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    Originally posted by Staszek View Post
    Let me think about that one. Haha I gave advice 10 years ago and it worked lol :)
    Any thoughts on this? I’ve read a few places 245’s fit the rear with some fender love but I haven’t seen anything about the front. I’m not a huge fan of staggered setups otherwise it wouldn’t be an issue.


      Originally posted by dmjensen View Post
      Any thoughts on this? I’ve read a few places 245’s fit the rear with some fender love but I haven’t seen anything about the front. I’m not a huge fan of staggered setups otherwise it wouldn’t be an issue.
      The fronts have more room than the backs, but you do have to worry about the struts.

      My 225's are rubbing slightly in the rear on a 16x8 ET23, H&R Sport, I think my problem is the spring pads are small, I am going to try and adjust first. I do have room on the inside, I think you will need fender love on 245s. You could go 225 front 245 rear.
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        Alright guys, so I started out with some 15x7 rs001. I bought some 2.5" lips for the front and 3" for the rear. my question is, would i be able to fit a 205/50? or is my only option a 195? fenders are rolled since I was running 16x9 esms on 205/45/16 and had no rubbing issues.

        Edit: Sitting on BC coils
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          Hi guys,

          I just bought a set of Azev Type E wheels for my E30 sedan. I think this wheel design suits E30 body. But I think I might encounter a slight problem with fitment. The wheel spec is 17x8.5 et13. And yes I'm looking to go with a slightly aggressive fitment. But I'm not going super low suspension setup. Maybe sport springs will do just fine for me.

          Is it possible to fit this wheel setup in a sedan without widebody? Since my car need some bodywork, I dont mind rolling and pulling the fenders a bit. Any suggestions?


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            Those look sweet. Might want to post your suspension setup and if you’re 4/5 lug. Post pics when finished please, I want to see those mounted.


              Originally posted by mbonanni View Post
              Those look sweet. Might want to post your suspension setup and if you’re 4/5 lug. Post pics when finished please, I want to see those mounted.
              Thanks mate. I personally like the design. Moving away from BBS' and Alpinas. Trying something new so to speak. This wheel is a 5 lug setup. I think it is 5 series spec so that explains the offset. Suspnsion wise, I'm thinking either getting Eibach or H&R springs. Currently I'm running Bilstein shocks. So, no crazy low setup here.

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                Will it fit?

                8x15 ET20 205/50/15

                Does this fit on a 325i Model:1986 ? (its lowered 60mm/60mm)


                  Bit of a basic bitch question but wanting to confirm something before I order custom adapters...

                  Wheels are 15x7 Et20, and I have 195/55/15 Dunlop Direzza's for them already. I am needing adapters because the wheels are 4x98, and wobble bolts wont work because the wheels have a ball lug seat not the typical conical seat.

                  The smallest spacer adapters I can get and feel safe about running are 17mm thick. This fitment will work correct? Not looking for poke at all.

                  Suspension is H&R super sport springs and Koni adjustable yellow struts.
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                    Just looking for a input on 5x120 17x10 et13 or et22 I’m the rear on a e30 couple

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                      Looking for input and advise on the following wheel fitment, recommended tires and size, and possible fender mods needed? Here are all the details, let me know if it sounds right.

                      1989 325i Sedan (E30) Factory Suspension - Plan on running it this way for a while but also plan on upgrading to coilovers in the future. I do not have a brand picked out just yet. Once settled, I will be doing a max drop of 1.5" all around. (suggestions for suspension are appreciated as this may change fitment of wheels)

                      Own a set of Silver Avid.1 - AV19's they are spec'd at 16x8 ET25 4x100 w/ a center bore of 73.1mm

                      Thinking of running a 215/50/16 - (Recommendations here also appreciated)

                      Was told by a tire shop that I may need a 5mm spacer for fitment to clear the strut (this makes since, maybe a 3mm or so in reality.)

                      If I am going to get spacers, I would prefer Hubcentric 15mm that are lipped to also accommodate the 57.1mm to 73.1mm Center Bore adapter for proper fitment and stability all around when mounted. This in turn will make the offset +10. This will also require 40mm shank extended Lug Bolts, instead of the 26mm factory ones..

                      I am afraid the wheel and tire combo (16x8 w/ 215/50/16) will not clear the fenders with the 15mm spacers without heavy rolling. I will consider a small stretch for fitment if necessary to run the 15mm spacers but do not want to go any lower than a 205 tire.

                      Any ideas before I buy the rubber and slap it together?
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                        Bump. Any advise on the 16x8 ET25 Set Up above? Looking to order tires soon and leaning towards 205/45/16 now.. seems to be the look I am gunning for. Any Tire suggestions in that size.


                          Current Setup:

                          elcoy/nasieg kit w/ e46m3 calipers (+12mm from hubs)
                          Stock springs (for clearance?)

                          elcoy/nasieg kit e39 540i calipers w/ E30M3 Hub (+12.5mm spacer)
                          E36 Sport springs +12mm pad spacer

                          Running 17.7x5 et40 M3 Contours w/ 215/45r17 tires

                          Im looking for a 16in wheel to run. I tried the BBS RZ469 16x8 et23 w/ 205/45r16 but it needed a spacer. All I had on hand was a 7mm spacer and there was a lot of poke.

                          Current Setup for ref:

                          Style 5 RZ469 205/45r16 et23

                          Not too much stretch 205 on an 8in rim.

                          Can anyone recommend a 16in 7-7.5in wheel that will clear the e46m3 calipers? I'd like to have a bit more sidewall and a lighter rim. I'd prefer a 205/45 tire as they are common and cheap.
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                            Originally posted by RickInABox View Post
                            Looking for some confirmation on tire sizes / fitment:

                            I have a set of 16" Style 5s from a e38 7 series that I wanted to put on my e30 with ( blox ?) 18mm 5 lug adapters.
                            Was planning on buying 205/45 R16 tires. Car suspension is all stock, but hoping to move to a Bilstein struts with H&R sport shocks here shortly.

                            Will this fit without any additional work and not rub?

                            Follow Up:

                            For anyone that comes across this: for the stock suspension: fender rolling helped it not rub under acceleration, will need to have it pulled to not rub over bumps


                              bbs rc090 wheels hitting calipers

                              hi i was wondering if anyone here can help me i know you must of seen this-question a million times tried looking on the forum but could not find it

                              i recently purchased a set of bbs rc090 style 5s and had them filled and redrillled 4x100 to fit my e30 325is

                              i went to mount them and they are rubbing the caliper bracket i shaved the caliper brakes down little and still rubbing went to a 3mm spacer still rubbing stacked the spacer to 6mm still rubbing went to 10mm and not rubbing the issue i have is that front wheels they stick out way to much for my liking inturn probably going to rub my fenders as well. scared to drive on the this way was wondering if you guys had any info that can help

                              THINGS TO KNOW

                              THE FRONT WHEELS ARE THE ONLY PROBLEM
                              IM RUNNING STOCK BRAKES AND CALIPERS

                              any info or insight will help thanks


                                So right now I have Style 5's on the car and want to use a set of salad shooters I got. See the pic for the set ups compared. My question is can you stretch a 205 tire on a 8.5" rim?

                                I'm using bloxsport adapters, 17mm up front and 20mm rear.

                                I Just want to make sure everything fits underneath before I buy tires.

                                Fenders are already slightly rolled for current setup.
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