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    Originally posted by MR 325 View Post
    235/40 should look about perfect on there, I wouldn't worry.
    what about considering it's the same size tire (235/40) on a 7.5" wide wheel up front and 8.5" in back? I mean technically, with the stretch won't there be less "height" on the sidewall?

    matt; those are real contours I'd assume. but I don't see the ///m logo?

    anyone want to buy bridgestone re050's, 225/45/17 up front 245/40/17 in back? tons of tread left, will sell cheap.
    Originally posted by blunt
    can you get me a deal on cases of their (fiji) bottled water? i wash my 02 in that shit


      very nice... Did you get these from NC?


        I'm such a wheels whore :)

        Staggered style 68. 245/40 in the rear don't rub and fenders still aren't rolled. Had a tiny scrape when I packed everything up for the picnic. Front 225/45 still scrapes on the inside wall at full lock.

        Tires are Fuzion ZRi, incredible handling now.
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          aptyp... moar pics demanded.

          "BMW Style 32 Poster-Child"
          **(My Guide to E36 M3/Z3 1.9L 5-lug Swap)


            :) this is a pic Dan took yesterday, I am yet to go out for a photoshoot. Maybe tonight.

            new one to edit in
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              SSR Comp-H 17x8.5", Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec 235/40ZR17 all the way around. Bilstein Sports and IE Stage 3 springs, GC Camber/Caster Plates and Adjustable Links up front, IE adjusters in the back with urethane bushings in all the places that count. '99 M3 setup up front including the rack, 318ti rears. Rebuilt calipers, brass guide pins, slotted rotors, and Vorshlag 15mm spacers with 90mm studs up front, no spacers and 75mm studs in the back. I'm sure there's other stuff I'm not thinking of...

              Aligned for autocross w/ light street driving as follows:

              -2.3 deg camber front
              -1.3 deg camber rear
              1/8" toe out front
              1/16" toe in rear
              9.3 deg caster (I could take more out but the strut towers have to be modified a bit to allow more adjustment with the GC plates).

              Anyway, it was a LOT of work to do by myself, but I'm very pleased with the results.
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                Originally posted by mw044 View Post
                -e36 compact rear hubs
                -e34 m5 discs + calipers (300x20)
                I know this was posted like 6 months ago, but....

                Did you have to do anything special to get those e34 m5 brakes fit in the rear with the e36 compact setup?


                All-Red/MHW style Professional Tinted Tail lights
                PnP EMS, fuel injectors, wideband o2 systems


                  17x8 with 215/45s I go through wheels a bit too fast.

                  need to wash and finish little things before a meet.


                    Originally posted by Aptyp View Post

                    17x8 with 215/45s I go through wheels a bit too fast.

                    need to wash and finish little things before a meet.
                    Thats looks great buddy!


                      Kinda late to the party, but here is my setup:

                      e36 325 front spindles/modified e36 m3 front struts to use e30 inserts
                      J-Stock pkg re-valved bilstein sports
                      GC coilovers(440f)/Camber plates
                      97+M3 control arms
                      AKG poly offset bushings
                      Bimmerworld E36 camber shim kit

                      318ti TA's
                      Poly bushings all around
                      GC (650r)springs


                      17x7 et47 330 steelies

                      17x8 style 44s

                      15x7 et30 e30 m3 weaves

                      The style 44s are sold, I gave the weaves to my sister for winter tires for her e36 but those fucking steelies all bent on me so i'll be running the weaves for this season untill i get enough cash flow for some contours or DS2s..With m3 brakes of course:p


                        This thread is still delivering. Keep em coming guys!

                        "BMW Style 32 Poster-Child"
                        **(My Guide to E36 M3/Z3 1.9L 5-lug Swap)


                          18x8.5 BBS LM's wheels
                          Full 5 lug (stud) conversion
                          Wilwood 6pot SL-6 Front calpiers with 332mm front rotors
                          M-coupe full floating rear calpiers with 315mm rear rotors
                          fully cert'd braided brake lines lines
                          Audi v8/88 25mm master cylinder / mkII 1.3 golf booster.
                          E30 M3 front struts
                          Koni two way adjusitbles shocks
                          Eibach 525f/700r pound springs
                          Modified eye control arm bushes / linkage
                          M3 sway bar linkages
                          Ground control fully adjustible coilover conversion kit.
                          Camber/caster full adjustible top plates.
                          M-coupe/roadster rear trailing arms
                          M-coupe/roadster half shafts
                          M-coupe/roadster hubs/bearings
                          Adjustible rear shock top mounts.

                          About to change to 18 x 8.5 and 18 x 9.5 rear LMs (second set) and yes, it will be lowered soon once panel work is done.

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                            What offset are your rear wheels? Are the M-Coup trailing arms not longer like the Z3 2.8l ones are? I tried the Z3 2.8 ones and there was no way in hell they were going to fit, but your setup looks great.

                            The picture in my sig is with the Z3 2.8l trailing arm installed the wheels are 18x8.5 et 40. Fender crunch city.
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                            e30 Sold long ago - Too many BMWs since then... For now 2006 M5


                              the rear offset is et30 @ 8.5 in that photo .. my rear 9.5's are et32 which I calculated that they would stick out 10.7mm more which is what I will pump the gaurds to clear.


                                Originally posted by daniel View Post
                                setup: e36 m3/318ti
                                wheels: old - MOMO Mirage 16x7.5 ET35
                                new - BBS RZ aka Style 5's 16x8 ET23
                                tires: 225/40-16 Toyo T1R's
                                suspension: Z3M Coupe H&R Coilovers

                                if anyone wants to buy these MOMOs for cheap, let me know.

                                Wait what who?

                                were you able to fit the m3 brakes in both those wheels?