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September 2017 Car of the Month: DJMCGARM3

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    September 2017 Car of the Month: DJMCGARM3

    *** Editors Note: In my neverending search of cars to select for COTM, this one was recommended by another R3V member. Don doesnt have a build thread, because Don built this car for himself, not for the internet likes. However, he is an enthusiast and the pictures I had already seen told me this car needed to be featured. I've been patiently waiting to feature this car, and you should all appreciate that this mans labor of love and the beauty he has built and driven. I hope to also feature his M3 in the future, but for now, heres an immaculate Mtech1 car. Congrats Don, Im sure your inbox will get flooded now! ***

    Factory options:
    1987 325is, build date 4/4/1987. Leather Sport Seats, A/C, MTech 1 Steering Wheel, Sport Suspension, Sunroof.

    146/0 Alpine Weiss 1

    Interior color:
    OE 206 Pearl Beige Leather Sport Seats, Now BMW Cream Beige Leather seats w/BMW Cream Beige Vinyl Door Cards.

    Engine modifications:
    VAC rebuild stage 1 head, Bosch 0280155771 injectors (17lb.) with a conforti chip.

    Unknown aftermarket exhaust that was on car when purchased.

    Getrag 260/5, Clutchmaster FX200 clutch with a JBR lightweight aluminum flywheel and a UUC short shift kit.


    Bilstein Sports with H&R Sport Springs and a Z3 rack

    Ronal LS 15x7.5 et25

    Exterior modifications:
    Euro Bumpers with full MTech 1 body kit and rear black plate filler

    Interior modifications:
    Recaro SRD Front Seats with E30 M3 Rear Seat covered in BMW Cream Beige Leather with Motorsport Stripes. Door cards covered in BMW Cream Beige Vinyl in BMW Individual stitching pattern, M Technic door sills, E30 Sport Evo lighted shift knob, and Coco Mats.

    Story behind the car:
    I drove a 1987 Alpine 1 325is with black leather interior as my Daily Driver for 22 years. After 265k miles and northeast winters, I decided to search for a lower mileage California based replacement. In 2013, I bid on and won this car on e-bay. It had about 111,000 miles, 2 previous owners, was bone stock, and had lived its entire life in California except for a very short stay in Seattle, and being a USA spec european delivery car delivered in Germany in May of 1987. I bought it sight unseen without a pre-purchase inspection and was fortunately pleased when it arrived. Still driving my previous 325is at the time and not willing to leave well enough alone, I began to rebuild the car with parts I had acquired over the previous 2 years for the original 325is including the MTech 1 kit. I Ended up rebuilding the motor and painting the entire car even though they were both an OK shape. My intent was to build the car as my new daily driver so I wanted it to be like a brand new 25 year old car. Engine and mechanicals came first, then the MTech 1 kit and paint. I began driving it in early 2014 and completed the interior work by mid-2014. The car was used as my daily driver (for my 2 mile per day commute), until February of 2017 when my commute got longer and I purchased the first non-E30 I have owned since 1991, a 2004 330i ZHP for daily duties, I still drive the MTech 1 when the weather is nice and the car now has 117,400 miles.

    And now, the pics!...

    Ext04 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext02 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext06 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext01 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext05 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext08 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext09 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext10 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext14 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext16 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext17 by Don McGarrigle

    And the amazing interior!...

    Int10 by Don McGarrigle

    Int07 by Don McGarrigle

    Int02 by Don McGarrigle

    Int03 by Don McGarrigle

    Int08 by Don McGarrigle

    Int09 by Don McGarrigle

    Nothing wrong with a solid OEM M20 motor.

    M20 by Don McGarrigle

    Amazing what we could've gotten if we could just have the OEM goodies here...

    Ext11 by Don McGarrigle

    Ext18 by Don McGarrigle
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    Fantastic COTM! Great to see a car that is largely unmolested from stock, just with many desirable updates that were available from the factory. Good stuff.
    My e30: OEM+ with M30B35


      Beautiful car, well done!
      Originally posted by kronus
      would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


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          Been waiting for this. One of the best cars on the forum and an awesome owner. Congrats, Don - well deserved!

          Mr. Wolfe


            Perfect Brand New 25 year old car!

            Love it.
            1990 325i
            2004 330i Individual 6-speed


              Originally posted by Mr. Wolfe View Post
              Been waiting for this. One of the best cars on the forum and an awesome owner. Congrats, Don - well deserved!

              Mr. Wolfe
              THIS. perfection. Check him out on the newish mtech1 thread..
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              OEM+ or bust!

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              TrentW: There's just something so right about a well-built M20 in an E30
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                Really loving these outstanding early models! Beautiful car. Well deserved.
                '89 325i OBD2 S52 BUILD THREAD


                  I love the interior! Those coco mats look amazing in there.


                    Well deserved. The extended leather is my favorite part.
                    "I'd probably take the E30 M3 in this case just because I love that little car, and how tanky that inline 6 is." - thecj

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                      Congrads Don. I have seen this car a few times in person. SPEECHLESS. I stood there admiring it for a long time. I swear I think it stays in a car bubble how clean it is.

                      On side note. I knew he was hard core when he did not drive the E30 to the Jersey shore car meet but the E30M3 guys did. NO BEACH SAND TODAY. Lol
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                        So nice

                        The Build:



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                            Congrats Don! All the effort has really paid off. It's a beaut!
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                              Interior has to be one of the cleanest swaps I've seen. Props!
                              sigpic1990 325IS,
                              2.7L bottom end, Shrick 272 Cam, and a heck of a lot of bald tires.