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September 2019 Car of the Month: cirrusblue

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    September 2019 Car of the Month: cirrusblue

    ***Editors Note: I typically don't feature cars that dont have build threads because thats usually how I choose my car of the month. By watching the build, the process and the headaches/ love/ joy etc that comes with all of that. This car is an exception. Ive seen its progress, usually subtly shared here and there. Then I slid into the DMs and discovered what a gem this car really was and decided to feature it once I got the collection of pics. I've been sitting on this one for a few months because I was waiting for the right moment, and after a long labor day weekend, its obvious that this was his moment. Congrats to cirrusblue, you're our 2019 Car of the Month!***

    Factory options:

    ABS, Sunroof, power windows, 5spd, 2.7 ETA, central locks, AM/FM Cassette, fog lamps

    CirrusBlau Metallic / re-spray late 90’s

    Interior color:
    Pearl Beige

    Engine modifications:
    Turner 91 oct. chip, BavRest grounding cables, powder coated valve cover, extensive mechanical refresh - timing belt, AFM, engine sensors, radiator, hoses, wires, radiator, alternator, fuel pumps, fuel regulator, cleaned injectors, etc.

    New OEM cat, ANSA exhaust

    Stock, Synthetic Fluids, rebuilt shifter bushings etc., Garagistic DSSR

    3.25 40% LSD reman

    Koni Sport shocks, H&R OE Sport springs, H&R sway bars, UUC front strut bar, Garagistic rear strut bar, new control arms, bushings all around - poly + rubber, UUC skid plate, E36 steering rack, Subframe reinforcements, Shock Tower reinforcements

    14’’ Hartge Vintage, 15’’ Kopi ‘Alpina’, 14’’ Basketweaves, 10.5mm/15mm spacers

    Exterior modifications:
    ES front valance + rebuilt fog baskets + air ducts, IS side skirts, Racing Dynamics rear apron w/ exhaust exit mod, new window lockstrips, H4 headlight system

    Interior modifications:
    New Dashboard (OEM 2015), Vinyl Sport Seats (ebay Waltade), OEM radio with custom AUX in, upgraded front + premium sound rears in baskets, MTech1 tri-stitched wheel, custom shift boot, Rebuilt Cluster (BavRest) w/ red needles, leather tri-stitched door pulls, Window 1 touch circuit (E30IG), OEM BMW car phone (cosmetique only), mirror radar mount with 12v power, zhp shift knob, cocomats “checkers collection”, LED interior cabin light bulbs

    Story behind the car:

    My car, Greta - is a family story. My dad had a worn 1975 530i that we got at a gas station and fixed up many years ago. He loved it. One day it was trashed by a teenage driver in the neighborhood who didn’t stop at at a stop sign and t-boned him. My dad was so pissed, he did something he had never done. He took the accident money and put a down payment on a new car. A 1987 325. He was pretty tight with money, so this was a very big deal. The car was base spec, but came with power windows, sun roof, ABS and a Motronic management system.

    Many forget that the 325e was the first 6 cylinder 3 Series to come to North America. Before that it was just the 4 cyl 318i and prior to that the 4 cylinder E21 which was pretty choked out with emissions equipment. Everyone was waiting for a 6 cylinder model to come out. This car was very refined and pretty unique at the time. I think the 325i and M3 debuted that year or very close to it.

    My dad was so proud of the car, he maintained it like it was priceless. I have a book with every oil change for the first 200K miles. Eventually years went by and it was a 25 year old car with 220K and was worn out. He drove it across country a few times and all over. My dad passed away suddenly and I had the car shipped to me in a pretty worn out condition. It had gotten lots of maintenance early in it’s life, but the last 10-15 years, it basically sat in a hot garage in North Florida, with a dead battery, suffering heat damage. Everything was dried out. The dash was cracked in many spots. Tons of little temporary hack fixes became clear to me after looking closely. However, nothing had been messed with, it was just old and tired with a rusty battery box.

    I got on R3V, learned a bunch, and started a process of breaking down each sub-system for refurbishment and enhancement. I sourced the parts, and did a lot of the cosmetic and interior work. I did some of the mechanical restoration. What I couldn’t do, or needed a lift or proper mechanic for, I took to an indy BMW shop in Lexington, MA (Auto Engineering).

    Every time I touched something I found something else and it took me almost 4 years to go all the way around the car, and through each system and get to a point where I was mainly just looking at body kit enhancements. The idea was to do a slightly modified car, but keep with the spirit of the chrome and diving board era. If any OEM enhancements existed my car didn’t have stock, I was interested in it. That 80’s style means something to me, I remember all the cars of that period. Instead of swapping bumpers, I kept them in tact and worked around it. I added lots of subtle M colored leather trim. After a while, I just finally decided to do whatever I felt like. It’s now finally mine!

    Greta = “Grand”- ETA

    Current Car:
    -2000 330i Estate, the dad-mobile
    -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

    Make R3V Great Again -2020

    those 14" hartges look amazing on this...and I'll always have a crush on cirrus cars ;)
    1984 Delphin 318i 2 door


      Nice ride! Makes me miss my old eta :(
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        Originally posted by wholepailofwater

        WTB: Dove Grey e36 Front Door Panels (2 door)


          What a beautiful car. I really like that you kept the bumpers and stuck with 14s. Great photos as well. Congrats!


            I remember looking at this car awhile back when I was trying to figure out what sides/rear valence to go with for an ES valance DB car. Yours is about the nicest combo for the early model I've seen for sure. You also gave me the inspiration to swap to a 3.25 lsd which is one of the best mods I've made to may car, thanks for that. Loved the car then and looks just as good now, congrats!
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              I absolutely dig it and love that you choose to honor your dad in this way! I’m sure pops approves! Congratulations!! Drive Tastefully!

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                Beautiful E30! Love all you've done with it and the story is just as intriguing as the actual car. The black/tan checkered mats really bring that interior alive. Nice work. This is and a few other clean oem+ builds on here are really giving me an itch to pick up another clean E30 and leave it that way. So classic!
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                  Woah! I know that church in Newton. Small world

                  Incredibly well done!


                    bitchin ride


                      That is Cirriusly an amazing machine. Love the color and the work you've done!
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                        Originally posted by laidback93 View Post
                        That is Cirriusly an amazing machine. Love the color and the work you've done!
                        Current Car:
                        -2000 330i Estate, the dad-mobile
                        -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

                        Make R3V Great Again -2020


                          Amazingly clean Early Model! I'm digging everything about it... especially the contrast of the door cards and handle/map pocket. Congrats on COTM!


                            What a beauty. I really enjoy a clean/well sorted Tan interior. This thing just screams classy and period correct. Job well done
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                            Originally posted by IronJoe
                            Alpha Team: running through e30s, gringo icebergs, and 19 yr olds.

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                            Brads a standup guy even though he likes buttsex


                              You've been busy. This E30 looks great. Also love the different coco mat options.