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ar design: E28 LSx Turbo Build

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    Got the 5.3 out of a 2003 Silverado. And cleaning up engine bay. Getting rid of the LS7 cam, probably going to go with something a bit more aggressive.


      this dude ain't playin


        Update..... Got the motor apart. Regapping the top rings to .026. They are .015 currently. Bottom rings are fine, no need to re-gap. Broke one of the OEM rings, had to get a set of new ones, $49. OEM pistons were FILTHY. So much carbon. And the oil control rings were totally gummed up / frozen. Once finished re-gapping rings, installed some ARP2000 rod bolts (pre-01 motors have weak rod bolts), got a Weldon 2035 pump and a Weldon 2040 FPR off eBay. And my Tex Racing T101 showed up today! Turns out the seller DID include the shift linkage ($$$) and all I need is a shift rod. W00!

        Right now, shopping for a NASCAR triple plate clutch on eBay.

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          How much power are you expecting/shooting for?

          Originally posted by SpasticDwarf;n6449866
          Honestly I built it just to have a place to sit and listen to Hotline Bling on repeat.


            wow, this will be super awesome when its done. i am in the process of doing this to another car right now (84 regal t-type, 4.8, ls9 cam, garrett 67mm rear mount setup), but i have barely started, and i have a e28 sitting in my driveway that needs a motor...
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            Originally posted by BillBrasky
            That's like Vlad challenging Chip Foose to a car painting contest.
            Originally posted by acolella76
            i'm pretty sure 'Phillis' is short for syphilis
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            1994 tercel, 5efhe swap, i/h/e
            1984 t-type, 5.3/th350 swap in progress

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              I'm getting a lovely tingling feeling that you know exactly what you're doing and this is going to be off-the-charts awesome.
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                  Originally posted by lambo View Post
                  How much power are you expecting/shooting for?


                    getting ancy :P, update? erm.. This is gonna be killer :)

                    Originally posted by chadthestampede
                    I'm just wondering why you didn't drift out of harm's way.


                      Billet Alternator flip kit from

                      Triple disk Quartermaster 7.25" clutch, NASCAR takeoff, $180 FTW!

                      NGK Spark Plugs $2/ea

                      Lakewood Bellhousing for transmission... SFI Certified

                      Heads back from machine shop. Springs/retainers installed, decked, cleaned up, installed height checked, etc. $226.

                      Installing eBay head studs. LOL

                      Welded 10AN return fittings to the GTO pan

                      Dem ports iz HUGE!

                      Headgaskets installed

                      And I purchased a sweet Southbend manual lathe. Its a beast!


                        I'm super jelly of that lathe.

                        And the laser-cutting on that alternator bracket... holy shit.
                        1991 318i SOLD
                        2003 325i SOLD

                        Racecars and stuff.


                          wtf are those wires stuck on top of that block-off plate? Heart monitors?


                            More progress!!!!!!!!!!

                            Engine and transmission are mated......

                            Getting ready to go in.....

                            Come to papa!

                            Almost there.....

                            Transmission ended up needing more room. So....we decided to give it more room!

                            And its in!! Engine mounts and transmission mounts are done, pics of those when I get them out of car. Engine mounts are available for sale.

                            GTO oil pan fits perfectly, no mods!

                            Taking undercoating off to weld new tranny crossmember in....

                            Fabricating a new tunnel, and pushing the firewall back to make room for the exhaust.... ;)

                            Flanges for tunnel to attach to via DZUS fasteners.

                            Intercooler core... its HUGE! 4.5" thick!



                              This man knows what he is doing!!