is Brilliantrot S50/5 Lug Swapped.
                    1992 525i Manual shitbox Winter Beater


                      Don't want to spam the thread but figured everyone here will have a good idea. If I want to run a set of AC Schnitzer type 2 17x8.5 et 13 am I better to go with e30 m3 or e36 5 stud?

                      T U R B O - M 2 0 - B U I L D

                      M U S C C O O


                        e30 m3, and roll the crap outa yer fenders....
                        IG: @Baye30



                          I just completed my 5 lug swap with the following setup:

                          - e36 m3 (OBD2 / 1996+) front spindles and control arms. Control arms have e30 ball joints pressed in.
                          - e30 m3 offset FCABs
                          - Koni sport adjustable shocks for e36 m3 (inserts)
                          - e90 drop hats
                          - e30 vert H&R sport springs
                          - e36 m3 abs sensors soldered to e30 ABS leads (two wire instead of 3)
                          - E36 m3 calipers, rotors, pads


                          - z3 2.8L rear hubs
                          - z3 2.8L rear calipers/brackets/rotors
                          - e36 m3 rear pads
                          - e36 325is e brake shoes
                          - e30 e brake cables
                          - e30 OEM trailing arm w/ new e30 wheel bearing
                          - e30 vert H&R sport springs

                          Wheels/Tires: e36 m3 DS2's (7.5") w/ 225/40/17 tires all around.

                          No caster problems. Decent ride height. No fender rolling needed so far.


                            That's our customer 5lug conversion on our custom LCA.

                            Bmw e30 with m50b25nonVanos

                            It's front axle/hub's from e36
                            cheap coilover's
                            +30% angle adapter's

                            Second customer have prototype of our's suspension set 70 derees lock. CNC LCA + 70 degrees angle adapter's and top mount's - camber/caster plate.

                            Engine is m50b25 too.
                            ISC coilover's (front from e36, rear from skyline)
                            e36 hub's

                            Visit our FB

                            World quality custom part's for your race/drift/drag BMW, in low cost money.



                              I'm in the process of building 24 Hour of LeMons car out of the 318 Ti. Im going to convert the front end to E36 M3 spindles for bigger brakes options and M Roadster rear subframe/suspension. I will be removing & selling the original Ti parts. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing these items for a 5 lug conversion.


                                [ETA] 5 Lug kits e46m3 front and e46 325/328i rear brake setup
                                Here the FS thread...
                                Custom ATS DTC 17x7.5 et.27 wheels all corners
                                Falken 215/45 all corners

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                                [ETA - E30 Adapters] 5 Lug kit with e46m3 front and e46 325/328i rear brake setup
                                [ETA - E30 Adapters] - 5 Lug kit | DTM Shifter | DSSR
                                Transaction Feedback