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April 2018 Car of the Month: varg

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    April 2018 Car of the Month: varg

    ***Editors Note: First off, sorry for the delay. It wasn't an April Fools joke, though that would've been good, right?? Anyways, I've watched this build since it went from M42 turbo to the M20 turbo jump and its been lovely every step along the way. This is definitely a function > form car and the owner has built a car that is basically everything he wants, within his own budget. He built it for himself, but I still wanted the rest of us to have a closer look at it, so congrats to varg, our April 2018 Car of the Month***

    Factory options:
    S242 Steering wheel airbag
    S281 BMW LA wheel, chr.-plated/roundspokes
    S300 Central locking with anti-theft system
    S400 Slide/tilt sunroof, manually operated
    S410 Window lifts, electric, front
    S481 Sports seats
    S530 Air conditioning
    S556 Outdoor temperature indicator
    S925 Dispatch protection pack

    Diamantschwarz Metallic

    Interior color:
    Black seats, grey carpet

    Engine modifications:
    M20 swap, stock long block, ARP head studs, RSI header, T3/T4 60 trim, 48lb'hr fuel injectors

    3" turbo back, two mufflers


    3.25 LSD

    Homebrew coilovers, 450lb/in front springs and 650lb/in rear
    Koni single adjustable shocks
    Stock swaybars
    Rear shock mounts

    XXR 530, 16x8 ET20

    Exterior modifications:
    Z3 antenna
    Notched bumper and cut valance for intercooler airflow

    Interior modifications:
    A-pillar gauge pod
    10" subwoofer in the ski pass
    Head unit

    Story behind the car:
    I purchased this car in June of 2014 and according to autocheck I'm the 4th owner. It has no interesting provenance that I know of aside from going from Illinois to Washington to Florida over its lifetime. The car was a little rough, and still is, it had white bottlecaps and was way too slow, so since I got an E30 with the intent of making it a sleeper then using it as a DD, I set to work.

    I refreshed the suspension and had the head rebuilt in preparation for turbocharging. I hacked up a Turbo M50 header, welded it up to fit a turbo I had laying around, and built a megasquirt system for the M42. I had the turbo M42 for a couple of years, eventually running 18psi of boost before it started to give me trouble, and I had never really liked the engine that much, so instead of fixing it I sourced a cheap M20 and drivetrain and swapped the engines at a family friend's shop. I modified my existing megasquirt for M20 use and built a harness adapter from a kit, and I modified my turbo M42 downpipe to fit. The swap took about a week of working when I could and after another week or so in which I modified the exhaust and megasquirt I was in business. I was immediately thrilled with the extra torque and silky smooth revving of the M20, but it was useless in first and second gear with the 4.10 LSD I had put in during the M42 days so I swapped in a 3.25 LSD. It has been over a year since I did the turbo M20 swap and I'm running 15psi of boost and having lots of fun.

    Over the years I've done many mods other than the engine swap to suit my desire for a light, fast but practical car with great handling. Coilovers, bigger wheels with sticky tires, a Z3 steering rack... But I've left the exterior and interior pretty much as is because I like the weathered look of the car. I have a function over form philosophy with all of my vehicles, that's reflected in things like my insistence on having air conditioning even though it's easier not to with a turbo E30 and my preference for a reasonable ride height. I also enjoy the 'survivor' look of unrestored classics, there's a beauty to certain patterns of wear. Chasing a flawless exterior and dumping tons of money on a restoration would lessen my enjoyment of the car, I'd be paranoid about the scratches, chips and door dings that are bound to happen to a daily driver.

    I'm pretty happy with where the car is now, but the project is by no means done, and I don't know when it will be. I have plenty of plans for it in the future. [/b]

    varg11 by 2mAn

    varg12 by 2mAn

    varg02 by 2mAn

    varg03 by 2mAn

    its a sleeper!... no clues about whats inside other than these ;)

    varg14 by 2mAn

    varg04 by 2mAn
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    Congrats varg, well deserved


    Let's drive fast and have fun.


      this has always been one of my faves on here for its function over form philosophy. Looks great IMO. Exactly as an e30 should look.
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          Looks good!

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            Well deserved, great car and knowledgeable fellow. I found a similar Turbo grille badge after seeing yours varg. I went the opposite way, started with a turbo m20 and am in process of megasquirting and building a turbo m42.

            I like the function over form idea and satin paint look as well.
            318iS Track Rat :nice:
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            No one makes this car anymore. The government won't allow them, normal people won't buy them. So it's up to us: the freaks, the weirdos, the informed. To buy them, to appreciate them, and most importantly, to drive them.


              Congratulations Vargo! And thanks for your help with my car. G.


                I love it!!

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                  Nice Varg, beast whip


                    Thanks guys.

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