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Has your E30 tried to kill you?

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    Originally posted by chadthestampede View Post
    You forgot the part where you NFS drifted in between the rocks.

    dorifto s4v3d muh lyfe
    Oh snap! sorry i left that out. ;)
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      Mine hit me in the head...

      Came off the shitty widow maker jack, I had just finished with rear coilover install and was adjusting the ride height, saw the speedo plug out so figured I would pop it in quickly. Car shifted sideways and diff smacked my pip. Luckily I had the forsight to put the wheel I had removed under the rocker so it didn't come down too far...

      Still scary as shit. Never will I use the stock jack again.


        I keep a floor Jack in my trunk To avoid using the widow maker . Havent really been let down by my car after owning it a year now. Nor has it tried to kill me, Im OCD about jacking up my car and supporting it.
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          Originally posted by b*saint View Post
          I nicked my knuckle on the alternator fan. I guess more of a bite.


            Originally posted by Cabriolet View Post
            lost the entire wheel on the freeway. rear left wheel. once. towed home.

            lost the bottom bolt on my front right caliper. locked the wheel on a highway in the hills.

            over heated once. towed home

            blew a tire.

            caught the interior on fire.

            r12 line blew and fogged up the whole inside of the car.

            been also towed home for:
            the timing mark breaking off the flywheel.
            hitting a curb in the dark and breaking the control arm.
            fuel pump died on a track day.
            Holy shit. Cars hate you.
            paint sucks


              Mine tried to kill me, but I killed it first.

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                what the hell happened?!


                  ^----OUCH! That went over a few times I am guessing.
                  I had a caliper bolt come out one time on my right front caliper. I happened while on the freeway so I drive quite some time. The first place I came to that I had to slow down was a interchange ramp. The right front wheel locked because the caliper logged it self against the inside of the wheel. I spun around at 55 mph. Fastest 360 I have ever done. Best part is a cop saw it all and it was 2am so he thought I was drunk.
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                  The ugly car:


                    hood falls onto my head

                    starter shocks me and started a lil fire :o

                    brake bracket bolt backed out on freeway and caliper started grinding the inside on my rim
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                    Originally posted by JinormusJ
                    But of course
                    E30s are know to be notoriously really really really ridiculously good looking


                      spring compressor broke when nearly fully compressed. i felt it snap and got the fuck out of the wheel well. a chunk of it just barely grazed my head.
                      AWD > RWD


                        stock height
                        drum brakes
                        no abs
                        shit tires
                        sealed beams
                        dark canyons
                        no guard rails
                        ex girl w/ friend
                        high pitched screaming
                        loose gravel shoulder

                        Barely slid to a stop with my front wheels inches from the cliff. fyi this is Woosley cyn CA
                        Also like one of the only turns without a guard rail.

                        Stock jack falling while changing a flat sat on my rear drums & almost crushed my leg.

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                          Originally posted by Kershaw View Post
                          spring compressor broke when nearly fully compressed. i felt it snap and got the fuck out of the wheel well. a chunk of it just barely grazed my head.
                          I HATE using spring compressors!

                          a tip for removing stock springs up front (assuming you aren't putting them back in). Lay the strut on some grass. stand on the spring. Use an impact to pop the top nut free. it will "pop" but it's not going to hurt anything since you are standing on the spring. no scary as hell spring compressors ready to explode in your face with 400+ lbs of pressure, and it's way faster too.
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                            Originally posted by Good & Tight View Post
                            Mine tried to kill me, but I killed it first.

                            Something about that picture makes me imagine Otis with a turbo manifold in each hand screaming "come at me bro!"

                            Originally posted by JinormusJ
                            Don't buy an e30

                            They're stupid
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