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Buyers Beware: My experience with A.J. Lamport "Low Level"

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    Buyers Beware: My experience with A.J. Lamport "Low Level"

    This post serves as a community warning to anybody considering purchasing items from Adrian “A.J.” Lamport, username Low Level. This is a documentation of my purchasing experience with him, based on the purchase of a 1997 328i that I purchased in November of 2006 from A.J. This post is not meant to be slanderous; I simply want to share my negative experience with buying from A.J. He has numerous high-dollar items from sale on r3vlimited right now. I have also read numerous other stories from buyers who had similar experiences to mine. However, I will not speak on their behalf. If anybody would like to share a similar story, feel free to post it in this thread. I ask of the mods that this post is allowed to remain in the General Discussion forum, so it will gain more exposure.

    The story began in early November, 2006. My car had been on the market for a while. I had an interested party from Georgia who contacted me, showing interest in the car. The same day, I had happened to find an E36 for sale in the same area of Georgia that interested me. After a few days on the phone with each party, we agreed that the 3 of us would meet up in Georgia and I would sell my car and proceed to buy the E36.

    Adrian “A.J.” Lamport (username Low Level) was the individual I was buying the E36 from. He was nice on the phone in describing the condition of the car, and told me that he was including various parts in the sale of the car, including an M3 front bumper, M3 3.23 LSD differential, all the stock lights, some extra trim, etc. We agreed on a price, and I told A.J. that I’d meet him in Georgia on Saturday morning with cash to buy the car. A mutual friend of A.J. and I who lives in my area drove up with me to keep me company and see A.J.

    Things went well with the sale of my car. The E36 was as described, but this is where the first issue arose. A.J. didn’t have the title or any of the parts with him. He failed to mention this on the phone with me prior to me driving to Georgia. This sent up a red flag for me, but A.J. reassured me that all my parts were still in Germany and that they’d be stateside by the end of December or early January. He also said that the title was in the possession of the credit union he used to purchase the car, which turned out to be true. He told me he’d overnight the title to me that Monday and I’d have it Tuesday. Since A.J. has been a fellow E30 community member for many years, and I knew guys who vouched for him, I decided to go for it and I drove the car back from Georgia.

    The first week went by with no sign of the title. A.J. was apparently having a hard time with the credit union in securing the title. This went on week after week for 6 weeks. All the while I am driving the car every day with my tail between my legs, hoping I don’t get pulled over with no title (I did have it on insurance luckily). Finally, after 6 weeks, I received the title. Got it registered, etc. etc. Now I just had to wait for the parts that he promised with the sale.

    Come mid-January, I started asking A.J. again when I’d be receiving the parts. Not yet he said, they were still in Germany. No problem, I wasn’t in a big hurry for them anyways. He told me it’d be a couple more weeks, probably by mid-February at the latest.

    I did not want to pester A.J. by calling him a lot, so I dropped him a PM/email about once a month from there on out asking him for the status of the parts. Every time, it was the same old story. They weren’t in yet. Up until July, when the parts arrived in the states. Finally, he had an answer that he had the parts. Up until this point, A.J. had continued to be civil and friendly about the issue, although I was getting peaved that it was 8 months after I bought the car and I still didn’t have the parts that were promised with the sale, that were of course assumed to be with the car when I picked it up from Georgia.

    In the beginning of July when the parts arrived from Germany, A.J. assured me I’d have them right away. He told me I’d probably have to pay for shipping on them. This started to set me off. The parts that were included with the sale of my car, that I had no idea were still in Germany, I would have to pay to ship to myself? I told him no, I would not be paying for the shipping. A.J. was not too happy about this, but simply told me we would address it when the time came for him to ship the items.

    At about this point, I started asking A.J. for updates weekly since the parts were in the states and there was no further reason for them to be delayed. A.J. started to ignore my PM’s/emails, so I started calling him. He ignored my phone calls.

    Finally, about 5 weeks later, A.J. snapped back and told me he is sick and tired of me hounding him about the parts. He told me, and I quote: “I'll get to it when I'm good and ready. I am goddamn sick and tired of your badgering. I am absolutely NOT inclined to keep running to you every time something changes, especially considering this is all on my penny.” Outraged, I couldn’t take it anymore. These are parts that I owned, not A.J., that I had been waiting for 10 months!

