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August 2017 Car of the Month: Henna30

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    August 2017 Car of the Month: Henna30

    *** Editors Note: Ive known Roman since I lived in Seattle from 06-13 and Ive seen a few of his different builds. I always knew this one was going to be a mind blower for the rest of you who havent seen this car. It look a little while to get this car featured, but I think the timing is right with one style early model followed by another. Different builds, different characters, but still showing the depth of what you can do by highly modifying an E30, and yet ending up with something that could very well have came from the factory this way. Congrats Roman, you're the August 2017 Car of the Month - Simon ***


    Interior color:
    Grey Checkered Cloth

    Factory options:

    Factory non-A/C, Power sunroof, Power windows.

    Engine modifications:
    1987 m20b25 block and cylinder head
    block was machined and decked
    knife edged crank
    beamed rods
    ARP head Studs
    Cometic MLS Headgasket
    Custom ground cam shaft to my builders specifications
    Mahle 9.5 to 1 compression pistons (lower compression to handle boost if wanted)
    Ireland engineering windage tray and oil pan baffle
    Ireland engineering heavy duty rocker arms
    Nuke adjustable cam gear
    Cylinder head was completely rebuilt
    Cylinder head was ported and polished, then had the intake manifold port matched to the head and to the long tube header.
    Bavarian autosport plug wires along with Bosh Plugs
    Distributor cap, rotor, and any and all sensors attached to the engine were replaced with new ones.
    19lb mustang style injectors
    Car is running a Miller Performance MAF conversion along with there WAR Chip. It has a preloaded tune from Miller Performance for most of the modifications done to the engine.

    Bavarian Autosport long tube header with catless midpipe into Stromung muffler.

    Stock Getrag 260 trans

    3.73 lsd

    Bilstien HD Shocks and struts with T/A technix springs, treehouse racing lollipops. All stock other than that.

    Custom refinished 16x7.5 Borbet Type-B

    Exterior modifications:
    Mtech 1 rear spoiler, European bumpers front and rear, European front valance with fog deletes and Jimmy Hill front spoiler, Euro Grills, Startec Taillights

    Interior modifications:
    Nardi steering wheel, original Alpina Shift knob, Alpina floor matts and custom shift boots

    Story behind the car:
    So it all started when I purchased the car on September 25th of 2013. I had been searching and searching for the perfect Henna car to build and my search was finally over. I purchased the car in Vancouver BC from who I believed to be the second owner. Both owners were older gentleman who kept the car garage kept its whole life. The best part about this car was finally finding one with 100% original untouched Hennarot paint. It had seemed like an impossible task up until that day.

    We trailered the car home back to Edgewood and I couldn't wait to start building it into the perfect henna car. Some of the first things I did to the car were remove the diving board bumpers and swap on the much better looking euro bumpers. I had been saving these for the right car for quite some time! That drastically changed the look of the entire car. From there I decided to lower the altitude on the car a bit with the help from some Bilstein HD shocks and struts and TA Technix springs. Throw in some treehouse racing control arm bushings, and new control arms and the suspension was set for now as everything else was in good shape. One of the next things I did to the car was the wheel and tire combo, I actually had 4 different sets of wheels on the car before I finally was set with the Borbet type B's. It was definitely a hard choice to make as it really makes the car. From there with the car looking good and sitting good I saved up my money to be able to swap it.

    Now I didn't want to go with the common m50 or s50 swap, I felt that was to much plastic in the engine compartment for an early model car so I wanted to do a nicely built m20b25. nothing to over the top, just something built right and made to look like it belonged in the car. I turned to Gipson Motorworks in Puyallup to handle the building of the engine. Best part was that Mike the owner let me come down in the evenings or whenever I had time to come help along with the process and watch him at work. It was a great experience.

    Once the engine was done I had a little over a month to get everything back together for the E30 picnic 2015. We made it with about a week or so to spare!! From there it was just keeping up with the cars regular maintenance items and just adding more goodies to the car. Things that wouldn't detract from the over all beauty and style of it. So the car received some Startec taillights, mtech 1 spoiler and even an original European front valance for a factory non air conditioned car (which mine is).

    20170624_032856320_iOS (1) by 2mAn

    20170624_032544454_iOS by 2mAn

    20170212_212319739_iOS by 2mAn

    20170212_212332081_iOS by 2mAn

    20170212_212411041_iOS by 2mAn

    20170212_212604469_iOS by 2mAn

    20170212_212736782_iOS by 2mAn

    20170212_212757072_iOS by 2mAn

    20170212_212913437_iOS by 2mAn

    20170212_212744741_iOS by 2mAn

    20170624_033318933_iOS by 2mAn
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    Awesome car!
    Originally posted by kronus
    would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


      Gorgeous inside and out! Euro bumpers are very classy
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        Originally posted by wholepailofwater

        WTB: Dove Grey e36 Front Door Panels (2 door)


          So crispy... well deserved!
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          Originally posted by delamaize
          E30 = Lego for men.


            Well Executed!

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              One of my top five favorite e30s ever. Love this thing.
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                Well Deserved!

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                  super super clean, beautiful car


                    Really nice. Gotta love Hennarot.
                    "I'd probably take the E30 M3 in this case just because I love that little car, and how tanky that inline 6 is." - thecj

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                      My previous build (currently E30-less)

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                        Gorgeous car!!

                        Mr. Wolfe


                          The whole car down to the built motor and engine bay look fresh off the showroom floor. I have M20/engine bay envy.

                          Well done sir, well done indeed!
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                            Damn! Early model never looked so good! I really appreciate the attention to detail for interior, exterior and engine bay. Very well executed. Very classy.

                            Wow, just read the details :p nice engine. Did you ever dyno it?
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                              Originally posted by Sh3rpak!ng View Post
                              Wow, just read the details :p nice engine. Did you ever dyno it?
                              I wish more M20 builds would have dyno sheets. I would love to see this setup at 200bhp, but its probably a little short of that.

                              I think someone needs to do a well documented M20 build
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                              -2000 330i Estate, the dad-mobile
                              -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

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