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1989 E30 320i 2.8 Stroker

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    1989 E30 320i 2.8 Stroker

    // Sorry for the gigantic pictures, they are off facebook I'll upload them on some image hosting site where I can get forum sized links later.

    Hi guys!

    My name is Filip, I am from Belgrade - Serbia and my first, current and only car is 1989 E30 320i with 2.8l m20 stroker engine.
    I haven't really cared about cars that much untill I started playing NFS: World with an E30 M3 as my main car - I knew that I had to have an E30. Everything I learned about cars, engines, modifications etc. I learned because of this car.

    I bought it by the end of January 2014, stock 320i with power steering and limited slip differential as options. It was pretty riced by the previous owner as you can see from the pictures:

    As a student I haven't really had that much of money to tackle all of the imperfections at a fast pace, so I started slowly one item per month :)

    Firstly I got the remotec wheels 16x7.5 (borbet a copy), then followed the smoked headlights with angel eyes, stock bumper and spoiler, and the removal of the rice plastic skirts under which was a bit of corrosion so I had to get that dealt with. Unfortunately paint was badly matched so you can see a color difference from a plane...

    As for the interior first thing was to get a three spoke wheel (now I have the m tech 2 wheel but I have not taken pictures), get rid of all the "carbon" and bmw stickers, and finally the e36 leather seats for which I made the mounting adapters by diagrams I found on this forum. Thank you very much for those :)

    A couple of nice pictures from that "era":

    Now comes the stroker adventure.
    A "friend" of mine suggested me a "mechanic" that would do the 2.7l stroker out of my m20b20. m70 pistons, m21 crank, boring out the block to 84mm, new bearings, gaskets, oil, etc. Basically only bottom end work. But for my inexperienced self that was ok, especially since I had nobody to tell me "son this is not how it is done". Work was finished in 3 days, got the car and it ran quite better so I was satisfied. Yet when I got home there was rattling noise coming from the engine. He took the car and fixed it, one piston was bad (I guess the outer rim was eater) so he replaced it and all is ok. As he said "m70 has 12 pistons, I took 6 of them and I don't know which is bad which isn't". Sounds logical so I bought that "claim".

    After some time I got the m20b25 injectors and m20b25 intake manifold with throttle body. I installed them at a local shop and the result was that I got more power at top but less at bottom of the powerband. I went to get a chip and the result was miserable: 130hp and 204nm (at the engine). That sucked but it still ran quite better than when it was 2.0.

    After some time I got a job and it was a time to do a real thing: m20b25 head with new dbilas 282/272 camshaft and rocker arms. The "mechanic" also installed me a crank "which he shall not name" so I can get 2.8l of displacement (from m51 as I later found out), m30b35 injectors were used. I've got VEMS v3.5 in the meantime so I went to bobosport chiptuning to get the ecu running and mapped. m50 tps was used, AFM was removed and in its place was a pipe with IAT sensor, custom pulley for the cam and map was done via tps/rpm i.e AlphaN mapping. Result was 180hp / 5410rpm, 276nm / 4368rpm and a ton of spilled oil and coolant.

    Still not enough power, I agreed that we should do the headwork and while the head is off we can see why are the oil and coolant spilling out. Well it was a disaster, crankshaft had axial play (tolerance was terrible), bearings were red, piston was totally eaten, bore was shaped like an egg, bolts were cracked etc. Guys calculated the static compression ratio and it was 6.46:1

    Guys agreed to build the engine properly and the results were pretty good.
    First we got near mint b25 9.7:1 compression pistons from a engine that had less than 70k km on the clock. Then we got a b20 block and bored it out in measure of piston with needed tolerance, bought near mint m51b25 crank, ported and polished the head, and remapped the car.
    The result was 10.7:1 compression ratio, 209hp / 4972rpm and 318nm / 4431rpm.

    The car ran great: 0-100km/h in 6s, 0-140km/h in 10s.
    But that came to a cost since the clutch literally disintegrated after a couple of runs. Got meself a reinforced clutch and was good to go. In the meantime I've got exhaust headers, schrick valve springs and injectors started leaking. We installed the headers and springs, and we've got m60b40 injectors since they were of similar size. That and a remap gave out 215hp / 5292rpm, 301nm / 4631rpm, less power down low, but a whole lot of up top.

    Suffice to say m60 injectors started leaking in a record amount of time so I ordered refurbished and repaired 0 280 155 746 volvo ev6 injectors with ev1 connector and the proper flow, impendance and physical length for m20. I'm also waiting for ATE Power discs so I don't have to pray every time I hit the brakes :)
    For the outro one group picture:

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    Nice project. It's good to see someone de-rice an E30, shame about what happened with the other engine though. That's good power from what looks like a stock engine on the outside. Nobody would ever guess.
    '91 318is, M20B25, T3/T04E 60 trim (18psi), megasquirt, coilovers, Z3 rack, cold AC
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      exhaust sounds really good, nice build progress and m20 love, i assume the diesel parts must be quite common in that part of the world?
      89 E30 325is Lachs Silber - currently M20B31, M20B33 in the works, stroked to the hilt...

      new build thread


        Thanks :)
        Here in Serbia majority of population drives diesel cars because of lower fuel consumption, while there aren't many m21's or m51's out there parts can be found with relative ease.


          As the shell was rust happy and the paperwork got a bit messy because of the new block I decided to get a rust free e30 and get the engine swapped. Found one in great shape, already prepared for the paint job and gave it a go go go. The color of choice is Calypsorot Metallic.

          Got a bit of the stuff put back onto it, haven't really got that much time or space to work with unfortunately.

          Got meself a pair of BC Racing BR-RA coilovers as well, can't wait to see how well they behave, especially compared to local shop mumbo jumbo preped shocks.