    At this point, I figured all was lost and I would never be receiving these parts. At this point, our mutual friend, the one that had drove up with me to pick up the car, called A.J. to chat. During the conversation, he mentioned to A.J. that he still owed me some parts, and wanted to know what was going on with that. A.J. lost it, and proceeded to curse out our friend for a solid 5 minutes. He went on to say that “if T.J. wants his fucking parts he can call me about it himself.” This is after I gave up calling and PM’ing him after 10 months because it was the same old excuses every time, or he would simply ignore me. He was ignoring my phone calls at this point, nonetheless.

    Finally, in the second week of August, A.J. informed me that my parts had been shipped down to me. A whopping 10 months later, and a whole lot of stress, crap-slinging, name calling (all on A.J.’s part, mind you), I had my parts. I have not spoken to him since. He continues to carry himself as an upstanding, valued seller and member of the E30 community. I ask you to reconsider if you are thinking about buying any parts from A.J., although he certainly has many high dollar, desirable, rare parts for sale. My experience, and the experience of others, should speak towards the selling ethic and the personal morals of Adrian Lamport.

    Thank you for reading this post. My intentions are to look out for my fellow E30 and BMW enthusiasts, and to explain in depth my dealings with A.J. “Low Level.”

    His username suits his personality well.


      thanks for the heads up.
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          That sucks TJ. I am glad you are done and all is finally well. I know what a hassle it is to be in that situation and appreciate that you took the time to give us this heads up.

          I now await the response of the subject of this post. That will speak volumes to his true nature.

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            I have met Adrian and spoke with him a bit, I thought he was areally nice guy and never had a problem with him. Hope everything works out for you.


              Seems like a thought through & well written post on your part TJ. Let's hope this AJ fellow can explain his side of the coin here, as from your warning & talking to you on the side I'm inclined to heed your warning unless this guy has some pretty resonable answers for his conduct.

              It's not how you handle the good times, but the faith you keep in the bad that defines you.


                AJ already expresses to me that if I ever made a feedback thread about him he'd swallow his pride and not post in it. Plus, what's he going to say that would make me happy about the situation? Somewhere around the 8 month mark he poured out his life story to try and make me feel guilty about pressuring him for the parts, and it made me sympathize slightly until his actinos in month 9 & month 10, where he showed his true colors.


                  shits wizzeeeak.

                  best of luck son.


                    TJ , you have a lot of patience . Thumbs up.
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                      I just bought $1000 worth of parts from A.J, he now lives on Long Island, he was very nice and helpful, he has tons of rare Euro parts. I guess, based on this experience, you just have to verify and make sure that he has the parts ready to be shipped before you buy them
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                        Originally posted by vlad View Post
                        I just bought $1000 worth of parts from A.J, he now lives on Long Island, he was very nice and helpful, he has tons of rare Euro parts. I guess, based on this experience, you just have to verify and make sure that he has the parts ready to be shipped before you buy them
                        From what I've heard from others, it doesn't really matter whether he has it or not. It matters whether or not he wants to send it to you at the time or not. Even the guy that bought my E30 bought a set of iS side skirts from AJ for the E30 and last I heard it had been weeks with no contact and no sign of the skirts.


                          damn theif


                            poo poo

                            I have to admit, you have more patience than me. I bought some wheels from him. I was happy to find them and the price was right for what he advertised them as. Unfortunatly what was described as some curb rash ended up to be a large portion of the lip to be missing and one of the spokes cracked. I was lucky it was repairable, but cost me an aditional $150 and a couple weeks. I im'd him that I didnt think he was realistic about the condition and thought it would be fair if he gave me a partial refund. He never responded.

                            I thought about posting my experience but didnt, I only have around 60 posts on the forum and didnt want to be the noob winer.

                            I'm going to ask a hell of alot more questions and require good pics of anything I buy in the future.



                              thats awesome.

                              I dont wanna say any names or anything. But i have owned a set of 650 dollar Konig remembers for 10 months to!

                              haven't seen them yet.

                              So awesome...