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$500 to the first person to tell me where I can find Speedracer_2002

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    $500 to the first person to tell me where I can find Speedracer_2002

    Hi guys,

    I'm active on and in the last week, our own member Speedracer_2002 put up a fabulous for sale ad for many sought-after 2002 parts.


    Of these parts, I sent over $1400 as gift for a set of BBS RS 003 wheels and euro turn signals. I know, sending money as gift was a bad idea, but he requested it and was backed by another member on the FAQ as being good to do business with. Not only that, but he is an active member on multiple sites of which I saw no suspicion of harmful activity such as fraud.

    As of today, multiple parties have sent him thousands of dollars and they all received the same tracking numbers. He "sold" the same parts over and over to a few parties and we are now starting to uncover the truth, and just how much he made away with.

    But I'm not here to talk about that.

    This man stole from many, and I intend to take back what is mine.
    I will provide information on him and if you can help me out, I'd be happy to extend a cash reward for his location and whereabouts.

    Here is what I do know:

    His name is nether Adam West, nor Matt Sandoval. These are two names he's been using as aliases the last week or so on the FAQ.

    His name is likely Don Anderson and here is his instagram page:

    Here is his r3vlimited account:

    Here is a post stating that he does hobby photography. Deductive reasoning dictates that he runs the facebook page Speed Shift Studios.

    Another email he has used. Not sure if valid or not.

    Another photo giving more solidity to the notion that he runs Speed Shift Studios.

    His facebook page. If you go the link now, he has hidden his phone number from the public. I'm 100% positive that this is him now. I called this morning and spoke to someone about his "photography". I asked about the BBS wheels on the blue e30 and he told me the exact specs on them, then quickly mentioned that he doesn't know the owner and cut me off short. Said his name was George (this is a lie). The phone number is valid. This is a good clue and should be used carefully.

    He has since gone MIA. He shut down the email address used to communicate with all buyers.

    This is a call for help, though I don't want anyone doing it for free. I will happily compensate everyone who provides good information. If you have a better solution on how to find this guy, please let me know.

    I don't stand for people ripping off others, especially when I am on the receiving end. Help me end this.

    $500 to the party who helps me nail this guy down.

    best email is ryandanco1 @ gmail . com

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    Holy crap, this is ridiculous. Hopefully the truth will be uncovered!


    After doing some digging around I found that the phone number is local to Albuquerque, NM. Then by looking up the # I found his "True Street Cars" account.
    He also uses the same 505 phone number on multiple for sale ads dating back a couple of years, so I am assuming that it's his real #.
    On there he's done multiple shoots with other members in the 505 area/Albuquerque so his location is confirmed.
    He uses the same Speed Shift Studios watermark, so I agree that that is his photography page.

    Link showing theoretical location on a map.
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      This is a situation where I'd go to Albequrque (Phone area code), get a burner phone, Call the phone for speed shift studios, and set up a photography session under an alias.

      Get him in person, with police in tow waiting on the wayside and a police report of the theft of cash with nothing to show for it, and BAM. If it isn't him, info will spew out like crazy. But I live in a small town and we can do stuff like that.

      Either way, I'm scouring. Any way you can provide a header from an email?
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        wow. not sure I can help but def sub'd. Hope everyone gets there money back

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          The minute I have information on where he lives, where his family lives (not for malicious intent, more like to tell his parents how much of a dickhead their son is), I will be flying there. I want to know his friends, I already have a lead on his ex gf via instagram.

          His life will be very uncomfortable from this moment on.

          Another clue:

          Notice the two guys who commented. One has owned the car, the other owns the car (at the time this photo was taken).

          Send our money back and this will be done right here and now.
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            damn this is moving quick!! Nice digging Danco

            '73 2002 m20 turbo [sold] '87 rat rod 325is [couch modded] '91 vert [daily] '88 325is [spec build v1] '84 325 [spec build v2] '99 323i vert [sold]




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                Originally posted by TurboJake View Post


                Originally posted by speedracer SVT View Post
                Ya sure just call or txt 505-205-9069 or 505-803-4820
                And his SIG pic... same as header pic of his Facebook that TurboJake posted

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                  Originally posted by yellow2000S/R View Post

                  And his SIG pic... same as header pic of his Facebook that TurboJake posted

                  In his photos are ones straight from the speed shift too. Zero question about it.
                  Again, can you provide me with a header from an email correspondence? They have IP tracing built in to them.

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                    Here ya go bud, I've been in your position before.






                        '73 2002 m20 turbo [sold] '87 rat rod 325is [couch modded] '91 vert [daily] '88 325is [spec build v1] '84 325 [spec build v2] '99 323i vert [sold]


                          He seems to be active on try posting this on there?
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                            Originally posted by AbsorbantNut View Post

                            That number also brings up a Sherry Daily at a different address. I'd tread lightly.

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                              catch him, can't wait to see it. bring a go pro and the cops.