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May 2020 Car of the Month: Mike36

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    May 2020 Car of the Month: Mike36

    ***Editors Note: I met Mike a few years back shortly after he bought the vert and instantly knew he was one of us. He's poured the love into this car that only someone who truly understands the E30 addiction. Maybe last months COTM will make a little more sense now!?... ***

    1991 BMW 325i Convertible

    Factory Options:
    ABS, Cruise Control, Power Top, Automatic, Fog Lamps, Premium Sound Radio, 2.5l engine

    Color: Schwarz (086)

    Interior Color: Black

    M20 Stock with current maintenance done

    Stock with OEM E46 tips

    5 Speed swap MTL Fluids

    3.73 LSD MTL Fluids

    H&R Sport Springs
    E90 Front Drop Hats
    10mm Rear Spring Pads
    Bilstein Sport Struts/Shocks
    Sparco Front Strut Bars H&R Sway Bars

    BBS RS001’s 4x100 (Stepped up to 16’s with OZ Lips/Barrels)
    16x8 ET13 195/50/16 2.0” Lips 16x9 ET13 205/50/16 2.5 Lips

    Exterior Mods:
    Euro Mtech II Kit
    Euro Heckblende
    Euro Kidney Grills
    BBS Spoiler (To be installed)
    Color Matched Hardtop with OEM Stand and Cover (To be installed)
    US Ellipsoid Headlights
    Manual Converted Top

    Interior Mods:
    BBS Steering Wheel Momo Cavallino II with Pad
    ZHP Shift Knob with ///M Coin -Scarlet Red Seats and Door Panels
    Dash replaced with a Crack Free Dash Euro
    RHD Visor with mirror
    OEM Windscreen with Bag

    Alpine 5809 with Cantaloupe Blue Tooth
    Pioneer Front and Rear Speakers

    Story Behind the Car:
    After daily driving my e39 for many years, I decided it was time to look for an 80s or 90s car to slowly restore and drive on the weekends. The first car that came to mind was an E30 convertible because of this car:

    I was there that day thinking how cool it was, I knew one day I would own one. Fast foward to early 2017, I was watching Lalaland and saw that red E30 at the 0:26 mark. The next few days went by and I started to browse Craigslist for an E30. I decided to try the relatively new to me Offerup app knowing that I could probably find a deal there and I did! Its was 2017 Superbowl Sunday and I came across a listing for a 1991 BMW 325i listed for $1000. I decided that instead of watching the halftime show, I’d go check out this convertible that hasn’t been driven in 3 years. Well, after looking over the car and seeing how much work it need, I decided to make a lowball offer. After some more negotiating, I ended up with an E30 convertible. I decided to drive it home and take an Uber to pick up my E39. I initially purchased this car to be a cruiser since it needed a lot of work. The interior, exterior, and suspension were shot, however the engine idled and drove well. The rest of the car just needed to be refreshed so I did the the necessary timing belt, cooling, and front suspension maintenance so that I could enjoy driving it without any worries. I also noticed that anything missing from the car was still in there like knobs, screws, etc. The more I researched about this little car is the more I got sucked into the E30 rabbit hole. I saw the huge aftermarket support there was and still is for this platform. There was no turning back at this point. I came soon came across this video

    and immediately knew the what I wanted for this car, A lowered Mtech II cruiser on BBS RS wheels. Its been quite a journey to find the parts I needed to achieve this but I’ve been mostly lucky finding them at the prices I did considering the cost of rare parts now a days. I was pretty late in joining the E30 band wagon party. Without even realizing it, I was already a member of R3V since 2011. I’m not an OG by any means but I have gotten to know many of you either directly or indirectly which is pretty cool. Future plans included refreshing the rear end with OEM bushings installed with reinforced subframe and trailing arms, BC Coilovers, Painted Hardtop, and possibly an M54 swap, all in that order.

    East LALA land background lol

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    Wow, that's a beautiful vert. I especially love the wheels and steering wheel. Very very nice.


      Originally posted by View Post
      Wow, that's a beautiful vert. I especially love the wheels and steering wheel. Very very nice.
      Thank you sir. I have a BBS spoiler that will be getting mounted soon!


        That steering wheel is nice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


          Great looking ride!!
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          2004 330ci
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            Stunning, truly stunning!

            Love that voltmeter.
            1990 325i
            2004 330i Individual 6-speed


              Top notch execution! I love it!

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                Mike36 congrats! beautiful car
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                  Originally posted by bradnic View Post
                  Mike36 congrats! beautiful car
                  Thank you sir!


                    looks amazing!! What size barrels did you use? 5.5" and 6"?


                      Can't go wrong with M tech 2 convertible on BBS wheels. Very well done Mike. BTW, the youtube link isn't working.
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                        Originally posted by reelizmpro View Post
                        Can't go wrong with M tech 2 convertible on BBS wheels. Very well done Mike. BTW, the youtube link isn't working.
                        Thank you sir!

                        Here it is: